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Welcome to our coverage of the Kim Potter manslaughter trial over the April 11, 2021 shooting death of Duante Wright in a suburb of Minneapolis, when then-police officer Potter accidentally used her Glock 17 pistol in place of her intended Taser. Today we anticipate the start of jury selection.

Tomorrow morning begins the jury selection in the Minnesota trial of former Brooklyn Center Police Officer Kimberly Potter, on charges of 1st and 2nd degree manslaughter for April 11, 2021, shooting death of criminal suspect Duante Wright, whom Potter shot in the mistaken belief that she was wielding her less-than-lethal Taser electroshock weapon. The shooting and immediately surrounding events were captured on Potter’s body camera.

Rep. Ilhan Omar and other leftists spent months pushing the idea of defunding the police. Now crime in Minneapolis is completely out of control and who does Ilhan Omar blame? The police. In addition to having their budgets cut in various cities, police have been demeaned and demoralized. It's hardly fair to blame them for any of this.