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Other than some of the key speeches, I skipped most of the live coverage of the Democrat National Convention. When I tried to watch, it was unbearable, like watching a never-ending public service announcement from the Ad Council. So I missed the live coverage of "Michael from Rhode Island" presented by the DNC as a "longstanding Republican for a long time" who is voting for Biden.

Rhode Island's Governor Gina Raimondo announced last Thursday that the State Police would be stopping cars with New York plates entering the state, and requiring drivers from New York who planned on staying in Rhode Island to self-quarantine.

I went to Walmart early this morning, hoping to pick up a few things before the crowds arrived. The bad news is the shelves were really picked over, frighteningly so, and not just for food. The good news is the aisles were filled with wrapped pallets of food and assorted other things, with workers feverishly unpacking and shelving items. Seems I got there just a little too early.

There are a small number of movies that had a profound impact on me as a child. Having grown up in the generation for whom nuclear war was the looming threat, many of those formative movies concerned the aftermath of nuclear war. I particularly remember Fail Safe and Dr. Strangelove.

Readers of Legal Insurrection know who Linc Chafee is. For several years we covered the once-upon-a-time Republican Senator (in a seat he inherited from his father), and Independent former Governor of Rhode Island, is quirky, to put it mildly.