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China Threatens to Deal a “Head-on Blow” to U.S. Over Sanctions on Chinese Officials

China Threatens to Deal a “Head-on Blow” to U.S. Over Sanctions on Chinese Officials

U.S. Treasury blacklists seven Chinese officials under Trump-era Hong Kong Autonomy Act.

Communist China threatened to deal a “head-on blow” to the United States over the latest sanctions imposed by President Joe Biden’s administration on Chinese officials involved in the crushing of pro-democracy movement in Hong Kong.

The measure taken by the Biden White House this week “shows the Chinese people and the people of the world the ugly face of US hegemony and power politics,” the Hong Kong-based Chinese liaison office lashed out.

The Biden administration blacklisted seven Chinese officials over violations of the Hong Kong Autonomy Act, a bill signed into law by former President Donald Trump in July 2020. President Trump ended the special economic status granted to Hong Kong in response to China’s drive to erode the territory’s autonomy guaranteed by the Communist regime under the “one country, two systems” policy when it took control of the territory in 1997.

Besides sanctions, the Biden White House also issued an advisory to U.S. companies doing business in Hong Kong as Beijing overrides the territory’s liberal economic policies owed to the 156 years of benevolent British rule.

On Saturday, The Associated Press reported the measures taken by the Biden White House:

The Biden administration issued a blanket warning Friday to U.S. firms about the risks of doing business in Hong Kong as China continues to clamp down on political and economic freedoms in the territory.

Four Cabinet agencies — the departments of State, Treasury, Commerce and Homeland Security — released the nine-page advisory that alerts companies about the shifting legal landscape in Hong Kong and the possibility that engaging with Hong Kong business could incur reputational and legal damages.

At the same time, Treasury announced sanctions against seven Chinese officials for violating the terms of the 2020 Hong Kong Autonomy Act, which calls for asset freezes and other penalties against those who participate in the crackdown.

President Joe Biden had previewed the new advisory Thursday, telling reporters at the White House that the business environment in Hong Kong is “deteriorating” and could worsen.

“Businesses, individuals, and other persons, including academic institutions, research service providers, and investors that operate in Hong Kong, or have exposure to sanctioned individuals or entities, should be aware of changes to Hong Kong’s laws and regulations,” said the notice, which is titled “Risks and Considerations for Businesses Operating in Hong Kong.”

By passing sweeping “security” laws to clamp down on Hong Kong’s popular pro-democracy movement, Beijing has reneged on the promises of respecting Hong Kong’s constitution based on Anglo-Saxon law. In the legislations imposed by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), Beijing can deport anti-regime activists to the mainland and puts them on trial under the Chinese law.

The South China Morning Post reported Beijing’s angry response:

China vowed to deal a “head-on blow” to the United States after it imposed more sanctions on mainland Chinese officials over Hong Kong and warned American companies of the hazards of doing business in the city.

Beijing’s liaison office in Hong Kong slammed Washington on Saturday for its “unprovoked smearing” after it issued an advisory that warned of “clear operational, financial, legal and reputational risks” in the city, including from the national security law and potential retaliation against companies for compliance with US sanctions. It also dismissed the sanctions on seven officials from the office as “blatant provocations”.

“The successive sanctions imposed on us by the US have no meaning, other than to fuel our contempt towards US politicians and to arouse our strong will to fight for our national interests,” it said.

“Anyone who intervenes in Hong Kong’s affairs had best believe that China’s development will firmly continue, and we will deal a head-on blow to America’s unscrupulous behaviour.”

The fiery language was echoed in a separate statement from the Chinese foreign ministry’s office in Hong Kong on Saturday. It dismissed the US business advisory as “nonsense”, and defended the national security law as a measure that could “push Hong Kong from chaos to governance”.

“The so-called US sanctions on Chinese officials cannot at all change the Chinese government’s lawful efforts to safeguard national sovereignty, safety and development interests and determination to ensure Hong Kong’s prosperity and stability,” it said. “Instead, it just further shows the Chinese people and the people of the world the ugly face of US hegemony and power politics.”

The threatening language used in the Chinese statement is similar to warning issued by Chinese President Xi Jinping in a recent speech. In a remark likely aimed at the U.S. and the West, Xi threatened that China’s enemies will “have their heads cracked and bleeding” in any future conflict.  They “will find themselves on a collision course with a great wall of steel forged by over 1.4 billion Chinese people,” the Communist leader warned in a televised address marking the 100th anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party.

These are not merely empty threats. The remarks come as China is increasing its nuclear arsenal and expanding its military capabilities.

According to the recent findings released by U.S. defense experts, the Maoist regime is building a vast nuclear weapons complex in the desert of north central China. “Spread across more than 700 sq miles, the site near Yumen includes the construction of underground bunkers, which may function as launch centres, cable trenches, roads and a small military base,” researchers from the California-based Middlebury Institute of International Studies revealed earlier this month.

The CCP is pursuing an ambitious plan to modernization of its armed forces and navy by 2027. In terms of ship numbers, Beijing already has the world’s largest navy at its command.

Communist China makes no secret of its hostile intentions. Last October, Xi Jinping told the Chinese armed forces, the People’s Liberation Army, to focus on “preparing for war.”


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2smartforlibs | July 18, 2021 at 2:22 pm

BUYden took a knee before the end of the speech.

Here’s how it’s going, and it’s no joke or exaggeration:

Xi has given marching orders to Biden and gang – and they supercede their long-game marching orders:

-weaken the US military by puttin the men in dresses and the women in maternity suits. (Stupid Lloyd Austin and crazy Mark Miley are doing the work)
-wreck the economy, pronto
-demonize the Republican party, pronto
-unleash the Justice Department on same (crazy Merrick Garland is doing that)
-pull the chair out from under US prestige around the work, pronto (that idiot Anthony Blinken is inviting the UN into our country to investigate us for ‘racisim’)
-say nothing when China threatens Japan with nuclear war if they intervene in a Chinese attack on Taiwan
-get ready to stand out of the way when we move in on Taiwan.

And they ARE moving in on Taiwan, with as much persistence as they did Hong Kong. And the US under the treasonous, extorted Biden and VP Slut will allow it.

Any nation not possessing nuclear weapons is on notice: you are naked before Communist China.

You realize this is all political kabuki. Like the alleged efforts to “soak the rich” the Communist Party promises (but never delivers), you need to read the fine print.

Chine controls our access to life-saving medicines, holds much of our debt, dominates markets such as entertainment and sports, and has made inroads in technology. The chances of the Biden* administration doing anything meaningful about Chinese imperialism and human rights violations is exactly zero.

    It’s more simple than that: the own Biden and half the politicians in the United States. Their extortion library rivals Epstein’s (and they probably have access to that as well – Epstein was probably in THEIR pocket).

    Thanks, William Barr. Thanks, Jeff Sessions.

      The Friendly Grizzly in reply to | July 18, 2021 at 4:23 pm

      And thanks, Donald J. Trump for leaving them in place so long.

        You can only blame someone for what they know or should have known. None of us could have guessed the treason Donald Trump would face while alone at the top. It started with Jeff Sessions, and continued with William Barr. None of us would ever have guessed it, so why would Trump?

        Donald Trump is America’s most trustworthy political figure: he gave it all, he risked it all, he exposed it all and he’s still coming out fighting,

        In no way does he deserve any our ire. None.

          “Donald Trump is America’s most trustworthy political figure: he gave it all, he risked it all, he exposed it all and he’s still coming out fighting,”

          Your hilarious, between the gold and the obsessive TV watching Trump was busy making the rich richer and well that’s about it.

          henrybowman in reply to | July 19, 2021 at 3:08 am

          I told my 103-year-old Democrat mother the good news today: my Republican congressman just filed a bill to repeal the two Joe Biden helped enact that taxed Social Security benefits, a tax she has groused about for nearly 40 years. I couldn’t tell you how happy she was.

    They’re in more trouble holding our debt than we are. We do need PDJT back ASAP.

you mean a blow alongside the “accidental” purposeful release of a virus which killed the type of population thats the biggest drain to them?
great what next?
a corona-ebola-influenza chimera?

I’d say we will soon see what those payments to the Crime Family really bought, or what the Chinese have on them if the Family doesn’t think they got paid enough.

Xi is a liar surrounded by sycophants who resorts to colorful and bellicose threats when frustrated. Things haven’t been going well for China economically, politically or militarily lately. They just launched their 3rd aircraft carrier, supposedly cutting edge and bristling with new weapons like nexgen aircraft. HOWEVER. Those nexgen aircraft don’t exist. And they only have two of the catapult launching mechanisms which are on the other two aircraft carriers. Someone described it as “installing an elevator without a motor”. Flashy but useless weapon.

China depends entirely on intellectual theft for its technology and that explains why they build military equipment that is not complete. They are just not good at innovation. There is no such thing as R&D in China.

Begs the question: is the technology they steal from us the result of their spy operations or are we allowing them to steal only the technology they need to fight the war they want to fight? With second rate technology that is already inferior to ours.

Technological innovation has been the hallmark of the US from its beginning. And despite our concern about loss of manufacturing jobs to China, our capability to ramp up new technology is unsurpassed. So did we allow China to waste their money (Obama’s “shovel ready jobs money” that mostly went to China) setting them up to be unprepared to lose the war WE want to fight?

The Pentagon has been very active lately complaining about lack of military preparedness. Could this be a sign that they are ready to roll out new war equipment and scale up production? I’ll bet they have lots of alternative technology available for designing a military to fight a specific enemy armed with the obsolete technology we fed them. Are we getting ready to fight the war WE want to fight? Is China in a panic, focusing on a expanding their nuclear option?

There sure is a lot of propaganda coming out of the Pentagon lately and all of it can’t be disinformation. With all of the macho chest-beating coming out of China, they are desperate. Maybe they have a very real reason to be afraid? Just askin’.

    gonzotx in reply to Pasadena Phil. | July 18, 2021 at 5:45 pm

    Hope your right but our military is very sou gender and as of late can’t seem to simply steer a ship or keep it from going up in flames… so there’s that

      Depends on how you believe the war will be fought. For sure, we will not be landing a million soldiers on beaches. And we currently have a massive air force but with a shortage of pilots. So what? The future air force will be largely pilot-less with fighter planes capable of maneuvers that create more g-forces than a human being can handle. It will be a very technological war requiring specific skill sets rather than physical strength. I believe that the real challenge will be how to take out a nuclear power quickly without triggering a nuclear war. China is already collapsing as the world increasingly isolates them. Their big dream of world domination is quickly slipping from their grasp. They could very quickly collapse. I wouldn’t want to be living in China today. As history has shown, no one has killed more Chinese than the Chinese communist government. Same with Russia, North Korea, Cuba, Cambodia, and the rest.

      Communist countries in the 20th century killed more of their own citizens than all of their enemies throughout history. Killing their own citizens is the hallmark of communist countries. That short-cut to power always proves to be a short-cut to their demise. It’s happening again.

        gonzotx in reply to Pasadena Phil. | July 18, 2021 at 8:13 pm

        But China makes all the chips… there’s that…

          No, they don’t make ALL the chips. And Hua Wei is reeling from lost business. How long can they last once we cut them off from our technology? Apple is close to announcing their own chip and they do big things. IBM announced the most powerful chip ever a couple of months ago. We keep innovating and have a superior ability to ramp up production when we make up our minds to do so.

Monkey pox… no treatment

Good luck medical staff, but keep those planes coming in from Africa, can’t be racist now can we??

The CDC says that there is no safe, proven treatment for monkeypox, but that smallpox vaccine, antivirals and vaccinia immune globulin — a product made from the blood of people immunized against smallpox — may be used to control an outbreak.

    Ben Kent in reply to gonzotx. | July 18, 2021 at 8:58 pm

    Remember, Biden criticized Trump for shutting off travel from China in January 2019.

    Wokeism is deadly. So what if a few million Americans die – so long as we signal our virtue to the world.

Luckily Chinese government has the same benefits as Sundowner has, a Propaganda Ministry run for the good of the government with no real opposition..

The world relies on semiconductors made in Taiwan. China is more than ready to invade.

    Worse: if China invades, they get technology that will put them ten years ahead from where they are in semiconductors.

    And because we have a semi-president, they’re going to get it.

      Correct. A Taiwanese Company has developed the bleeding edge technology which is far ahead of anything that China has in semiconductors. The coming Chinese invasion of Taiwan will stop the production of a large percentage of circuit boards. The Chinese will control the world

A head-on blow? Given the way our political class is, that can be only one thing:

Mean fortune cookies.

China signals their virtue by hating America.
>> Progressives applaud.

What are the Chi-Coms going to do for that head blow? Perhaps they will publish the names of all American Journalists who have visited China and spout Chinese propaganda.

“China threatens to deal a head-on blow to the US”

They don’t stand a chance – we have Kamala!

A “head-on blow” is needed, not from China, but the US. A competent government would embargo China — no trade, travel, communication — nothing. We should not be financing our major enemy through trade, or providing them opportunities for espionage, theft and purchase of technical information and infrastructure, propaganda, etc. Anything necessary being produced in China can be made in more friendly locations. The experiment of Nixon and Kissinger to lure China away from being an aggressive communist dictatorship has failed. We’ve done nothing but build their power.