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Hillary’s campaign is short-circuiting and the cure is … ManBearPig?

Hillary’s campaign is short-circuiting and the cure is … ManBearPig?

Al Gore may be asked to rescue the dehydrated and convulsing Clinton campaign.

In late August, when Hillary was flying high in the polls, I predicted that while the race could tighten, it would take the equivalent of lightening striking for her to lose it.

If I were in Hillary’s position I’d run out the clock as well, and hope that lightning doesn’t strike the field.

Lightning struck Hillary at the 9/11 Memorial, figuratively at least. Prior to that, she already was slipping in the polls, as Trump put together a couple of weeks without self-inflicted wounds, and the stories about Hillary holding fundraiser after fundraiser with the super wealthy as she stayed off the campaign trail too a toll.

When we look back at the campaign, if Hillary loses that will be the moment when she lost it.

The convulsions and collapse were just part of it. The lies and coverup were much more important. The woman and her campaign can’t tell the truth about anything, it’s all spin. The 9/11 medical event reminded people why Hillary is so disliked.

Hillary’s overly-staffed, big money-spending campaign appears flummoxed. It wasn’t supposed to be this way. Hillary is bleeding younger and progressive voters who are turning to third party candidates.

So Hillary reportedly has a plan.

That plan is Al Gore to emphasis climate change and not voting third party.

The New York Times reports that Clinton staffers have been in talks with Gore aides about the former vice-president hitting the campaign trail to emphasize the point that she’s the candidate most dedicated to combating climate change — and to make the case against voting for a third-party candidate.

“I can assure you from personal experience that every vote counts,” Gore told the Times via email. “The stakes are high for so many Americans. So I will vote for Hillary Clinton and I strongly encourage others to vote for her as well.”

The news is a bit of a surprise, as Gore was one of the last Democratic figures to throw his support behind Clinton; he officially backed her with atweet on the opening day of the Democratic National Convention. Politico reported last fall that they have a complicated relationship stemming from rivalries in the Clinton White House and the 2000 election.

At which point all those younger voters are saying: Who? and Don’t tell us what to do.

ManBearPig on the campaign trail. That should work just like on TV:

Former Vice President of the United States Al Gore visits South Park Elementary School and warns the school’s students about the terrible ManBearPig, a scary monster which is “half man, half bear and half pig” and roams the Earth attacking humans for no reason at all. He also demands throughout the episode that people take him “cereal”, which he cannot distinguish from the correct use of the word “seriously”.

Later, the boys’ basketball game is interrupted by another visit from Gore, who is poorly disguised as the ManBearPig and claims to be “trying to spread ManBearPig awareness”. Stan’s father Randy picks up the boys to drive them home, proclaiming that Gore is just desperate for attention, because he has no friends. Al Gore phones Stan in the middle of the night inviting him to a ManBearPig meeting and convinces Stan to attend (he does so out of sympathy for Gore not having any friends). Stan and his friends go to the meeting where Gore states that “MBP” is hiding in the Cave of the Winds. The boys are persuaded to go when Gore guarantees them a day off school.

If Hillary is bringing ManBearPig out on the campaign trail, her campaign is the one dehydrated and in convulsion.


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Al Gore – Prince of Dorkness

Not only is he cereal, he’s super-cereal.

Oh, and you miss-spelled his name, it’s Algore.

Yes, yes, yes! This election cycle is desperately in need of a dancing bear in tutu and tiara.

Owlgore, another of the worst liars and most evil people in America.

Great. Just great.

Remember, the Dems wanted him for a backup candidate in case the Hildabeast was on the hot seat and was seriously looking at a world wide media perp walk over the email thing. Which BTW has not been fully resolved yet.

RE: Lightening strike.

I think this is another sign her campaign is in serious trouble! 😀

Boinie is the replacement of choice but maybe Al could catch him in the stretch. It may come down to who’s crazier vs who’s sicker.

Maybe after ManBearPig swims out to that melting ice flow that Hillary is stuck on he can also save the Internet (which he invented) from Obama giving it away to the Russians and Chi Coms.

It’s always good to put on the son of one of the Democrats who voted against the Voting Rights Act.

Or perhaps as a standin when Hillary kicks the bucket


This treasonous bastard couldn’t sway one vote.

And if Algore is making too much money selling carbon credits, the Demented Dems can draft John F. Kerry, who served in Vietnam and spent Christmas, 1968, on his swift boat in Cambodia (but although the incident was “seared in his memory,” he didn’t say whether or not Santa came to visit).

First the Clinton campaign begged for the help of Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, and now it’s Al Gore (68) to bring out the “yute” vote.

Well, kids like dinosaurs. Maybe it will work.

Plus, now Al Gore will have a whole new swath of young women to proposition to “release his second chakra.”

buckeyeminuteman | September 16, 2016 at 2:06 pm


Is there anyone else hoping they bring in manbearpig? Because I am.

Now we know why Illary fainted… the mere thought of all that gravitas had her weak in the knees.

She’s really surrounding herself with men who treat women badly.

She might want to look into that — particularly as she’s running to be a role model for American girls.

He’ll be there just as soon as he can get some young thing to realign his crazed, sex poodle chakras! Maybe Bill can loan him the Energizer!

If they are stooping to Gore then it’s really, really BAD!

Trapped in Davis | September 16, 2016 at 3:51 pm

It’s not man-bear-pig, it’s man-pig-poodle.