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Libertarian Gary Johnson Reaches Out to GOP Voters After Trump Fallout

Libertarian Gary Johnson Reaches Out to GOP Voters After Trump Fallout

“We pledge to present voters with a real alternative”

GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump has lost supporters after The Washington Post published disgusting remarks about women he made in 2005, including numerous senators and other politicians. Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson wrote a note on Facebook telling those supporters why they should support him:

Today, as we watch Republicans across the nation struggle with the disclosure of Donald Trump’s indefensible and embarrassing words, and the attitude toward women displayed by those words, we respect the difficult spot those Republicans are in. It can’t be easy.

At the same time, character and trust are important. It shouldn’t matter whether a microphone is turned on or not. The conversation we have all now heard isn’t any more appropriate in a locker room than it is on national TV. America deserves better. Women certainly deserve better. And Republicans deserve better.

He continued:

We speak often of reaching across party lines if elected to get things done for America. Today, we would like to reach across party lines to invite our Republican friends to join our campaign. There is a presidential ticket with two candidates who served honorably and effectively as Republican Governors, and we are it.

Our nation and our challenges are much greater than the character or behavior of one man. Join us, and we pledge to present voters with a real alternative to what has become an embarrassing side show.


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