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U. Minnesota Exclusion of White Students From Summer Program Reflects “Noxious Racial Retribution”

U. Minnesota Exclusion of White Students From Summer Program Reflects “Noxious Racial Retribution”

U. Minnesota has eliminated the racial eligibility requirements since our Complaint and ensuing publicity, but there’s a deeper problem: “there are white students at University of Minnesota who are being deprived of an educational opportunity and they did nothing wrong. What did they ever do to anybody? This is really some sort of noxious racial retribution that’s going on and you’re punishing people who never did anything wrong in their lives because of the color of their skin.”

Last night, May 22, 2023, I appeared on Greg Kelly Reports on Newsmax TV, to talk about the civil rights complaint filed by the Equal Protection Project against the University of Minnesota for running a summer research program that excluded white students.

We covered the background in our initial post, Non-Whites Only U. Minnesota Summer Research Program Challenged By Equal Protection Project.

The story was picked up by Fox News Digital, The NY Post, The Daily Mail, and was the subject of a segment I appeared on at Fox and Friends.

When I started on Kelly’s show I was aware, as reported in the NY Post, that the university was reevaluating the program based on EPP’s complaint and the massive publicity. I was unaware, however, that just moments before we started the segment the university had altered the website descriptions of the program and eligibility requirements to remove the language excluding whites. I covered that change in Victory: U. Minnesota Drops Race Requirements Excluding Whites From Summer Program After Equal Protection Project Complaint showing the “before” and “after” website entries, and concluding:

Clearly, U. Minnesota has retreated from its open promotion of a racist program. We await formal confirmation that U. Minnesota has changed not only the website. This change that doesn’t end the problem, because there are students who have been denied an educational opportunity by the university on the basis of skin color. Will U. Minnesota reopen the application process? Will it add opportunities for those students who lost out? There is more to be done beyond dropping the racist advertising and program requirements.

We will continue to pursue this matter, but for now, we’ll take the victory for equality and equal protection.

This story is not over. Guaranteed. There will be more, I’m just not certain if it will be before or after the holiday weekend.

This was the first time I had been in Kelly’s show, and I enjoyed it, even if my attempt to provide better lighting created a bit too much light. I’m still fiddling with this TV thing.

The segment was six minutes one-on-one. That gave us enough time to have a meaningful conversation and share our thoughts on how we got to this terrible point in the nation.

Partial Transcript (auto-generated, may contain transcription errors)

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Kelly (00:00): William Jacobson is a law professor at Cornell University and the founder of That’s the Equal Protection Project, which is devoted to the fair treatment of all persons without regard to race or ethnicity. And they filed a complaint with the Department of Education. Sir, welcome to newsmax. How are you?

WAJ (00:18):

Good. Thanks for having me on.

Kelly (00:20): This does seem completely outrageous and strange and I’m so glad you’re involved. The Ivy League, I’m a little bit surprised <laugh> by that, that’s a good thing. Tell us your thoughts on this and what can be done.

WAJ (00:33): Well, it’s horrible, but it’s unfortunately becoming very common. At we see a lot of these, almost every day we get a tip from people around the country about very similar open discrimination on the basis of race in the service of diversity, equity, and inclusion. For whatever the reason these universities, but not just universities, also companies, feel that as long as the racial discrimination is against whites, it’s okay, as opposed to other discrimination, which is bad. And of course that’s not true. It’s immoral and it’s illegal and we are fighting it.


Kelly (03:40): Have you noticed that people, wealthier people, people with more education, tend to be the wokest of the lot. They’re really, cuz they want to retain their status and this is the way to do it. But the trickle down effect, you know, some kid who wants a $6,000 grant for the summer, wait a second. Like, this affects real people who are trying to make it. But I feel like the silly stuff is coming down from the top people who want to keep their power.

WAJ (04:07): I think that’s true and that’s a really good point. There are people involved here, there are white students at University of Minnesota who are being deprived of an educational opportunity and they did nothing wrong. What did they ever do to anybody? This is really some sort of noxious racial retribution that’s going on and you’re punishing people who never did anything wrong in their lives because of the color of their skin. That’s what the American Civil Rights Movement was against.

What we’re seeing is a very regressive movement. This is not a progressive movement. Even if they call themselves that, it’s a regressive movement. Taking us back to some very bad days where your lot in life was determined by the color of your skin and how you were treated was determined by the color of your skin. And we’ve got to fight back against it. And I think the majority of people in this country, of all races and ethnicities, know that what is happening in academia and corporate HR departments is wrong.

Kelly (05:05):

William Jacobson, professor of Law, Cornell University, I’m so glad you’re involved in this. Let’s go to equal equal for more information. Thank you very much, sir.


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The perversion of civil rights, especially by those that claim to be its champions, is hard to fathom, but, alas, not at all surprising. Progressives are not only regressive, but illiberal. They are enemies of civil rights and there are too many dupes who fall for the fraud being shoved down their throats, or are chilled into acceptance.

MLK, Jr. was seeking the antithesis of the poison that race hustlers push today. Most important, unlike the anti-racists, he was pro-America. Despite the fact that Americans are human, he knew America was exceptional, because of equality. Conversely, progressives think individual liberty is not needed in their utopia, but they must be alllowed to find their selves or be trans, and so long as there is equity, known in past days as quotas.

Almost as bad as the actual regression is the simple fact they are cruel, and do not care, even as they pretend they do. More than ever they are exposed, but sometimes it must be asked does it matter when too many people are obsessed with FOMO.

PS-Have been watching Greg Kelly of late. Entertaining and good communicator.

Great interview, but, as I read (somewhere from you) this does not prevent unofficial discrimination. It will be interesting to see the demographics of the selected kids.


It’s always just an effort to keep blacks from always finding themselves surrounded by people who are a lot smarter than they are, which adds discouragement to their academic load. It’s sold as recrimination against whites but that’s just being tactful.

The problem a sure effect of affirmative action regardless of any average racial IQ differences.

My experience trying to handle such issues on academic settings is that the universities change the public language, but they don’t in any way change the underlying policies.

broomhandle | May 24, 2023 at 8:43 am

What will be the recourse after this kind of discrimination is hidden after all this attention? This worries me more. Right now woke policy is out in the open. It might not stay that way after repeated public defeats.

    CommoChief in reply to broomhandle. | May 24, 2023 at 1:38 pm

    The same way the leftists seek to explain differences in participation rates; disparate impact. Where a public program open to students exists then the participation rates should roughly match the demographics of the students.

    It won’t every year and never precisely but certainly it should over time come close to matching overall demographics of the student pool. Where it does not and no other factors exist which can reasonably explain a deviation from the demographics then all that remains is bias. Especially so for programs established or descended from programs established with a racially discriminatory original intent.

With the numbers of illegal immigrants flowing into the country, it won’t be long and blacks will find themselves in this situation–it’s only a matter of time before they are no longer the preferred race according to the liberals

DIEversity (Diversity: racism, sexism, ageism, classicism, Inequity, Exclusion)

Well, if the left didn’t have their racism, they’d find something else.

Oh wait….transgender “abuse.”

To me goes to show Cultural Marxism are the racists

You may want to consider a “light ring” for interviews and such. One of my friends is trying to quit her day job and has a big light ring. I don’t know if she’ll make it, but her videos have good lighting.