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As I read today about how the first truckloads of the Pfizer Wuhan coronavirus vaccine were rolled out this morning for delivery and distribution to frontline healthcare workers and nursing homes, my thoughts turned to the media's/left's eight-months-long effort to undercut President Trump's claims on various treatments for the virus as well as his touting of an accelerated vaccine timeline.

Last week, some Michigan lawmakers met with Trump to discuss the certification of the election. They are now facing threats of criminal investigation from the attorney general of Michigan. This comes after members of Trump's legal team have faced threats for nothing more than representing the President of the United States.

On Saturday, supporters of President Trump gathered in Washington DC to protest an election that certainly looks suspect and to support the candidate they believe lawfully won. While we don't yet have an official attendance tally for the #MillionMAGAMarch, it is abundantly clear that thousands, perhaps tens—or even hundreds—of thousands, rallied to support Trump and his efforts to have every legal vote counted.
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