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A few years ago, when the left started demanding the removal of historic statues, they insisted that it was just about the Confederacy. Critics were accused of being paranoid. Now we're at the point where American history is being distorted at the homes of America's founding fathers.

'The Northman' is a new film released in April which is getting excellent reviews for good reasons. It has been ages since I have gone to the movies, but I went to see this on Monday and found it impressive.

Netflix stock took a major plunge this week and they are losing subscribers at an alarming rate. Some people are attributing this development to the company going too woke. Consumers are bombarded with left-wing political messaging in entertainment and many have clearly had it.

An educator at an NAIS school says that since "sexuality exists within the child" and "not in a box," sexual knowledge should not be withheld even from the youngest children. This radical idea is based on the premise that since infants are born with a sexual identity, they are sexual beings "socially" from birth.