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I have to admit, I fell asleep at the baker's wheel. Masterpiece Cakeshop, Ltd. v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission was argued to the Supreme Court earlier this month and I, didn't cover it. Not out of lack of interest, but more feeling like we're chasing a swarm of daily dust ups created by (1) Trump Derangement Syndrome in all its many and varied forms, (2) Trump on Twitter, (3) media reacting to Trump on Twitter, (4) Alabama, (5) War on Women and #MeTwo, (6) Men at Work, (7) the End of the World. Plus, it was end of the semester, and things were busy. Excuses, I've had a few.

During the 2012 Senate race between Scott Brown and Elizabeth Warren I appeared several times on the Nightside with Dan Rea radio show on WBZ Radio in Boston, a super station that covers all of New England and into upstate NY. What I always enjoyed about being on Dan's show is that he gave me a lot of time, usually a half- or full-hour segment. While an hour in radio time really isn't anywhere near an hour because of commercials and news breaks, it's still a luxury compared to so many of the 6-minute slots I often encounter. So with Dan, you get into a lot of substance, and it's not a matter of speed-talking. I also got to respond to listener phone-in questions, which I really enjoy.

Healing to Action is the Vassar College student group which organized the incitement against me by making false claims that the campus was in danger by my lecture on "hate speech" and free speech. The fabricated claims included that I was posting event information on multiple White Nationalist websites in order to bring people to campus to target minorities, LGBT and Jewish students. The details of those false claims are documented in these posts:

I appeared on The Michael Koolidge Show on 1440 WROK Talk Radio on September 26, 2017. We discussed several of my posts about the NFL "take a knee" protests: Here are some excerpts from the interview:

As readers know, we have covered the case of Rasmea Odeh more closely than any other website, with almost 100 posts since our October 6, 2014 post, Palestinian activist groups accused of attempting to influence jury. This coming Thursday, August 17, 2017, Rasmea will be sentenced in federal court in Detroit after a guilty plea to immigration fraud. By her plea agreement, Rasmea will be deported and will lose her U.S. citizenship, but will not serve any further jail time.

Since the election there has been an unprecedented attempt to unwind the election result. Events have accelerated on several fronts lately with attempts from outside and within to paralyze the Trump administration. What started as a collective media freakout on Election Night 2016 quickly progressed to an unprecedented attempt to intimidate Electors into changing their votes. Some Democrats announced, even before Trump took office, plans to impeach him, and Democrat politicians fed media-driven Russia collusion conspiracy theories for which they knew there was no evidence. Chuck Schumer, for example, used the alleged fact of Donald Trump being under FBI investigation as an argument against confirming Neal Gorsuch to the Supreme Court, even though Schumer (but not the public) knew from intelligence briefings that Trump was not personally under investigation.

I appeared this morning on the Sandy Rios in the Morning on American Family Radio. I've appeared on Sandy's show before, and I appreciate that she gives me plenty of time. The segment is 30 minutes long. We talked about several topics, all surrounding Special Counsel Robert Mueller, and Trump's related frustration with Attorney General Jeff Sessions for recusing himself from anything related to Russia. Trump's continuing Twitter dressing down of Sessions and rumors Sessions and/or Mueller would be fired, were discussed. In the course of the discussion we touched on the following posts of mine:

Asked by Fox News' Martha MacCallum whether he's bothered by the fact that some of the lawyers hired by special counsel Robert Mueller made donations to Hillary Clinton's campaign, Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein responded:

"At the Department of Justice, we judge by results, and so, my view about that is, we'll see if they do the right thing."

If there's anything I learned from studying about and in the Soviet Union during college, it was that things were never as they seemed. There always seemed to be a manipulation and deception, whether for a specific purpose or just because they could. Kind of like the Clintons. Which leads me to the Donald Trump, Jr. meeting with Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya. My initial thoughts were in my post, Trump Jr. emails show amateurishness, but not “collusion” or illegality.

On Tuesday, June 27, 2017, I was a guest on the Bill Tucker Show on Newsmax TV. The topic was the Supreme Court ruling on Trump Travel Order No. 2, including my posts SCOTUS reinstates substantially all of Trump Travel Order and SCOTUS Travel Order ruling was “slap down” of lower courts and progressives. The interview started with Bill Tucker commenting on the name Legal Insurrection: "which always has a sort of mild radical feel to it." Why, thank you.

I was a guest today on Newsmax TV – America Talks Live with Bill Tucker. The main topic was my post about James Comey's Senate testimony, Robert Mueller should step aside: Friends shouldn’t be investigating friends:
"... the case has dramatically changed since James Comey was outed, or outed himself, as the leaker of a memorandum to the NY Times and testified before the Senate. Remember this case started as an investigation of Russian involvement.

I was a guest on the Tommy Tucker Show on Louisiana superstation WWL this morning. We covered a wide range of topics over almost 17 minutes. Thanks to Tommy for giving me the time. 17 minutes in radio world is like a million years in real people time. We started with the weekend media eruption over Jared Kushner, "Backchannels," and the Robert Mueller special counsel investigation. I'll add some transcription shortly.

Another day, another series of NY Times and WaPo stories based on leaks. The NY Times reports that Trump told the Russian Foreign Minister and Ambassador that Comey was a "nut job" who had politicized the investigation, and that his firing relieved "great pressure". The report was based on someone reading a memo about the meeting to the Times reporter. Here is the White House's response, issued in Sean Spicer's name:
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