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“Time to repost Steal This Country?”

“Time to repost Steal This Country?”

This is the second time this week a reader has e-mailed me referencing one of my early blog posts, the first being “I still remember your ‘death to the Kulaks’ post from a while back!”

Thanks to a reader from Seattle who e-mailed me last night with the following subject line:

Time to repost Steal This Country?

The post to which she was referring is linked in the quote above, and she continued:

Last night I stumbled across a printout of your February 9, 2009 blog entry entitled “Steal This Country,” a take off on Abby Hoffman’s book, Steal This Book. I cannot tell you if I printed it out when you first posted it, or as a repost, or what. In any event, having observed for the past few days the purported “99%” protesting in downtown Seattle, your article seemed prescient (like many other articles you have written).

I had this guy pegged from the get-go.  Here’s an excerpt from Steal This Country, written less than three weeks after he took office:

Call me paranoid, delusional, correct, prophetic, whatever, but I’m beginning to feel that someone at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue has read Steal This Book.

There seems to be a deliberateness to the chaos, a purpose to the ever-increasing exclamation points, as in crisis (!), catastrophe (!!), act now or else (!!!), … we’re on the verge of (!!!!). An attempt to keep so many parts moving so quickly that by the time we realize what has happened, we will have an economic and political system based on punishing achievement in the name of fairness, redistributing goods and services in the name of equality, and above all, dependence on a government which controls everything by endlessly proclaiming that only it has good intentions….

For now, I’ll just go on record that I’m not buying what this administration is selling, because I’ve already read the book.


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Even if Obama were voted out of office this will not stop George Soros and his DEMOCRACY ALLIANCE pals from Stealing this Country.

If you just focus on Obama, your missing the big picture.

PS: Focusing on Obama is exactly what Proggs want you to do; Obama is a tool to distract you.

Pull away from Obama and look at the big picture.

PPS: I intentionally highlighted DEMOCRACY ALLIANCE for a reason.

All that is happening today began long before Obama.

Should I confess to having taken Abbie’s advice literally and stolen “Steal This Book” from a table where they were being sold at an antiwar rally?

I do see these children as self-consciously heirs to the yuppies who disrupted the Chicago convention in 1968, but without the underlying sympathy among youth or strong support even on college campuses.

One thing to note, a point McArdle makes today in the Atlantic, is that these children are in fact terrified about the future.

What they’re seeing is that there may be no more “do overs” for them in the new economy: the (very bad) choices many of them made to incur large debts for undergraduate, and sometimes graduate, degrees in fields in which there was, even before the crash, palpably little demand may have a permanent negative effect on their prospects.

Unless, of course, they stop expecting society to provide them sinecures – well, not sincures exactly, since they’d presumably work at art or whatever – and figure out how to do something productive for which people will pay them.

You’ve read the book and I have lived through something very similar to what is happening here and now. I was in Venezuela when Chávez came to power. The scenario was very similar… one crisis after another so that the next crisis knocked the previous one out of the spotlight. It went on like this until utter chaos ensued and people woke up one day wondering how the country had spiraled down to the dictatorship it now is. Chávez too was a slick talker, promising the world to anyone who would listen and most did; a snake oil salesman who knew how to manipulate people and events. I do hope we all wake up and see what is really happening here. After protests comes chaos.

pass this bill, Pass This Bill, PASS THIS BILL! After the crisis is over we can find out what is in it. I love how the only defense of Obama’s failed stimulus plans is he saved us from disaster, things are bad now but they would have been much worse if Obama had not saved us. Perhaps Solyndra was Obama’s equivalent of mailing a letter back to yourself to screw the post office. He knew it would fail and he wanted to stick it to the system… er I mean the average American taxpayer who busts their ass day in and day out to get by only to surrender a large portion of their precious time to the government.

David R. Graham | October 7, 2011 at 10:38 am

“Pull away from Obama and look at the big picture.”

Yes, and in so doing one remembers that this drive to spin the populace into chaos is not merely by Leftists. It is by a combination of Leftists and Mohammedans, a combination that roots multi-nationally.

The key to solving this problem is resolve to solve it. AKA moral courage. And that means someone has to be defeated and someone has to be victorious and the resolve to make that clear outcome happen has to hold steady to its fulfillment. There isn’t going to be a little bit of theirs, a little bit of ours outcome to this. It will be all one way or all the other. Very simple.

This is not a problem that can be solved by talk or negotiation. The Leftist/Mohammedan combination is all in for everything and will continue their take-over, already at long way done, or be annihilated, literally. That’s what has to be seen as the big picture, the requirement for victory through war, actual war, and not in or involving the USA only.

A new alliance structure is called for, to win the WW III Leftists and Mohammedans together have declared on everyone else. NATO, etc. are defunct, obsolete constructions meant for another time that is past. A modern national alliance structure is indicated. The one I see is five-way: India, USA, Russia, Germany and Japan. Those nations allied can take down the Leftist/Mohammedan combination and its love of chaos.