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Former Vice President Al Gore managed to stay in the limelight with his climate change crusade after he failed to beat former President George W. Bush in 2000. In 2007, his movie An Inconvenient Truth won an Oscar and Gore won an Noble Peace Prize. Gore decided to make a sequel, An Inconvenient Truth: Truth to Power, but it bombed big time this weekend. It finished 15th and only took in $900,000.

Après Trump, le déluge! There's a "People's Climate March" on DC happening today, and CNN put a reporter on a bus traveling to the March from Harlem. A protester explained that he was going to Washington because people in inner-city areas "don't have resources to escape if we have flooding or other issues caused by climate change." Shades of Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth, and its apocalyptic vision of a drowning NYC. But not to worry. Worst comes to worst, Al Gore will be out there, plucking people off their rooftops. Al will either be in a boat, or perhaps swooping low in a jet he can afford to charter with part of the proceeds of his $500 million sale of Current TV to the fossil fuel sheikhs of Qatar.

In late August, when Hillary was flying high in the polls, I predicted that while the race could tighten, it would take the equivalent of lightening striking for her to lose it.
If I were in Hillary’s position I’d run out the clock as well, and hope that lightning doesn’t strike the field.
Lightning struck Hillary at the 9/11 Memorial, figuratively at least. Prior to that, she already was slipping in the polls, as Trump put together a couple of weeks without self-inflicted wounds, and the stories about Hillary holding fundraiser after fundraiser with the super wealthy as she stayed off the campaign trail too a toll. When we look back at the campaign, if Hillary loses that will be the moment when she lost it. The convulsions and collapse were just part of it. The lies and coverup were much more important. The woman and her campaign can't tell the truth about anything, it's all spin. The 9/11 medical event reminded people why Hillary is so disliked.

Former Vice President Al Gore hasn't picked a horse in the 2016 race which wouldn't seem like a big deal if it weren't for the fact that he served with Hillary's husband for eight years. The New York Post reports:
Al Gore still won’t support Hillary Clinton Despite renewed pleas from Hillary Clinton’s desperate team that he endorse the former first lady, Al Gore on Monday again declined to support the Democratic front-runner.

Hillary is politically wounded by her never-ending email scandal, which keeps sucking the life out of her favorability ratings, and has Democrats panicked with fear:
“I’m not sure they completely understand the credibility they are losing, by the second,” said one Democratic strategist, who spoke on the condition of anonymity. “At some point this goes from being something you can rationalize away to something that becomes political cancer. And we are getting pretty close to the cancer stage, because this is starting to get ridiculous." “Look, this is a classic example of the cover-up being 10 times worse than the so-called crime — though in this case there wasn't a crime,” said another progressive strategist. “The culture of secrecy that has surrounded the Clintons — understandably, in some cases — has now yielded a situation where she did something that wasn't necessary and looks nefarious.”
Joe Biden insiders are making it known he's seriously considering a run in the wake of Hillary's stumbles and Bernie Sanders' surprising surge. Elizabeth Warren is a likely entrant if Hillary falls further and Democrats seek a savior. Even John Kerry -- just before Hillary's current troubles started -- said "Nobody says never"' -- so he must be relishing a run now, particularly if he cements the Iran deal. But the best sign that Hillary is in trouble is that even Al Gore insiders are talking up a potential run. Yes, Al Gore. From Buzzfeed, Al Gore Insiders “Figuring Out If There’s A Path” For Him To Run:

Just when you thought the Democrat presidential primary couldn't get any more entertaining, the folks over at Salon are trying to kick off a "draft Al Gore" campaign. Seriously. From Salon's article It's time to draft Al Gore, with the subheading, "Hillary's flailing. Biden's grieving. Bernie's a longshot. Gore bridges the party's establishment, progressives":
Sure, the GOP field is studded with unserious candidates, but they still have a relatively deep bench of big-state governors and prominent senators. To win, therefore, the Democrats need a nationally viable candidate. Enter Al Gore: the one person on the left, apart from Clinton and Biden, with the cachet to bridge the establishment and progressive wings of the party. Here are 10 reasons why a Gore candidacy makes sense, both for the Democratic Party and the country.
Let's look at these ten reasons:

The broken clock at is right about something. Al Gore should run for president:
To many Democrats, the fight the party needs is clear: Hillary Clinton vs. Elizabeth Warren. But the differences between Warren and Clinton are less profound than they appear. Warren goes a bit further than Clinton does, both in rhetoric and policy, but her agenda is smaller and more traditional than she makes it sound: tightening financial regulation, redistributing a little more, tying up some loose ends in the social safety net. Given the near-certainty of a Republican House, there is little reason to believe there would be much difference between a Warren presidency and a Clinton one. The most ambitious vision for the Democratic Party right now rests with a politician most have forgotten, and who no one is mentioning for 2016: Al Gore. Gore offers a genuinely different view of what the Democratic Party — and, by extension, American politics — should be about. Climate change is a real and growing threat to the world's future.... No one really knows what that kind of temperature change — a swing that approaches the difference between most of human history and the Ice Age — would mean for humankind. The World Bank says that there is "no certainty that adaptation to a 4°C world is possible." Income inequality is a serious problem. But climate change is an existential threat.
Don't think Vox is alone.  Last July was pushing Gore as the single-issue candidate we need