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The city of Minneapolis is requiring businesses destroyed by the recent riots to pre-pay their 2020 property taxes before they can even officially demolish and rebuild their businesses. The city allowed these businesses to be destroyed, and now wants a ransom from the very people they victimized. When do the business owners start rioting, or at the very least, packing up and leaving?

Begun as a truly peaceful protest against the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, the protests quickly devolved into riots, looting, arson . . . and, eventually, perhaps inevitably, murder. This conflagration of lawlessness quickly morphed into a nation-wide push by various aligned Marxist and anarchist groups to destroy America, capitalism, history, our very culture and our heritage.  Minnesota was ground zero for the rampaging rioting, looting, arson, vandalism, and murder spree that is still engulfing parts of our great nation.
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