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You all know I'm excited that Gary Johnson entered the New Mexico senate race as a Libertarian candidate. I told Professor Jacobson I need to cover this race because I know Johnson has a decent chance to defeat the Democrat incumbent. A poll released only two days after Johnson announced proved me correct because he shot up to second place. The establishment in both parties have felt the heat. Republican candidate Mick Rich refused to bow out of the race to unite the GOP and Libertarians behind Johnson. Now New Mexico all of a sudden decides to restore straight party voting.

I'm Libertarian. I voted for Gary Johnson. But I live in Oklahoma, which is as conservative as you can get and the GOP candidate will always win no matter how I vote. That does not stop people from accusing others like me for ruining the election for their candidate. Of course people accuse Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson and Green Party candidate Jill Stein of costing Hillary Clinton the election against Donald Trump. The Wall Street Journal looked through the evidence and found that neither one hurt Hillary.

We'll admit it up front: there's not much redeeming social value in the story we're about to present you. Let's just call this political entertainment of the pugilistic sort between two people who clearly have little use for each other. Over the course of a longish segment on today's With All Due Respect, Trump surrogate Boris Epshteyn and Gary Johnson backer Liz Mair engaged in a running battle. The barbs came fast and furious, with, among other things: Mair—playing the sexism card—ripping Epshteyn for interrupting her; Boris noting Mair's fascination with the word "butt" and taunting her over not having a job this election cycle; and Mair suggesting that Boris had trouble keeping up with the news. At the end, when John Heilemann facetiously observed that it had been a real "lovefest," Mair retorted "I don't do the loving, I do the hating."

Still disloyal after all these years . . . Eight years after serving as a Sarah Palin aide, Nicolle Wallace can't stop trashing the woman she was presumably paid to support. On today's Morning Joe, Wallace suggested that if ignorance of foreign policy were an asset, "Sarah Palin would be Vice-President of the United States." Wallace's unworthy remark came in the context of a discussion of Libertarian president candidate Gary Johnson's claim that his own ignorance of foreign policy was an asset, since it makes him less likely to get the country involved in foreign wars.

Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson earned another high-end endorsement when the Chicago Tribune editorial board picked him as their choice for president. The board wrote:
This year neither major party presents a good option. So the Chicago Tribune today endorses Libertarian Gary Johnson for president of the United States. Every American who casts a vote for him is standing for principles — and can be proud of that vote. Yes, proud of a candidate in 2016.

A new poll from purple state Virginia has shown that Libertarian Party presidential candidate Gary Johnson has snagged millennial voters from Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton and GOP candidate Donald Trump. Hillary leads the state in a contest with Trump 52-30, but when you add Johnson her favorability with millennials falls to 34% while Johnson takes 27% and Trump plummets to 23%. What does this mean for the Libertarian Party? Does this show that Hillary needs to concentrate more on millennials?

According to new polling, Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson has more support from military veterans than the other presidential candidates.  Recent polling of active military showed 37% of respondents chose Johnson, reports The Hill. Depending upon the accuracy of the polling, it may serve as further evidence that military service members are increasingly Libertarian.