Why won’t she just come clean?

Go on Oprah, admit that the claim to be Cherokee was a mistake and that she knew it at the time or at least had serious doubts, but make like it’s not important to who she is as a person.

Her supporters don’t care anyway, and some of her opponents might think better of her for fessing up.


Warren should follow the advice Oprah offered Lance:

Winfrey closed the hour-long second part by asking what the moral to story would be. Armstrong had no answer, so Winfrey offered one up for him, by quoting his first wife, Kristin.

“The truth will set you free,” Winfrey said.

It continues to dog her, and always will until she admits what she did, as witnessed by this comment at MassLive, which came to my attention when I saw people clicking over, referencing a post at Legal Insurrection, Elizabeth Warren’s white great grandfather shot an Indian.

MassLive Comment Warren Gun Control

Update: It’s still early in the comment period, but this comment by pfg hits the mark:

Why won’t she just come clean?

Lance is confessing because he wants something (participating in sanctioned competitions) which gives me pause as to the genuineness of his coming clean.

Warren has just won the Tour de DC with her election, having won earlier heats with her stints as an “American Indian” teacher at various law schools, finally getting on the Harvard varsity. There’s no need for her to do a confessional.