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Yet another report with many storylines about the Lincoln Project has hit the Internet. The most explosive part is the founders knowing about John Weaver's alleged predatory behavior much earlier than was previously reported. They soldiered on with him anyway, including offering him a partnership in a new media venture just before the 2020 election.

Hailed as heroes who were taking a principled Never Trump stand by the Democratic Party's unofficial media activist arm, the Lincoln Project is quickly going the way of Michael Avenatti; having served their anti-Trump purpose, the media that built them up is busily tearing them down. And as with Avenatti, the damage to the Lincoln Project is self-inflicted; now that the election is over, the second sham impeachment circus wrapping up, their vileness is no longer being ignored, buried, and/or spun by a TDS-afflicted media willing to embrace any scourge to score points against President Trump.