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High School teacher Jeremy Adams describes a dystopian youth culture of cell phone addiction, isolation, and inability to sustain human relations or spirituality. Hollowed out youth. It's chilling....

A post I wrote in 2017 that bears repeating, Sorry leftists, we SHOULD be celebrating Columbus Day. Since then, the likeness of Columbus has been removed from the wokest of establishments in the ultimate display of virtue signaling (and also ignorance). We have covered many: ____________ Of all their sins, progressive insistence on revisionism and transposing modern day mores onto history is one of the worst. The anti-history movement is a scourge on our culture and intellectual heritage. When I was a kid we spent this time of year learning about the great explorers, sitting on the graveled blacktop squashed against one another inside chalked drawings of the Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria. They were much smaller ships than I'd imagined.

With a heavy heart, I report that the TV show of Stephen Colbert wannabe Samantha Bee has been canceled by the TBS network. The crowded late-night field of obnoxious progressives pretending to do comedy by insulting Republicans is more competitive than previously known.