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Today was “Take Our School Children To ‘Occupy Providence’ Day”

Today was “Take Our School Children To ‘Occupy Providence’ Day”

Of course, the day started out as take your child to school, but the school turned it into a field trip to the otherwise sparsely populated Occupy Providence encampment, as tweeted by most excellent Rhode Island talk show host John DePetro:


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This is really beyond the pale…..disturbing, dusgusting, and other words come to mind, but there is no doubt that this is just plain wrong!

Why would the parents of these children allow this?

Cassandra Lite | October 21, 2011 at 5:10 pm

“Oh, man, I really gotta go bad.” “Hey, can’t you see this is occupied?”

2nd graders? I sure hope they sent home the permission slips. If that was my kid I’d be flippin!

That is so offensive.

According to news reports today, Steve Jobs told Obama that school principals should be allowed to “hire and fire teachers based on merit… .” If Jobs’s vision was alive today, I can think of one 2nd grade teacher (or teachers) who would be out of a job.

Kids can’t read, can’t write, and certainly can’t do math. But, in Providence at any rate, they can “occupy.” UGH!

Wow. If they did that in my kids’ school, I’d go ballistic. Unbelievable.

It’s never too early to teach kids to defecate on police cars and steal $5500 laptops.

Haven’t you people ever heard of the “scared straight” program? With a little luck and hard work, a few of these kids might just succeed in life. And then be protested. It’s a natural cycle, and it’s quite beautiful.

This is much worse than Joe Biden [our beloved Uncle Joe] going to a 4th grade class in York, PA, to hawk the jobs bill. To 9 year old kids who can’t vote. Who hired this genius? Obama.

Not sure how a 2nd grade teacher could justify this in the curriculum. 4th grade up, it could be a teachable moment. I could write an acceptable lesson plan using the state standards that could pass muster to do this as a field trip. It is not GOING to the event that is the problem, it the REASON you are going to the event.