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Vultures circling Hillary: Al Gore insiders talking up potential run (Update: Heartbreak)

Vultures circling Hillary: Al Gore insiders talking up potential run (Update: Heartbreak)

Politically wounded presumptive nominee staggering in the desert of her email scandal.

Hillary is politically wounded by her never-ending email scandal, which keeps sucking the life out of her favorability ratings, and has Democrats panicked with fear:

“I’m not sure they completely understand the credibility they are losing, by the second,” said one Democratic strategist, who spoke on the condition of anonymity. “At some point this goes from being something you can rationalize away to something that becomes political cancer. And we are getting pretty close to the cancer stage, because this is starting to get ridiculous.”

“Look, this is a classic example of the cover-up being 10 times worse than the so-called crime — though in this case there wasn’t a crime,” said another progressive strategist.

“The culture of secrecy that has surrounded the Clintons — understandably, in some cases — has now yielded a situation where she did something that wasn’t necessary and looks nefarious.”

Joe Biden insiders are making it known he’s seriously considering a run in the wake of Hillary’s stumbles and Bernie Sanders’ surprising surge.

Elizabeth Warren is a likely entrant if Hillary falls further and Democrats seek a savior.

Even John Kerry — just before Hillary’s current troubles started — said “Nobody says never“‘ — so he must be relishing a run now, particularly if he cements the Iran deal.

But the best sign that Hillary is in trouble is that even Al Gore insiders are talking up a potential run.

Yes, Al Gore.

From Buzzfeed, Al Gore Insiders “Figuring Out If There’s A Path” For Him To Run:

Supporters of Al Gore have begun a round of conversations among themselves and with the former vice president about his running for president in 2016, the latest sign that top Democrats have serious doubts that Hillary Clinton is a sure thing.

Gore, 67, won the popular vote in the 2000 election, and has been mentioned as a possible candidate in every contested Democratic primary since then. He instead spent much of the 2000s focused on environmental campaigning and business ventures. He has largely slipped out of public view more recent years.

But in recent days, “they’re getting the old gang together,” a senior Democrat told BuzzFeed News.
“They’re figuring out if there’s a path financially and politically,” the Democrat said. “It feels more real than it has in the past months.”

The senior Democrat and other sources cautioned not to overstate Gore’s interest. He has not made any formal or informal moves toward running, or even met with his political advisers about a potential run.

A member of Gore’s inner circle asked to be quoted “pouring lukewarm water” — not, note, cold water — on the chatter.

“This is people talking to people, some of whom may or may not have talked to him,” the Gore adviser said.

This is how it starts.

Words, just words, whispered anonymously to Buzzfeed.

I hope Gore runs.

My money though, is still on Liz.

Update 8-14-2015. Looks like we have conflicting “adviser” reports.

From Politico, Al Gore not planning to run against Hillary, advisers say

Despite some hopeful speculation among Democrats that Al Gore might jump into the 2016 presidential race in the face of Hillary Clinton’s troubles, people close to the former vice president and Democratic nominee say he’s not considering it.

“There’s no truth to it. He’s laser-focused on solving the climate crisis,” Gore spokeswoman Betsy McManus told POLITICO Thursday evening.

You can’t take away our dreams.


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“Let lose the Chakra…”

(Or, please, gawd, NO! Not that…!!!)

ugottabekiddinme | August 13, 2015 at 5:53 pm

Great Democrat candidate: Another fat old white guy, with such a story to tell:

UN-selected to be President.
Internet inventor.
Multi-million-dollar seller of TV-whatever to network owned by enemies of the USA.
Maker of unwanted advances on masseuses.
Dumper of wife after a 40-year marriage.

What a guy!! Go Dems!

pablo panadero | August 13, 2015 at 6:17 pm

Remember Hillary turned the server into the Justice Department . President Obama controls the Justice Department . Therefore Obama is in control of the weather Hillary is the nominee or not .

Democrats know that they will not win the White House again in this term unless they have a candidate that brings out the black vote as much as Obama did. Bernie Sanders is being embarrassed at every stop by black activists. Hillary is a wounded duck. What candidate can motivate the black voters en masse ? Michelle Obama.

Obama will hold the server out of the election unless he feels that Hillary will lose Then he lowers the boom on her after all the other candidates have failed.

Suppose he waits until halfway through the primaries before he lowered the boom on Clinton All of those delegate she chose with and be free to choose any candidate. Michelle Obama enters the last few primaries and then sucks up all the support fthat was Hillary.

Nope. The Dems don’t have their candidate, yet.

I am wondering if Jim Webb is going to start attacking Hillary.

As is phrased..”a picture is worth a thousand words”.

When the attendant looks at you as though you have lost your mind, YOU have lost your mind Al.

“— though in this case there wasn’t a crime,” said another progressive strategist.

Keep telling yourself that, Bunky. They’re not known as the Clinton Crime Family for nothing.

C’mon Gorp, pleez run! The amount of lipstick the red media will have to slather on this pig will be high comedy to observe.

Is Al Gore still running around dating rich women in California?

I guess it’s an upgrade over propositioning masseuses, but they guy is still married.

“Look, this is a classic example of the cover-up being 10 times worse than the so-called crime — though in this case there wasn’t a crime,” said another progressive strategist.

On what planet is her handling of this higher than Top Secret information not a crime?

Oh, yeah, this one, with an Obama Justice Department.

Clinton’s crony did the same thing with classified nuclear secrets simply remarking them by scratching out the ‘Top Secret’ and handing to the Chinese representatives.

Totally against the law and totally not prosecuted. She will not be prosecuted unless Obama has a long game planned.

He’s been perpetually lazy though so my guess is that he just wants to go back to Hawaii and play golf. Let Michelle keep the kids in Chicago and ‘write books’ or give teleprompted speeches. I can’t see he wants to hold onto power the left will keep pushing left without him.

Can you imagine Bernie and Al? It would be glorious.

Anyone who steps into Hillary’s place, as someone will soon have to, must address the obvious question of their own lack of leadership. Yes, there is that old stand-in excuse of “party loyalty”, but still, we are talking about presidential leadership, which takes at least a little personal courage and a willingness to stand up and be counted. None of this will be present in Hillary’s stand-in.

Al-jazeera Gore-climate change high priest, chad Klingon and mankind’s last hope after Hillary’s glacial meltdown.
Go ahead. Make my day.

It would be far better to do everything possible to help Hillary get the nomination and then go after her.

She is vulnerable. Don’t take her out until the dems are committed.

MaggotAtBroadAndWall | August 13, 2015 at 9:06 pm

Hillary has committed two sins against Obama. First, she hired Blumenthal behind his back. Second, she set up the private server to prevent his government from accessing her email. In both cases, she defied his authority as president.

Does he want to be known by history as a president who let a subordinate very publicly defy his authority and embarrass his administration in an attempt to benefit herself politically? I am starting to think there is a chance the trial balloons to gauge donor and voter interest in Biden and Gore are being floated because Obama WANTS to throw her under the bus for his legacy.

    You missed the most important sin .. the Clinton Foundation

    The Clintons have been collecting money for influence and have the upper hand on the Obamas.

    I fully expect that there were emails that showed a clear quid pro quo in exchange for those donations to the Clinton Foundation.

YES, Al…!! YES, Joe…!!! YES, Lizzy Warren…!!! YES, John Boy Kerry..!!! YES, Bernie..!!! C’mon, Rev.Tawana Sharpton..!!!

Until he announced he had cancer yesterday, I was hoping Jimmy Carter would throw his hat in the ring. He can run for one more term. It would give him the opportunity to be voted the second worst president twice.

If algore gets in the race, Rush could take a long vacay and just re-run his shows from 2000.

Henry Hawkins | August 14, 2015 at 12:55 am

Yo, Dems. Gary Hart and John Edwards are still available. Maybe Evan Bayh or Tom Vilsack? Howard Dean? Mike “The Commander” Dukakis? Andrew Cuomo? He’s white, but maybe not old enough….

holdingmynose | August 14, 2015 at 6:07 am

AlGore vs Jeb! next year. Maybe we’ll get a replay of 2000’s Bush v. Gore? Which state this time?

The oldest president to assume office:

Harry Reid would be 77.1 years of age, Jan 20, 2017
Nancy Pelosi would be 76.8 years of age, Jan 20, 2017
Bernie Sanders would be 75.35 years of age, Jan 20, 2017
Mitch McConnell would be 74.92 years of age, Jan 20, 2017
Joe Biden would be 74.16 years of age, Jan 20, 2017
John Kerry would be 73.1 years of age, Jan 20, 2017
Jim Webb would be 70.94 years of age, Jan 20, 2017
Donald Trump would be 70.59 years of age, Jan 20, 2017

1) Ronald Reagan was 69.95 years of age, Jan 20, 1981
Hillary Clinton would be 69.3 years of age, Jan 20, 2017
Al Gore would be 68.8 years of age, Jan 20, 2017

2) William Henry Harrison was 68.06 years of age, March 4, 1841
Mitt Romney would be 67.86 years of age, Jan 20, 2017
Elizabeth Warren would be 67.6 years of age, Jan 20, 2017
John Boehner would be 67.17 years of age, Jan 20, 2017
Rick Perry would be 66.87 years of age, Jan 20, 2017

3) James Buchanan was 65.86 yeas of age, March 4, 1857
Everybody Else Running
43) John F Kennedy was 43.64 yeas of age, Jan 20, 1961
44) Theodore Roosevelt was 42.88 yeas of age, Sept 14, 1901