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“I still remember your ‘death to the Kulaks’ post from a while back!”

“I still remember your ‘death to the Kulaks’ post from a while back!”

So e-mails reader and commenter KC_MRBB KC_MRBB, with a link to the video below, referring to my prior post The “Richest 5%” Are The New Kulaks from October 27, 2008.

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I have read that her net worth is $80 million which might explain how she picked $100 million as the cut off point for beheadings.

That this is being seriously discussed in the United States is extremely disturbing. All of a sudden up is down, good is evil, earning is stealing. The ideals espoused are not American ideals and are just sickening and repulsive.

Education camps, Guillotines… its as if they decided to take the worst features of all the other revolutions around the world and combine them. This is a dangerous blood-thirsty movement based upon their rhetoric and the eyes of law enforcement need to be vigilant.

    Steve in reply to Steve. | October 4, 2011 at 10:43 am

    If this is representative of the unemployed… I can understand why no one wants to hire them… I mean wow. Why would i hire would-be murderers, thieves to promote my business. It might not be that economic uncertainty has anything to do with it… business owners may simply be afraid of their potential new hires.

Law enforcement is on their side; Police have Unions. When the time comes, they’ll get their orders and we’ll all be herded off to jail. #conspiracyrant

    Steve in reply to ironghost. | October 4, 2011 at 10:40 am

    Well in poor compensation I know that Barr and others like her will be herded along with us shortly thereafter when they become the 1% after having killed the previous 1%. Kill the 1% means it takes longer to kill everybody since the target keeps moving. The 1% will always be with us; but may not always be significantly distinguishable from the 99%.

I love how Barr talks about teaching morals to children and then talks about decapitating the rich. I wonder if she is pro-abortion/choice…or anti-death penalty for cop killers. It’s not hard to guess, is it? “Capital justice only for those I don’t like” is obviously her motto.

Roseanne Barr doing comedy is somewhat amusing. Roseanne Barr doing real life not so much.

Does anyone remember how Rosanne and Tom were building a 28,000 square foot mansion in Iowa??? The 1990 cost was $4 million.(It was never finished because of their divorce)

28,000 square feet?????? $4 million????

Wait. Who should be beheaded?

    Heh! Incidentally, that was almost exactly the same size as the house (including an out-building called “The Barn”) that John Edwards built, . . . you may remember the photos from back when he was running for president in 2008 . . . here it is, all 28,000 square feet!

    For a rough comparison, that is approximately half the size of an entire football field of inside living space!