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A BuzzFeed News report on Tuesday found that presumptive 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden's campaign has circulated talking points when it comes to Tara Reade. She accused him of sexual assault in 1993. The talking points used information from a New York Times investigation, but the publication said the campaign is "inaccurately" describing the information.

Brooklyn bar owner Joe Joyce passed away on April 9 of the Wuhan coronavirus. Ginia Bellafonte at The New York Times tried so hard to blame Fox News (specifically Sean Hannity) for Joyce's death because he went on a cruise on March 1. Supposedly Joyce decided to go ahead with his plans because Hannity downplayed the virus. The hatred for Fox News blinded Bellafonte because she made two basic mistakes, which caused her editors to fix her piece. Oh, they did not add an "editor's note" at the bottom. The two problems: Joyce went on his cruise on March 1, but Bellafonte quoted remarks from Hannity on March 8. Bellafonte forgot she didn't take the virus seriously around the same time.

The NY Times is in full election mode. On the one hand, the Times is devoting enormous resources toward blaming Trump for the Wuhan coronavirus damage, as if Trump declaring a national lockdown in February, as the impeachment trial was coming to a close, would have been feasible politically or justified based on what was known at the time.

Several years ago, Dennis Prager launched Prager University, a YouTube series aimed at providing fact-based educational videos on history, civics, culture, and more. Prager's aim was to counter the never-ending flow of anti-American and often wrong progressive views pushed on college campuses.
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