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There has been near complete silence by national media regarding Gibson's Bakery v. Oberlin College, which we have covered since the initial protests through the current ongoing trial. The case is proceeding under the national media radar no more, as Tucker Carlson covered the case tonight. I was a guest on the program to discuss the implications of the case.

While the airwaves and internet have been flooded with discussion of the interaction in D.C. between Covington Catholic High School students and an activist who is Native American, there has been very little focus on what I consider a critical fact. The activist approached and waded into the crowd of students accompanied by numerous supporters carrying video cameras.

I was a guest on the Mark Levin Show on Wednesday evening, April 4, 2018. The topic was my post, Rosenstein Memo confirming Mueller could investigate Manafort came a week after raid on Manafort’s home. We also covered related topics such as Manafort's attempt to get the case against him thrown out, and whether Donald Trump should agree to an in-person interview with Mueller.

It appears that Fox News will not give in to the David Hogg, Media Matters and #TheResistance driven faux outrage over Laura Ingraham's mild rebuke of Hogg as someone who "whines." That faux outrage has been used to intimidate advertisers into fleeing Ingraham's highly-rated program. Fox News co-President Jack Abernathy just released this statement (via L.A. Times):

There is nothing spontaneous about Elizabeth Warren's political career. Much like Hillary Clinton, Warren is very calculating and contrived -- she doesn't interact much with the press except in controlled situations or with obviously friendly media. Warren obsessively stays on script and sticks to talking points. Nowhere has the Warren Way been more evident than in how she has handled her Cherokee/Native American problem.

I have to admit, I fell asleep at the baker's wheel. Masterpiece Cakeshop, Ltd. v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission was argued to the Supreme Court earlier this month and I, didn't cover it. Not out of lack of interest, but more feeling like we're chasing a swarm of daily dust ups created by (1) Trump Derangement Syndrome in all its many and varied forms, (2) Trump on Twitter, (3) media reacting to Trump on Twitter, (4) Alabama, (5) War on Women and #MeTwo, (6) Men at Work, (7) the End of the World. Plus, it was end of the semester, and things were busy. Excuses, I've had a few.

During the 2012 Senate race between Scott Brown and Elizabeth Warren I appeared several times on the Nightside with Dan Rea radio show on WBZ Radio in Boston, a super station that covers all of New England and into upstate NY. What I always enjoyed about being on Dan's show is that he gave me a lot of time, usually a half- or full-hour segment. While an hour in radio time really isn't anywhere near an hour because of commercials and news breaks, it's still a luxury compared to so many of the 6-minute slots I often encounter. So with Dan, you get into a lot of substance, and it's not a matter of speed-talking. I also got to respond to listener phone-in questions, which I really enjoy.

Healing to Action is the Vassar College student group which organized the incitement against me by making false claims that the campus was in danger by my lecture on "hate speech" and free speech. The fabricated claims included that I was posting event information on multiple White Nationalist websites in order to bring people to campus to target minorities, LGBT and Jewish students. The details of those false claims are documented in these posts:

I appeared on The Michael Koolidge Show on 1440 WROK Talk Radio on September 26, 2017. We discussed several of my posts about the NFL "take a knee" protests: Here are some excerpts from the interview:
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