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Reader Poll: Will Anthony Weiner Resign Prior To The Next Election?

Reader Poll: Will Anthony Weiner Resign Prior To The Next Election?

I think this did it.  If he were a ship, he’d be taking on water faster than the pumps can work.
He refuses to deny it is a photo of him:

Rep. Anthony Weiner says he “can’t say with certitude” that the lewd photo of a man’s crotch sent using his Twitter account to one of his followers isn’t of him.

“I didn’t send that picture out,” Weiner said in an interview with NBC News.
“That’s not a picture of you?” reporter Luke Russert asked.

Weiner responded: “You know, I can’t say with certitude.”

We don’t expect much of our politicians, but we do expect them to know if they’ve taken pictures of their own crotches and uploaded them to yfrog.

You see, he’s sunk if he took and uploaded the photo, regardless of whether he sent it.  The “my account was hacked” or “it was a prank” only addresses who sent the photo.

But then again, he is arrogant and combative, and a Democrat, so I’m not sure the normal rules applicable to completely embarrassed and humiliated politicians apply.  If he leaves, it will only be when he gets a visit from someone from Chicago.

Will Weiner resign prior to the next election? (Poll open until Thursday at 9 a.m. Eastern)

Update, the video (via Matt Lewis):

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Nah, he'll stay. He's too much of a darling of the left. His constituents won't care. Heck a good chunk of them will like him more after this. They kept Barney Frank, Bill Clinton, and others. His upward mobility will be hampered for a while, but he'll still be around.

He's a democrat from NY….hell no.

Under no circumstances would he ever admit that the pathetic "member" being pictured could possibly belong to big bad old him! To Weiner, SIZE matters!

Pathetic s.o.b. that he is – he'll hang around and expect reelection. We need to target all of these tools and run 'em out of office!

Of course, if he's filed a false report with the FBI, he may be spending his next term doing time! Then his nutz will really be in a wringer!

Democrat members of the Government (especially vile liberal slime like Weiner) NEVER surrender and resign. They understand the reigns of political power, and never give them up without being forced out. For examples, see:

– William Jefferson (corruption, $100K in Freezer);
– Charlie Rangel (tax evasion, illegal use of rent controlled apts);
– Barney Frank (a male prostitution ring run out of an apartment rented for a male lover after putting said lover on his Congressional Staff)(censured) & OneUnited Bank (see below);
– Maxine Waters (OneUnited Bank: attempted to influcence TARP funds to a bank where her husband owned a significant interest in the bank, and she had previously owned an interest in the bank);
– James Trafficant (older example but my all time favorite, convicted and IMPRISONED for 10 felony counts including bribery, racketeering, and tax evasion, was EXPELLED from the House and then ran for office FROM PRISON as an independent) (although he MAY have seen the light, as he now supports TEA Party ideals, but that might just be opportunism).

The long and short of it is that Democrat members have no shame and almost NEVER leave without being forced out. So much for Pelosi's "We're going to drain the swamp."

I wish that the Republicans would stick to their positions with half as much vigor rather than resigning at the drop of a hat when scandal "seems" to appear, even when there's nothing there but an appearance of impropriety.

So this self-described technophile "can't say with certitude" whether he's looking at a picture of his own joystick? As long as he runs he'll win in his district, so he'll be a punch line indefinitely.

Re: Gayle Miller (above) – that's why he WON'T file a report with the FBI (and won't say that he has, because then it could be verified that he hasn't). He's playing the game and hoping that it will blow over.

cassandra lite | June 1, 2011 at 3:31 pm

Let it be noted that "certitude" isn't the same as "certainty". The latter implies, "Well, I just don't know for sure." The former is more like, "I can't deny with any conviction." What a DB. And he's now back to using the word "hacked," which of course requires the FBI's involvement whether or not he wants it, same as the battered wife at a certain point has no say over whether the D.A. pursues charges against the battering husband.

I've read that the majority of people der Weiner was 'following' via Twitter (and who knows about yFrog) were young women half (or less than half) his age. The young woman to whom the infamous photo of his Congressional 'member' ship was Tweeted was 21, and in Seattle, WA. Two questions: 1) Why would a NY Congressional Rep follow such a preponderance of young women over the internet; 2) Why would a NY Congressional Rep follow a 21-year-old college woman in Seattle, WA? Isn't this considered cyberstalking? Isn't cyberstalking as criminal as physical stalking? Whether or not der Weiner sent the photo, isn't the fact of his cyberstalking reason enough for Congress to call for his resignation?

Kinda' looks like msnbc just found olbermann's replacement.

Can't wait "Tonight's Numbnuts of The Day" goes to that "jack" at cnn I called an "ass"..

Wait a second . . . I may be going out on a limb here, but this really is a bridge too far!

". . .
Luke Russert: That's not a picture of you?

Cong. Weiner: You know, I can't say with certitude. . . ."

Either Luke Russert is mentally deficient, or we simply haven't heard his follow up question(s) yet.

• You just said you "cannot say with certitude." So, are you aware of any similar photographs having been taken of you, ones where you are in your underpants, and with an erection?

• If so, who took the photo or photos, and when?

• Did you have any such photos or digital images in your possession, or loaded on any of your electronic applications where, for example, a hacker might have possibly gained access to them?

Someone will now insist on answers to those or other like questions. And if he stonewalls further at this point, he'll be hounded.

No . . . for the good of the party, he will have to go. I predict he'll resign by this weekend or next.

Does anyone seriously believe the Democrats will tolerate the abject ridicule they will be forced to undergo if he stays . . . especially when the crop of bumper stickers begin to appear?


No, as @Chuck notes, leftist Democrats (redundant, I know) NEVER concede, NEVER resign. We've had too many examples in the last 2 1/2 years to prove that.

He won't deny the photo, because he knows it's him. He won't admit the tweet, even though there is virtually no way anyone else could have sent the tweet.

Looks to me like he and Slick Willie went to the same training camp.

I do think he'll resign, but it depends on the next crucial few days. And it might be well before 2012. He dug deeper today, so nothing is off the table. He can't come clean, despite my headline earlier: 'Anthony Weiner Comes Clean! — UPDATE! MSNBC Interview Added (VIDEO)!!'

He expects us to believe he doesn't know if either he or someone else took a picture of either his or someone else's privates?
Good God, this guy really is married to a woman who works near a Clinton!

Official WeinerGate Theme Song

The Other McCain

Tough luck for Anthony Weiner, the British tabloids are on the case…

'I can't say with certitude if it's my crotch':

Daily Mail

Of course he won't resign. Nor will the DNC ask him to. The photo could have had an identifying tattoo and he still would deny, deny, deny.

This is so easy. All he needs to do is drop trou and show us. If anybody is brave enough to look. (These comments are moderated, aren't they?)

I repeat myself. Socialist-Democratic-Progressives have no morals, no integrity and no honor. Everything is relative and nothing has meaning. As noted above, nothing they do is odious enough to drive them from public life. Hellfire, this guy had Slick Willy Clinton, a notorious serial adulterer, officiate at his wedding.

There. He's admitted he's taken such pictures of himself. "I can't say with certitude" is a tacit admission. More is going to emerge and he knows it. He's trying to figure all the angles now, otherwise he wouldn't be so…nervous. No jokes the last few days.

So, having pretty much admitted he's done things like this and is anticipating some unpleasant revelations, we can expect the now suspicious press to start up with the "it's all just about sex and it's none of our business anyway" meme.

Deja vu all over again.

No chance he will resign his seat unless he is hiding something a lot bigger than we can see so far.

However, Weiner was a leading contender for the Dem nomination for NYC Mayor succeeding Bloomberg, but far from the only contender. Weiner may already have scotched his mayoral hopes.

Further, New York loses two congressional districts for the 2012 election and it is a virtual certainty that, given split control of the legislature, one upstate Repubican districf and one NYC area Democratic districf will be eliminated (or two incumbents thrown together). To date, the most likely Democratic losers are Long Island Reps. Gary Ackerman and Carolyn McCarthy. Weiner has had enough clout to avoid even being thought about. To the extent thaf scandal causes him to lose some of that clout, his colleagues gain strength to point to his district.

No, he won't resign; why should he? Who's going to make him? Do you think his constituents care? For that matter, I don't think this will handicap his mayoral run, even a bit.

His behavior has finally crossed a line. I refer to the tweets from Washington Times report Emily Miller in which she tweets, "I need a shower." The behavior she describes of Weiner shows someone arrrogant beyond the norm for a politician. As I ststed in my own blog, "KEEP YOUR DAMNED PANTS ZIPPED UP!!"

I hate to say this but there are only two stories anyone who follows the news wants to hear right now:
1) How bad the economy is.
2) Weinergate.

Weinergate is um, growing bigger. Even Chris Matthews took two Liberal tools on his show to task for trying to change the subject and defend the Weiner. CNN has the Story. MSNBC is on it. WaPo is on it. LAT is on it. DRUDGE IS NOW ON IT. If this thing doesn't somehow burn out in the next 24 hours and the Left can't get it under control where they can redirect our attention to their attacks on Sarah Palin while she tours the country, Weiner may see the underside of the bus.

As always when caught in a festering mess of skunk cabbage, the Democrats will just wheel out a John Deere liquid fertilizer sprayer and fill it with Magic D political deodorant. For this one probably clinical strength and apply it liberally to the offending politician.

Sadly there is no Republican equivalent to Magic D. Our politicians tend to man up admit their peccadilloes and leave public life.

I doubt his behavior is a problem for his constituents, and even if it were, Weiner, quite obviously, has no shame. So no, he won't resign.

Democrats don't often resign. With a largely corrupt and complicit media at their back – they don't have to. This however, may be an exception to the rule.


This porn star is a really big fan of Weiner.

A sultry adult-film actress who got a private Twitter message from New York's randy representative happily returned the favor — openly gushing over her "Mr. Sexy Congressman" in a slew of blog posts.

NY Post

If we are living in declining Rome under a corrupt and rapacious oligarchy, as some say, then this will make him more popular. Barney Frank gets reelected like clockwork.

In this field, Republican and Democratic transgressions are viewed differently. A Republicn as we saw in NY – 26 would be gone for much less. A Democrat well no big deal as their constituents seem to think such behavior is exceptable as long as the peron votes the right way and Mr. Weiner surely votes their way.