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Worst Tweet of the Year

Worst Tweet of the Year

The Best Bumper Sticker of the Year, Worst Bumper Sticker of the Year and Best Tweet of the Year competitions have left me on the verge of blogger burnout, but I soldier on, because that’s just the way I am.  And the internet never stops.

The Worst Tweet of the Year competition was not as tough as the others.  I immediately knew which would be the top three, but the order depended upon what “worst” meant.  Was worst as in nastiest, stupidest, or most damaging.

I also decided to award a Special Award Of Dishonor.

Here are the winners:

1st Place – Death Wishes to Sarah Palin Over Gabrielle Giffords Shooting.  After the false and malicious accusation that Sarah Palin’s electoral target map was a motivation for Jared Loughner to shoot Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, the left-Twittersphere went wild hoping for Palin’s death.  The most famous of the tweets was by someone using the name redheadonfire2, later identified as a college student who convinced YouTube to pull the video montage because it invaded her privacy.

Here is her original tweet captured from the video montage (which now exists only on Vimeo):

Palin Death Wish Tweets Re Tucson Shooting from Legal Insurrection on Vimeo.


2nd Place – Anthony Weiner’s … um, you know.

The original image which was intended to be private but wasn’t is here.  Weiner then claimed his Facebook account had been hacked:

And then said his Twitter account had been hacked as well:

The rest is history.

3rd Place – Kloppenburg defeats Dewey! It isn’t over until Waukesha County says it’s over, and for Joanne Koppenburg running against David Prosser, the declaration of victory was, shall we say, a bit premature:

Special Award of Dishonor – Meghan McCain Lies About Me:  If you wonder why I dislike Meghan McCain so much it is because she lied about me, tweeted it to over 100,000 followers, and failed to correct it after I and several others called the lie to her attention.  The details are at the link below the image.  I didn’t write the post she references in her tweet and the blog post was not about her breasts.  In other words, the pathetic publicity hound like totally lied, you know.


Runners Up You may need to click the links to understand why they are among the worst:










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I agree that Newt has been attacked pretty hard, but it still doesn’t begin to compare with the non-stop assaults Sarah Palin and her family have endured.

I think you are missing the link to the Megan McCain post…

I had missed the libellous tweet by the buxom, corpulent and vapid Ms McCain made about our good host.

We, as a country, are quickly moving to believing tabloid dictum about all publicity is good publicity. There are vestiges of honorable people, which I place our good law professor in, that do not hold to this. Not enough apparently, to come to his defense, I fear.

Regardless, I wish you…Happy New Year’s!

Section 36DD of Meghan-Feingold expressly prohibits law professors from making fun of the size of the breasts of daughters of current and/or former candidates for national office.

Meghan Mccain puts out these outrageous comments to stay in the public eye. She calls herself a celebrity when she is nothing but the spoiled daughter of a failed presidential candidate and a beer dealership. She has no talent, good looks or figure regardless of the size of her breasts. Everytime I have seen her she looks like she just came in from a windstorm. Very messy. The woman is major stupid. The media lets her spewher crap because she is trashing republicans. Everyone goes bananas when she makes these idiotic comments therby increasing publicity for this bimbo. She trashes Palin because she knows that will get her the biggest nibbles.