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The Trump administration officially notified the United Nations it will formally withdraw the US from the Paris Climate Accord, which is the first formal step in a one-year process.
The move would leave the US as the only country outside the accord, a decision President Trump promised early in his term to unfetter America’s domestic oil, gas and coal industries. “What we won’t do is punish the American people while enriching foreign polluters,” Trump said at a shale gas industry conference in Pennsylvania on Oct. 23, referring to his planned withdrawal from the agreement.

Erik Solheim, the head of the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), has been forced to resign after an internal audit report questioning his huge travel expense surfaced in the media. Solheim, a green politician and former Norwegian Environment Minister, had spent almost half a million dollars jet-setting around the world. Solheim stepped down after cerain UN member states threatened to withhold funding over the latest revelations. According to a UK media report: "Countries unhappy with Solheim’s conduct were holding back tens of millions of dollars, threatening a financial crisis at the body."

Andrew Wheeler, the acting head of the EPA, signed a proposal that will undo President Barack Obama's Clean Power Plan and establish new rules for coal plants. From The Washington Examiner:
The Environmental Protection Agency on Tuesday morning released its plan, renamed the “Affordable Clean Energy Rule,” that the agency said would provide $400 million in annual benefits, while reducing carbon emission levels by up to 1.5 percent by 2030. President Trump is expected to tout the new rule at a rally in coal-friendly West Virginia Tuesday night.

In April, we reported that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) had taken steps to challenge California’s decades-old right to set its own air pollution rules, setting up a showdown between the federal government and the West Coast headquarters of the #Resistance. Since then, the administration has prepared its plan to revoke California’s authority to regulate automobile greenhouse gas emissions, included its mandate for electric-car sales, and is gearing up for its release.
The proposal, expected to be released this week, amounts to a frontal assault on one of former President Barack Obama’s signature regulatory programs to curb emissions that contribute to climate change. It also sets up a high-stakes battle over California’s unique ability to combat air pollution and, if finalized, is sure to set off a protracted courtroom battle.

A new analysis from the June 2018 BP Statistical Review of Global Energy has some intriguing details on the annual emission of carbon dioxide (CO2) in 201. The global CO2 emissions from energy in 2017 grew by 1.6%, rebounding from the stagnant volumes during 2014-2016, and faster than the 10-year average of 1.3%. However, despite the dire predictions of extinction-causing climate change after President Donald Trump nixed the American participation in the Paris Climate Accord, the nation's C02 emissions plunged.
...Declines in CO2 emissions in 2017 were led by the US (-0.5% and 42 million tons, see chart above). This is the ninth time in this century that the US has had the largest decline in emissions in the world. This also was the third consecutive year that emissions in the US declined, though the fall was the smallest over the last three years.

It appears that the Trump Administration may be doling out even more policy goodness this Christmas season. A few short weeks ago it was being reported that the 2,400-page National Defense Authorization Act that Congress sent to President Trump contained language that contradicted his views on what constituted a national security threat.
...Changing climate is a “direct threat” to U.S. national security, endangering 128 military bases with sea rise and global destabilization that could fuel terror groups, according to the NDAA, which is a bipartisan compromise struck by the House and Senate.

This year, the American press has suppressed news related to the near assassination of the Republican congressional baseball team by a Bernie Sanders supporter and the apparently brutal beating of Senator Rand Paul by a neighbor whose Facebook pages are filled with anti-Trump messages. In this environment, it is no wonder that Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt, who has rolled back many toxic climate change regulations, feels the need to direct his agency's dollars to his own security.
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