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Sorry, Democrats, but as it stands now, Oprah says she's not interested in relocating to D.C. Oprah's rousing speech at this year's Golden Globe Awards had the entire internet abuzz (mainly Democrats) with the hope the talk show hostess might challenge Trump in 2020. A Draft Oprah group was created, and pollsters and pundits took the wish-casting seriously.

During Sunday's Golden Globe awards, Oprah received the Cecil B. DeMille Award. Her acceptance speech has Democrats hopeful they too can have a celebrity gazillionaire candidate of their own this next presidential election cycle.

Now that Donald Trump has become the president-elect, the reactions of Democrats seem to be sorting out into two camps: the optimists and the pessimists. The optimists are saying some version of "wait and see how it goes." The pessimists are saying that the political apocalypse is coming soon or is already here. Oprah Winfrey turns out to fall into the first camp, placing herself among the optimists:
The TV host tweeted on Thursday a picture of Donald Trump at the White House with President Barack Obama with the caption 'Everybody take a deep breath! Hope lives.' She also told Entertainment Tonight that seeing President Obama and President-elect Trump together had 'given her hope'.

Of course, the two cases bear no resemblance at so many levels. But Oprah can't help herself, and debases the memory of Emmett Till by comparing Till's whistling at a white woman and subsequent beating death to the violence perpetrated by Trayvon Martin upon George Zimmerman who acted...

Harvard once again taps CNN staff to address its students with the news that former CNN host Soledad O'Brien will address graduating Harvard students at Class Day on May 29, the day preceding commencement. Oprah Winfrey will be the commencement speaker, who follows 2012 speaker...

Oprah's worth $1.5 billion.  Think how many struggling artists that could feed. Shakina Nayfack, featured in The Daily News complaining about his student debt, made the following comment in response to my post Another Occupy Wall Street poster child who is not: ...