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Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has notified Congress that the United States no longer considers Hong Kong autonomous from Communist China, paving the way for Washington to revoke the specialized trade and financial status it enjoys since coming under Beijing's rule in 1997.

Pro-democracy demonstrations have returned to Hong Kong as coronavirus lockdown phases out. A big anti-government protest took place at a popular shopping mall on Sunday, where hundreds of riot police showed up to clamp down the protest. The police arrested more than 250 protesters over the weekend, the Hong Kong-based newspaper South China Morning Post reported.

Pro-Democracy protestors prevailed in Hong Kong this weekend, as its candidates decisively won nearly half of the seats on the ballot.
So far, pro-democracy candidates have won 269 out of 452 seats in 18 district council races, while pro-Beijing forces, who previously held 73 percent of the seats, have only won 30. Voters came out in droves -- with a 71 percent turnout -- up from 47 percent four years ago in the same elections, according to the Electoral Affairs Commission.

Hong Kong pro-democracy protesters have paralyzed parts of the city for the past several days by forcing schools to close, blocking highways, and escalating the intensity of the demonstrations.
Protesters have torched vehicles and buildings, hurled petrol bombs at police stations and trains, dropped debris from bridges on to traffic below and vandalized shopping malls and campuses, raising questions about how and when more than five months of unrest can be brought to an end.

Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey rocked the NBA earlier this month in a now-deleted tweet when he voiced support for those in Hong Kong. The tweet caused backlash in China, which led the NBA to fix its PR in the communist nation instead of backing one of their own. Rockets fans, though, showed common sense during the home opener.