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Earlier today, Tomi Lahren had reached a settlement with Glenn Beck and The Blaze in their very public, dueling law suits. While part of the settlement remains confidential, the available information appears to be a fair deal struck for all parties involved, the Dallas Morning News reported:
Tomi Lahren settled her lawsuit Monday with her former boss, Glenn Beck, and his conservative media firm The Blaze. The deal allows the 24-year-old pundit to be freed from her employment contract — which was to expire in September — and pursue new work that competes with The Blaze. She also gets to keep the Facebook page that The Blaze created for her, and on which she has amassed 4.3 million followers.

On April 7th, 2017, after the sudden suspension of production of her show at TheBlaze, Tomi Lahren created a bit of a firestorm in the political world when she abruptly filed suit against her employer and Glenn Beck. The lawsuit alleged Wrongful Termination, Breach of Contract and a number of tort claims, among other things. Not long after the suit was filed, TheBlaze countered with a lawsuit of its own. While many outlets have commented on the circumstances surrounding the dueling lawsuits, few have considered the relative merits of the claims leveled on both sides. In my opinion – operating only on the facts currently available – Tomi Lahren has a tough road to recovery ahead of her.

Former Blaze employee Tomi Lahren has filed a lawsuit against Glenn Beck and The Blaze for wrongful termination and access to her Facebook page after he fired her over pro-choice views she expressed on The View:
"I can't sit here and be a hypocrite and say I'm for limited government but I think the government should decide what women do with their bodies."
The Blaze suspended Lehran a few days later before terminating her employment. The document says that Lehran "did not want to file this lawsuit, but the conduct of Defendants and their refusal to resolve this matter without court intervention" forced her hand.

Tucker Carlson aired his first show in his new 9 pm time slot on Monday night and featured as his first guest on the program, former FOX News host Glenn Beck. It seemed like an odd choice but it did make great TV. Tucker kicked off their conversation by asking Beck for his thoughts on the election but their talk quickly moved to Ted Cruz and faith. Mediaite reports:
‘Did it Shake Your Faith?’: Tucker Carlson Grills Glenn Beck About Trump’s Election On his first broadcast at the 9 PM ET timeslot, Tucker Carlson began the program with Glenn Beck, and right away it got pretty interesting.

This weekend, Glenn Beck is leading his annual "Restoring" rally.  This year's focus is "Restoring Unity," and to that end, he organized an #AllLivesMatter march in Birmingham, Alabama. Greg Garrison reports:
Led by conservative activist and talk show host Glenn Beck, more than 20,000 people chanting "All Lives Matter" marched the historic civil rights route from Kelly Ingram Park to Birmingham City Hall this morning. "It's about taking our church out in the streets," Beck said. He said marchers came from as far away as China, Dubai and the Netherlands. Actor Chuck Norris, a conservative activist known for his martial arts, action movies and TV show "Walker, Texas Ranger," marched about two rows behind Beck. Alveda King, a niece of civil rights activist the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., marched in the front row. Bishop Jim Lowe, pastor of the predominantly black Guiding Light Church in Birmingham, co-organized the march with Beck and marched with him at the front. As a child, Lowe attended Sixteenth Street Baptist Church, where the march started, a headquarters church for the civil rights movement in Birmingham. Lowe and his sisters were in the church when a KKK bomb blew up the church and killed four little girls on Sept. 15, 1963. "Love is the answer," Lowe said as he marched. "God is the answer." Some Birmingham police officers said the crowd could have been as large as 25,000 to 30,000. It may have been the largest march in Birmingham since the civil rights marches of 1963.

Nancy Mace is one of the challengers to Lindsey Graham in the Republican primary, along with Richard Cash. There probably will be others. Mace is a newbie as a candidate, although she's been involved as a political consultant for years, and also co-founded the controversial FITS News website. I don't know enough about Mace to say that I'll support her versus the other challengers, but I do know enough to say that I hope a strong challenger emerges and that Graham is forced into a runoff. Mace seems to have the sound-bite friendly bio (1st female graduate of The Citadel, long family military history) to be an attractive candidate. I'm willing to give her a chance, to find out more, and to see how she develops as a candidate. The one thing I do not expect is a slick talker, who has a pat answer for everything. So it really troubled me to see Jay Severin attacking Mace as "not ready for prime time" because of an interview she had with Glenn Beck. Here's the Beck interview, in its entirety: Was it a great interview? Probably not. She seemed to have a few canned answers she kept coming back to, but it wasn't a terrible interview. And Beck asked some weird questions about her "soul" which probably caught her off guard. Sure, she also should have been better able to answer questions about why she was running, the influences upon her, and so on. I trust she'll earn from these interview experiences. But Severin declared her candidacy all but over: