Parkland activist David Hogg has carved out a special place in the hearts and minds of the uber-left and is thoroughly enjoying every minute, seeming at times drunk with the power he perceives he possesses.

Hogg has no power on his own, of course, but he does have substantial power bestowed upon him by the targets of his destructive activism, power that Publix, at least, acknowledges as it suspends political donations in light of Hogg’s anti-Second Amendment, anti-NRA “die-in” effort.

What Hogg, like so many of his leftist cohorts, forgets is the rule of unintended consequences.  Hogg can claim victory since Publix will no longer be supporting the NRA, but he loses that notch because Publix will also no longer support Planned Parenthood.

Publix, for those of you who are not from the South or are not familiar with it, is a grocery store chain based in Florida and serving many Southern states.  I used to like shopping at Publix, but their prices in my Northwest Florida area have become ridiculous (when I can save a dollar or more on the same brand of most items by heading to Winn Dixie, I’m not shopping at Publix).

Hogg targeted Publix as an “NRA sellout” because they supported Adam Putnam (R) for Florida governor; Putnam has an A+ NRA rating and has received substantial campaign contributions from the NRA.

From there, Hogg determined that a “die-in” in Publix supermarkets would be a good way to bully Publix into disavowing Putnam.  According to CNN, Publix has donated $670,00 to Putnam over three years.

He wasn’t wrong.  Publix caved . . . sort of.

Hogg, however, thinks that people ignoring the “die-in” kids is “literally perfect symbolism of America’s indifference to gun violence.”^tfw

That’s not what I see.  These people aren’t shrieking at the die-in kids for causing them anxiety, they aren’t demanding a safe space retreat replete with Play-doh and coloring books, they aren’t whinging on about how the die-in frightens and threatens them because it’s thinly-disguised actual “violence,” they aren’t demanding the sit-in kids be removed under threat of looting for triggering them, and they aren’t in any way advocating “gun violence.”   That there are stupid people lying around on the floor has undoubtedly been noted, but these people are shopping for groceries, something most people do at Publix.

This, to me, is the typical response to leftist histrionics: see it, note it, ignore it, go about your normal business.

Personally, I’m happy to see the left go berserk over things like this “literally perfect symbolism of America’s indifference to gun violence.”  Such an hyperbolic, emotional response is so over the top, so insane, that normal people will be turned off in droves.

The busybody left just can’t help themselves.  We have to participate in and enthusiastically embrace their every high-pitched shriek of social injustice or we are “indifferent” to [insert outrage of the hour flogged by the perpetually outraged].  You will be made to care.

Tolerance in any form, we are assured, cannot be tolerated.


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