Tucker Carlson aired his first show in his new 9 pm time slot on Monday night and featured as his first guest on the program, former FOX News host Glenn Beck. It seemed like an odd choice but it did make great TV.

Tucker kicked off their conversation by asking Beck for his thoughts on the election but their talk quickly moved to Ted Cruz and faith.

Mediaite reports:

‘Did it Shake Your Faith?’: Tucker Carlson Grills Glenn Beck About Trump’s Election

On his first broadcast at the 9 PM ET timeslot, Tucker Carlson began the program with Glenn Beck, and right away it got pretty interesting.

Carlson kept pressing Beck about his religious faith, wondering if his belief and faith had been shaken due to Donald Trump’s election, considering that Beck had previously said that Ted Cruz had been anointed by God to stop Trump.

Carlson asked, “Because he didn’t win and Trump did, did it shake your faith?”

The Fox News host also grilled Beck on his feelings towards Cruz, bringing up when Glenn got upset with Cruz for endorsing Trump late in the campaign. Beck calmly said that he and Cruz are still friends to this day and that he was mostly disappointed with the timing.

The Blaze founder also explained that he would never endorse another candidate in the future and that while he didn’t support Trump, his political beliefs have not changed as he’s still a libertarian.

Tucker went on to ask Beck about his own FOX News show and if the rumors of financial trouble at Beck’s internet venture “The Blaze” are true.

Things then got really personal with questions about being happy in life and defining success for oneself.

You can watch the whole segment below:

Tucker asked for feedback on Twitter and got some entertaining responses:

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