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America has a ‘terrorism supporting problem’ on college campuses

America has a ‘terrorism supporting problem’ on college campuses

“There is a core group on campus at Cornell and elsewhere, which has bought into this sort of revolutionary ideology as regards to Israel, and they direct it to Israel and they direct it to the United States. So it is definitely present. We have a terrorism supporting problem on campuses that universities refuse to address.”

We have seen many disgusting spectacles on campuses in favor of the Hamas attack on Israel, including Students for Justice in Palestine using images of a paraglider to mock the 270 victims of the Rave music festival massacre.

Perhaps nothing has generated as much outrage, however, as the speech by Cornell History Professor Russell Rickford, a longtime Israel hater who we have covered when he hijacked a faculty event turning it into an anti-Israel rally. That so many faculty and students chanted along tells you something.

Rickford is obsessed with destroying Israel in a very sick way. So sick that he is all over the news for stating that he found the Hamas attack “exhilarating“. His comments were not out of context. I’ve listened to his entire presentation (which was posted on Facebook as part of the full event video).

I appeared on Fox Business today to talk not just about Rickford’s comments, but more broadly about the campus terror-supporting movements.

Partial Transcript (auto-generated, may contain transcription errors):

David Asman (00:00):

…. I was exhilarated professor, that was just despicable. The fact that he was said over and over how exhilarating and exciting it was to see Hamas’ terrorist massacres. Has anybody asked him or has he given an apology for those statements?

WAJ (01:39):

No. In fact, according to the Cornell Sun student newspaper, he’s completely defending himself and he’s standing by those comments. And the university was very slow to react to this. They initially offered a very tepid response. Only after mounting pressure and media attention did they even mention him by name. And that stands in contrast to how they’ve treated other people, including me in the past.

Asman (02:03):

Well, let’s talk about that. What did they say to you after you had criticism for Black Lives Matter?

WAJ (02:10):

Right after George Floyd, and the rioting and the looting, I criticized the rioting and the looting. There was another professor in the chemistry department who also criticized that. We were met with immediate reaction from the administration. The university denounced that chemistry professor, the law school denounced me. And we were standing against violence. We were standing against rioting and looting. We were standing up for peace and we were quickly denounced by name.

Now you have a professor who stands up for violence, who feels exhilarated by the mass murder, mass torture, and mass rape of Jewish Israelis and other Israelis. And the university’s very slow to react to him. It just shows how ideological things are on campuses.

Asman (02:57):

You think of how students’ lives are, and their minds are being distorted by what’s going on, by what they’re hearing from professors who, many of whom are idolized by some of the students. I’m just, do you think, and we have to keep this short, do you think that the university can reform itself or do they need the pressure of donors and alumni?

WAJ (03:18):

They need the pressure, dramatically. I don’t think they’re capable of reforming themselves. I’m not even sure if the universities are capable of reforming with that outside pressure because this ideology is so deeply embedded.

Asman (03:32):

Luckily we have a videotape of this professor saying these horrible things, and he’s not apologizing for them. I’m just wondering how many other professors are saying these things in private or perhaps in front of his classes.

WAJ (03:46):

Well, his viewpoint is shared, not the majority viewpoint, but there is a core group on campus at Cornell and elsewhere, which has bought into this sort of revolutionary ideology as regards to Israel, and they direct it to Israel and they direct it to the United States. So it is definitely present. We have a terrorism supporting problem on campuses that universities refuse to address.

Asman (04:11):

I wonder what parents think, parents who are putting up 60 grand or more for, for these education. Uh, thank you Professor. Best of luck to you and, and what you’re doing to try to set the record straight. Appreciate it.

I also appeared on ‘I’m Right‘ with guest host Mike Slater, to cover the same topic in more depth:

Partial Transcript (auto-generated, may contain transcription errors):

WAJ (00:54):

This is nothing new from him. We’ve known about these sort of antics of his, I’ve covered it. My website, there’s other video. But he’s really a symptom. Not the problem. I mean, he’s a problem in his own sense, but he’s really a symptom of a deeper rot that’s taken place, Cornell and elsewhere, maybe worse elsewhere than a Cornell.

This sort of revolutionary chic sort of thing where people who haven’t really accomplished or fought anything in their life are gung-ho on fighting and raids and killing and all that sort of stuff. It’s just a really toxic sort of ideology. It captures a portion of the campus, the students, some students really like it. I think most of the people in that crowd are students, although not all of them, because that didn’t take place on campus. It took place in downtown, in Ithaca.

But there’s a percentage of students, you know, the ones who wear the Che Guevara shirts around and the Mao shirts around who don’t really understand it, who fall in for these professors who kind of egg them on. So that’s the deeper problem. But yeah, it’s kind of vile the things that he said.


WAJ (02:42):

Ignoring the fact that hundreds of people were killed in that exhilarating moment. Hundreds of women were raped, children were tortured and butchered, babies were kidnapped. None of that seemed to matter. It’s his personal feeling, somebody who’s never accomplished anything in his life of revolutionary struggle from the safety of Ithaca, New York. [With no consideration of] what it means in the real world. It’s a really sickening sort of ideology. But like I said, we’ve seen it again with the students who glorify Mao, despite him killing tens, maybe hundreds of millions of people. So it’s really very sad,

Slater (03:22):

Do you ever like run into that guy on campus? Cornell’s not that big.

WAJ (03:26):

No. I’ve never run into him. I did see him at a rally once and I posted the video. He turns everything into ‘Free Palestine’. So no matter what the event is, as soon as he gets the microphone, it’s Free Palestine. Free Palestine. Free Palestine. The guy’s obsessed.

You have to wonder why somebody like this is so obsessed, and I think it is a racial sort of thing. He fits Israel into the white oppressor category. He fits obviously Jews into the white oppressor category, and that’s part of the ideology. That’s fundamentally what intersectionality is and what critical race theory is. And that’s how it plays itself out on campus. And that’s why I say he’s a symptom of the problem. He is not the problem.


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BLM supports Hamas ?

Of course they do.

I walked through the main quad at the University of Chicago campus today around lunchtime. There were about 30 people doing the “Free Palestine” chants at the center circle. One fellow led with a bullhorn. About half appeared to be of Middle Eastern ancestry, the other half were clueless Caucasians.

Most of the main walkways were chalked with the usual pro-Palestinian talking points. Interestingly, the sidewalks near the Theology building were chalked with pro-life statements.

To the south edge of the quad a Jewish group had a table; they had about four people there. I stopped and chatted a bit. They hadn’t had any problems with the protesters.

Obama brought it into the mainstream. Robespierre with more power to destroy. A first class hypocrite that enriched himself by pretending to love America. May he earn his proper place in history.

IMO, the only thing that will get the serious attention of the ideologues and the weak kneed administrators of big Ed is lack of funding. When alumni stop their contributions and act as the focal point to rally the taxpaying public to force legislative action then maybe this can be rolled back. When average taxpayers figure out that their State taxes fund significant portions of their State University budgets v tuition they might be more inclined to pay attention. The national average subsidy from State Taxpayers last year was nearly $9,400 per student. Then there’s the Federal government payments direct and indirect. Congress could easily address some of the issues by tying receipt of future funding or ability of a particular Univ to qualify for Federal Student loans, Pell Grants and GI Bill to achievement of various reform metrics.

    gibbie in reply to CommoChief. | October 19, 2023 at 2:35 pm

    There may be a fundamental problem with collecting thousands of teenaged children in a small area with no adult supervision.

      D3337 in reply to gibbie. | October 20, 2023 at 2:36 pm

      What an improvement there would be if the minimum age for residential status at university in the U.S. became 21!!

      Perhaps add a two-year real-world-work prerequisite.

      I know, it’ll never happen.

      But gee imagine what if it did

What type of person would call raping women, buring people alive and cutting off babies’ heads “exhilarating” and “energizing”?

a. a Hamas terrorist who is bragging about his exploits
b. a mentally warped, totally crazy mental patient
c. a hate-filled racist
d. a university professor

I’d guess they see the Israelis as the bad guys. Why anybody would think that is another matter. Brainwashing followed by cognitive dissonance, immune to evidence.

“The figure of the public intellectual, which was at the heart of the Popular Front,” and the decades following the “Great War saw a polyphony of Marxism where scholars and activists of various political orientations engaged in its global circulation. This polyphony reached its zenith in the Popular Front associations of the 1930–40s.”

We are currently witnessing something old made new again. It echoes back to 1920-30’s popular front groups – all coalescing. Old comintern slogans like “hands off russia,” or “second front now,” sound very similar to Tlaib’s “de-escalation and ceasefire” slogan. She’s saying ‘Hands off Palestine.’

I use the Qwant search engine. It’s been very reliable … until today.

search term: marxism; popular front.

Three of the top four results: Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine. The search result is being gamed. Qwant is headquartered in France.

The co-creator of wikipedia wrote the code for encyclosearch:

“From the safety of Ithaca, New York”, those manly Hamas freedom fighters are so cool, raping women at will, showing off their battered bodies as war trophies, daring to slaughter babies, going as far as burning people alive. The power is staggering! Such a show of dominance must be heady stuff to some loser who can’t even get a date on Saturday night. And Cornell, proud and self-conscious of its elite reputation, can’t bring itself to criticize a Palestinian supporter. It’s not like he criticized BLM or anything.

So what is the value of an education where values are so skewered? Cornell is not the only school which has so thoroughly disgraced itself, but that’s not much of a defense. And the basic question remains. What is the value of an education from a twisted Cornell?

    walls in reply to CincyJan. | October 19, 2023 at 10:41 am

    I graduated from Cornell in 1975 with an engineering degree. We had some leftist assholes back then. My hunch is the proportion of leftist assholes has increased due to indoctrination from grammar school/high school teachers, and the desire to “be cool”.

    Do these students have any independent thinking left? God help the future of our country.

    Capitalist-Dad in reply to CincyJan. | October 23, 2023 at 10:09 am

    “From the safety of Ithica, NY” reminds me of my late friend who escaped a Castro death sentence and came to America. He knew Pablo Casals (the cellist). Casals was a big supporter of Communism. One evening my friend, frustrated with the leftist cheerleading said, “You know maestro you are right. Communism is the best form of government. Especially when you can be a Communist in places like London, New York, and Paris.”

Steven Brizel | October 19, 2023 at 6:00 am

Professor Jacobson is 100% correct about the degree of anti Semitism on college campuses

Why is Homeland anti-semitic? From the Daily Mail- DHS worker and former Palestinian Liberation spokeswoman Nejwa Ali is put on leave after praising Hamas terrorist attacks and saying ‘F*** Israel…we are ready for your downfall’

Yeah. The PLO which is listed as a terrorist organization. These people also give lectures at our universities as US Government experts.

    WTPuck in reply to Oracle. | October 19, 2023 at 11:00 am

    Because the biden admin is anti-semitic. And anti-American. And anti-civilization. But I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know.

No one can be shocked finding out universities are and have been Marxist Seminaries for decades.

I’ve never understood rape

I mean, I can understand shoplifting. I can understand carjacking. I suppose I could kinda understand murder.

But rape. In the presence of dead bodies and screaming and maybem and rifle fire. Think about the mindset of a person who would even get an erection under such circumstances

And then to celebrate and “put into context” such behavior.

When ya think on it, it’s a heck of a thing.

Here’s a classic example of “intersectionality”: Martha Pollack; Education, Dartmouth College, University of Pennsylvania; President, Cornell University; member, board of directors, IBM; professional specialty, artificial intelligence.

These people are not just anti-Israeli, they are anti Western Civilization and anti-white. “European colonists” is dog whistle language for white.

These people are virulently racist and anti-American as well as anti -Jewish.

We can thank the professors.

    lawgrad in reply to rebar. | October 22, 2023 at 5:02 am

    The fact is that the United States used a disproportionate number of black soldiers in its armed forces starting with the Spanish American War and the suppression of the Philippines independent movement. So, if you know your history, when the radicals are denouncing US “colonialism” in the Philippines, Viet Nam or anywhere on the Pacific, they are being anti-Black as well as anti-White.

It’s almost as if some people cannot or will not accept that uncivil (ized) people exist.

And that there are an awful lot of uncivil(ized) people who genuinely prefer to live the way that they do.

There is a terrorist supporting problem in the WH as well.

It’s not just a core group. It’s also an entire religion. A billion people. Europe is toast. The US after that. Unless the West wakes up. Doubtful.