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See correction at bottom We have often written about the environmental impact that green energy policies have had, include the effects of wind energy technologies on bird populations and the quality of life in adjacent properties. A massive winter storm in Texas has frosted the wind turbines that are a crucial source of alternative energy, causing power outages and heating electricity prices.

The climate cult group known as Extinction Rebellion is now taking its city-shutdown antics to the Middle East.
Off-shoots of the group that advocates peaceful protest as a way to pile on pressure to curb global warming are sprouting from Beirut to Doha, as activists in the oil-rich region want governments to ditch fossil fuels for renewable energy sources.

Legal Insurrection readers will recall I covered a book entitled "The Polar Bear Catastrophe that Never Happened" by Dr. Susan Crockford. The University of Victoria professor analyzes the latest data and reviews the questionable values used in official estimates, concluding that polar bears are actually thriving. She has been fired from her position at the university.
After 15 years as an adjunct assistant professor, Ms. Crockford said the University of Victoria rejected without explanation in May her renewal application, despite her high profile as a speaker and author stemming from her widely cited research on polar bears and dog domestication.
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