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I’m not touching this one

I’m not touching this one

with a ten foot pole.

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He cheated, but the evidence got deleted.

I'm guessing the person in question wishes he had a ten foot pole…

Or, as an old friend of mine would say, "I wouldn't touch this with a ten foot Lithuanian.".

Isn't "ten-foot pole" code for having a really big tool?

You probably shouldn't have used use the word "pole" as you were trying to steer clear of this story.

Hey, look at the bright side. I now know what the word "tumescent" means.

Learn something new every day. Not sure when I'll be able to use tumescent in a sentence (without being slapped across the face), but at least my vocabulary has been incrementally engorged.

It's not a very romantic word, is it? I can't imagine a scene in a movie where the man whispers into his lover's ear, "Mary! Oh, Mary! You have me in a state of tumescent arousal!"

Milwaukee, you're thinking "big 10-inch". There's a song about it….

How about at least a picture? Milwaukee, did you mean having a big tool or being a big tool?

Try a cattle prod.

All that and hedge fund level investment returns too.

"junior, democratic congressmen beat the market by roughly the same amount, with the same consistency (and probably with the same Sharpe ratio) that allows SAC to charge 3% and 35%. In a nutshell, the latest stereotype is that if one is a junior democrat in Congress, and one trades for their own discretionary account, one most likely is doing so using insider information."

Zero Hedge


He's Polish? Who knew..

Bill ….its looking like it is going to get to big not to touch ….it seems the NY post is going to provide some spin for the little weiner

Rep. Weiner Spokesperson Lies To ‘New York Post’
Posted by Dan Riehl May 28th 2011 at 10:34 pm in Featured Story, Politics, media bias |

Oh my! From today's NY Times!

It seems there is another coincidence which may prod you to reconsider your initial topic reluctance . . . if I may quote young bubbles herself:

"FAVORITE DEMOCRAT: I like Anthony Weiner, the congressman from New York. He has YouTube moments I find entertaining, and he's married to Huma Abedin, who works for Secretary of State Clinton. I have to tip my hat to him for landing such a hot woman."

Gee, I wonder if she'll now update to express her views about AW having potentially landed himself in such hot water with you-know-who over this?

The one rather consistent meme working its way around these here "internets" today is that Congressman Weiner should publicly demand that the FBI investigate to find out who "hacked" into his accounts.

Yeah . . . and get back to us on the specific results of the investigation too, right Congressman?

But here id my favorite reaction to this matter so far.

Heh . . . priceless!

Twitter just seems like all downside.

Not being able to broadcast your, er, "thoughts" to the public (especially by mistake)at an instant's whim is probably a good thing. Especially if you're an idiot.

I was very skeptical about the story when it broke, but I think Ace, McCain, and others have made a pretty good case for it being him (circumstantial as it no doubt is, but circumstances seem to keep piling up).

Thought: if the boxers don't fit, must we acquit?