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In a radio interview with Senator Ted Cruz Tuesday, host Sean Hannity lost his cool. Hannity contended Republicans were most concerned about the current delegate count, to which Cruz disagreed. "Sean, with all respect -- that's not what people are concerned about. I'm campaigning everyday. People are concerned about bringing jobs back to America, people are concerned about raising wages, people are concerned about getting the federal government off the backs of small businesses and people are concerned about beating Hillary. The media loves to obsess about process and this process and this whining from the Trump campaign is all silly. It's very simple," said before Hannity interrupted. Hannity cited his Twitter account, radio and TV shows as evidence that he knows best what Republicans are concerned about and again asked Cruz to explain the delegate game.

This past Wednesday night, GOP consultant Frank Luntz discussed the results of his "focus group" with Donald Trump supporters, concluding that their enthusiasm for the candidate is unshakeable. From the Washington Post to National Review and FOX News, much is being made of the focus group participants' unwavering support for Trump even when presented with negative ads and statements from the candidate, including Kasich's ad comparing Trump to Hitler. The wearying theatrics of Frank-Luntz "focus groups" are one of the speed bumps we viewers have to navigate during the election season. I am resigned to the fact that producers think someone still marvels at the "dials" and the Price Is Right aspect to it all. Why we shouldn't pay any attention to this focus group:

Thursday night, National Review's Charles Cooke joined author of Adios America!, Ann Coulter, on Sean Hannity's Fox News show. The exchange is particularly interesting because it perfectly illustrates the deep divide in the conservative ranks over Trump's candidacy. The segment begins with Coulter and Hannity exchanging their favorite Trump insults of the day. "He's a funny insulter, but he's more than that," Coulter said. "I mean, he's clearly right about the Mexican wall thing. This is part of what's appealing about him. Not only is he the only one seriously talking about immigration and the only one I think saying, he'll believably build a wall while the rest of them are coming up with nonsense excuses."

History has a way of bastardizing politically expedient talking points. For example, the Republican party's long-standing though not widely reported history of standing athwart the institution of slavery. As it turns out in 1987, then Governor Clinton boasted that the blue star on the Arkansas State flag was an homage to the Confederacy. Oops. Guess the New York Times forgot about that. Mark Steyn joined Sean Hannity Wednesday to discuss the Confederate flag issue. "The idea that Republicans can have the Confederate flag hung around their necks is ridiculous, it's a Democrat flag. The states that seceded during the Civil War were all Democrat states. That's their flag." "The slave states were democrat states, the racist states until the 1960s were Democrat states. The Democratic party was the largest and most powerful institution supporting slavery in the English speaking world, and it is the only one that has survived to the twenty-first century."

So this happened last night. Sean Hannity had two guests on his show to discuss race relations. Eric Guster, a criminal defense attorney (on the left in the video below), and Pastor Marcus Mosiah Jarvis (next to Guster). Hannity was making the argument that President Obama should refrain from injecting himself into racial incidents because Obama is, according to Hannity, a "three time loser" in such situations. In illustrating this point Hannity mentions the name Trayvon Martin, and that's where the wheels come off. Defense Attorney Guster immediately interrupts Hannity to ask, incredulously, if the show host believes Zimmerman was right in shooting Trayvon. When Hannity responds, "Absolutely," we get a nice pair of flabbergasted head explosions, which Hannity counters actual knowledge of the facts and law of the case. It seems the two guests neglected to avail themselves of the totally free resource: "The Zimmerman Files: Aggregated day-by-day live coverage & analysis", or otherwise inform themselves on the case. The exchange is all in the brief video (1:17) below. (If you're somewhere where video is not immediately an option I've also transcribed the exchange below the fold, but it's faster to watch than to read.)

Yesterday, we wrote about Senator Paul's apparent departure from isolationism.  Last night, the Kentucky Senator chatted with Sean Hannity about his foreign policy stance:
"I've been trying to say that for the last four years of public life that I'm I'm neither an isolationist nor an interventionist. I'm someone who believes in the Constitution and believes America should have a strong national defense and believes that we should defend ourselves. But when we do it, we should do it the way the Constitution intended. That's the President should come before Congress and make the case for war." "There's a big difference between that and between doing it unilaterally. And I think the example of Libya, with both Hillary's support and President Obama's support shows all the unintended consequences when they around the Constitution."
I don't disagree we should respect Constitutional channels, but objectively speaking, this is just political posturing and an attempt to define his position as diametrically opposed to that of both Mrs. Clinton and the administration. Which is smart. But his argument seems to hinge on the fact that we would not be in this nightmare of a foreign policy situation had President Obama gone to Congress. Perhaps he's right. He continued:

I heard about this segment from a variety of people on Twitter, but I didn't get to watch it last night. It was worth the wait (transcript here): Watch the latest video at He was a "business intelligence analyst for a paper clip marketing company"? There's...

This video is making the rounds. Jump to the 6:15 mark if you want to hear the money line. ...