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As you may have heard by now, Obama has been planning a huge birthday party for himself at his mansion on Martha's Vineyard, complete with a lengthy celebrity guest list and two hundred servants. As Democrats and the media hype the latest COVID variant, the optics of this event proved to be too much, and he has been forced to scale it back.

Former President Barack Obama scoffed at concerns about Critical Race Theory in education during an interview with CNN's Anderson Cooper. The Democrats' internal polling numbers must look pretty bad if they enlist Obama to perform damage control.

A recent Gallup poll showed President Donald Trump as the most admired man, dethroning President Barack Obama. Republicans chose Trump, but this year, probably due to the pandemic, Democrats split their votes among public figures.

Confounding Democrats across America, President Trump made big gains in the Latino community on Election Day in states like Florida and Texas, vastly improving his 2016 performance with them.