A year ago today Anthony Weiner sent the now famous crotch shot.

The story really broke on the 28th, and my initial reaction was I’m not touching this one, although I did use it as an excuse to run this clip under the heading Please Brief Me:

Weiner initially claimed his account was hacked:

The right-blogosphere led the way to debunking Weiner’s hacking claim:

Those defending Weiner used it as an excuse to bash Andrew Breitbart and to claim Breitbart was behind it.  Joan Walsh, who now refers to those running Breitbart.com as the “spawn” of Breitbart, was one of the Weiner-truthers.  So was Charles Johnson, who refused to apologize even when the truth hit him in the face.

Early on, Legal Insurrection readers did not think Weiner would resign.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz let us know that it all was just a personal matter:

By June 6, it was clear that Weiner’s Going Down:

Just go to Breitbart’s Big Government [link now dead]  as the evidence of more photos is dribbled out today.  Patterico is all Weiner, all the time.  Stacy McCain hasn’t had so much fun since ever.  Ace is lunching at the buffet.

Even the Israel Lobby has turned on him.

Andrew Breitbart was proven right.  He brought down a flame-throwing Democrat the old fashioned way, with the truth.

Yet there were to be no apologies from those who attacked him, even though Weinergate: The Line For Apologies To Andrew Breitbart Forms On The Left:

Charles Johnson:

Joseph Cannon:


Eric Boehlert, who took time out from proofreading:

Was this Breitbart’s finest moment?

Weiner’s press conference at which he announced he was resigning was more like an acceptance speech.  The special election went to Republican Bob Turner, and later the District was carved up in redistricting.

Little is left of Anthony Weiner’s Weinergate except the Weiner Truthers, who remain convinced this was a Breitbart set up.

Somewhere Andrew is laughing his ass off.

Update:  Given Joan Walsh’s hatred of Breitbart’s “spawn,” its worth remembering that Walsh was one of the most vigorous and disparaging defenders of Weiner as documented in great detail by Liberty Chick at the time, Blame Breitbart!: Salon.com Editor Joan Walsh Lies and Bullies on Weinergate.


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