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  The pattern of leftist thugs trying to take down a company or person over support for or even affiliation with a cause they don't like is repeating itself, this time at L.L. Bean, the famed Maine-based company. Boston Magazine reports:
Trump opponents are waging a campaign to boycott L.L. Bean after it came to light that a member of the family that runs the business, Linda Bean, donated a healthy sum of $60,000 to a Trump-supporting super PAC. A group called Grab Your Wallet, which maintains a list of companies to avoid due to ties to Trump, called for a boycott, and now leadership at the company is taking those threats seriously, urging people not to let politics influence their opinions of a 100-year-old brand.

I have covered the #StopRush and various affiliated boycott campaigns against Rush Limbaugh organized and run by Media Matters as extensively as anyone: Media Matters astroturfed the Limbaugh secondary boycott Independent Rush boycott group coordinated with Media Matters Evidence of Media Matters coordination disappears from “independent” anti-Rush group website #StopRush turns on...

Well, if we're using the same "difference of opinion" standard that was used to call for the boycott of Chick-Fil-A, then it sure would seem it. If the 30 states that have enacted legislation or constitutional amendments defining marriage as between a man and woman...

Remember the BP boycott? Apparently, this owner does not even though his vehicle has a "Boycott BP" sticker on it.  The gas was probably a penny cheaper than the boycott-free stations down the street. From reader John: I spotted this guy filling up at a BP station in...

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