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"Imagine Ron DeSantis goes up to a group of white teenagers, offers them some candy and says, ‘Hey, I’m gonna take you to Dinsey [sic] World if you get in my van.’ And then Ron DeSantis drives them to Bush Gardens. That’s kidnapping!" - MSNBC...

New details on the Alec Baldwin movie set shooting are emerging on a daily basis and there's plenty of speculation about how the investigation will ultimately play out. No one believes that Baldwin intended to kill one co-worker and wound another, but some of our best legal minds are starting to say that he could still face consequences.

Biden's Justice Department is launching a lawsuit against the state of Georgia over their new voting law, but people are already speculating that it might not stand up to legal scrutiny. Democrats are very emotionally invested in the politics of the issue, but that doesn't necessarily translate to a sound legal argument.