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Just When You Thought Hamas’ Savagery Couldn’t Get Any Worse

Just When You Thought Hamas’ Savagery Couldn’t Get Any Worse

There is a massive movement online to deny that the massacres happened, or to blame them on Israel for killing their own people. It’s important that we keep documenting these crimes against humanity.

It’s always difficult to show images or tell the stories of the people butchered by Hamas, other terrorist groups, and Gaza “civilians” on October 7. But as we’ve said before, it’s important to know and to document and to bear witness. There is a massive movement online to deny that the massacres happened, or to blame them on Israel for killing their own people.

You likely recall one of the first images on October 7 that went viral, an Israeli woman bleeding in the rear end led into a vehicle by terrorist savages. I’ve probably watched that video a dozen or more times.

But there’s something in it I didn’t notice, and didn’t get any initial media attention. The woman’s achilles tendon was cleanly lacerated so she couldn’t run.

Her name is Naama Levi. Pray for her, and that she is returned alive, and the people who did that to her receive even worse judgment.

Hamas also just released a video of hostage Noa Marciano, dead. Hamas is claiming it was due to an Israeli airstrike, but the images of her dead body show what appears to be a clean blow to the back of her head. Hamas murdered her.

[Because the video is meant to torment her family and Israel, we are not running it.]

More video of Gaza “civilian” barbarism has emerged:

And the brutality at the music festival:

And executions of Israelis while on the phone with their families:

And there are now detailed eyewitness accounts of mass rape being documented by the Israelis:

A month has passed since the massacre on October 7th, in which Hamas slaughtered some 1400 Israeli residents, but the shocking testimonies are only now emerging as the Israel Police’s Lahav 433, the police department dealing with serious felonies, continues with the meticulous documentation of the atrocities.

As part of this process, the detectives have been processing the testimonies of the perpetrators and the survivors. One of them is a chilling testimony of a young woman who hid with her boyfriend in a shelter, where she witnessed the rape and murder of another Israeli woman.

“I saw them forcing her to bend forward and then someone rape her,” the testimony reads. “They were dressed in olive-toned fatigues, she was alive, and then she fell silent. She was raped and then killed.

For the first time, the investigators were exposed to messages from members of ZAKA volunteers describing the horrifying events as they collected bodies. These official testimonies will be used in legal proceedings in the future against Hamas and as a way to remember the atrocities. The testimonies are quite graphic and include descriptions of the horrors they witnessed when they arrived at the scenes of death to collect the remains of the victims. They too, have confirmed through their testimony that Hamas terrorists committed sexual offenses against women before killing them.

According to the testimonies of the volunteers, there were also sexual abuses against some of the men who were found. In some cases, the victim’s private parts were mutilated. One member said that in many cases, “it was hard to tell if it was a man or a woman.”

From prior reporting:


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Baby in the oven. It doesn’t get any worse than that.

Yeah, Bibi has it right. Kill them all.

    Milhouse in reply to Paul. | November 14, 2023 at 3:21 am

    The problem is that that’s not what Bibi says, or thinks. He keeps insisting that Israel is not at war with the “Palestinian people” but only with Hamas. Which means that he’s trying to kill as few so-called “civilians” as humanly possible, and that once Hamas is defeated he will be inclined to hand it over to Fatah, who are every bit as bad as Hamas.

    When ministers in his own government voice sentiments like those you did, he fires them, just as Sunak just did to Braverman.

    I keep telling you people, Bibi is not a Cruz or a Cotton; he’s Israel’s answer to Lindsay Graham.

      That sounds like every Israeli leader who is capable of winning the vote of substantial numbers of Israelis.

      There is also reason for that. Israel needs the United States and Europe, which means Americans and Europeans who support Israel need to see that Israel is fighting as humanely as possible.

      The media both in America and Europe are major enemies of Jews, and the only way to fight it is to try to do war as humanely as possible which Israel is doing.

      That is also not just what most Israelis want but what most Americans want in our own wars.

        ahad haamoratsim in reply to Danny. | November 14, 2023 at 11:46 am

        I don’t disagree with you. The problem is I question whether they are willing or able to see it even though that is the fact.

          We have no way of knowing but I am about as sure as you can be diagnosing what anyone is going to do in future that the moment Netanyahu saw the videos we did he became a destroy Hamas man. He has not shown much of any love of large scale conflict prior to now yet he has mobilized 300k reservists.

Subotai Bahadur | November 13, 2023 at 9:27 pm

If [when] Israel wins, you can make book that the Democrats [and their media branch] will be calling for mercy for them.

Subotai Bahadur

    Lucifer Morningstar in reply to Subotai Bahadur. | November 13, 2023 at 11:18 pm

    And if Israel gives them even an inch of mercy they will be doing this all over again in the near future.

      What do you mean by mercy?

        Lucifer Morningstar in reply to Danny. | November 14, 2023 at 11:42 am

        If I answer your question I’ll either be immediately put back on “automatic moderation” where all of my comments no matter how innocuous have to be approved before becoming public or I will be banned outright from commenting. And I do not wish either one to happen. So I’m afraid you’ll just have to figure out what my statement means on your own.

          I’ll answer, then. Mercy would be letting a bunch of their soldiers go, just as we did with the Nazis and Japanese in WWII. Mercy would be trying and imprisoning a bunch of the others, and over the years, trading them in droves for the one or two kidnapping victims that survive.

          The fundamental problem with this is that Islamists will view this as a sign of weakness by Israel, and tell each other it is a hudna, that is, a pause to reload. And if we give Iran another big tranche of money, they will attack, again.

          I’ve watched this about 3 times, and Bibi has seen it a lot more. So had the old Saudi king. I am convinced that he spoke up because he ultimately realized the futility of dealing with Islamists. He’d see this play out too many times.

          I was shocked and skeptical when he made this statement. But with the adoption of both A Common Word and the Abraham Accords, I have begun to think there really is a difference between Islam and Islamists.

          I think one reason the Muslim countries don’t want the Islamist refugees is that they know the “refugees” will include a lot of violent people who are not Muslims.

          Mercy in this context can have countless meanings; i.e. are you talking about locking captured hamas up in one room and feeding them only lard and pork or making sure hamas is defunct as an institution and no longer governing Gaza with their legacy of tunnels and weapons factories demolished?

          I have a high enough opinion of you that I don’t think you have negative type of no mercy on your mind but you need to understand a lot of people have no idea what you mean by mercy.


          I agree keep them locked up, keep Hamas a defunct institution when it is defeated.

          For a phrase like “No mercy” I need mercy to be defined because there are things I think we both are 100% in agreement with that could mean we both 100% disagree with.

          We are in a society where the anti-Semites are college educated, they know how to twist your words to mean something you never intended and I do think anyone who like us supports Israel needs to keep that in mind when speaking.

    Here’s to hoping that BiBi doesn’t listen to them

I still say they should be using those combat bulldozers to scrape Gaza down to bedrock and dump the debris into the Med.

ThePrimordialOrderedPair | November 13, 2023 at 9:59 pm

The demented savages who support Hamas and the fakestinians do NOT care one whit about the truth. You can show them a million images of what Hamas did … they just don’t care. They hate Jews and that is all that this is about. This is not a matter of propaganda or of rational thought.

Those who are supporting the fakestinians are lowlife Jew-haters (and that certainly includes the self-hating Jews among them) who are soulless ghouls with not one bit of humanity to them. They are wannabe sociopaths who idolize the gaza arabs for their utter lack of humanity and their animalistic behavior.

It is good to preserve evidence but, in the current situation, evidence does not matter. Most of the ghoulish Jew-haters love the pictures of the savagery. That is what they love most about hamas and the gaza arabs. And they hate Jews and nothing is going to change that.

The only way to shut these Jew-haters up is for Israel to have a total and complete victory. Total and complete, as the allies had in WWII. Anything short of that will just fuel their Jew-hate.

    My ex-wife was the daughter of a Pentecostal minister, and he often made references to “Sub-Human savages” which I took as some sort of racist jab in 1993.
    Thirty years later and much Old Testament study later shows me exactly what he referred to, a group of people serving a golden calf that refuse love for anything but self.

      beautifulruralPA in reply to scooterjay. | November 14, 2023 at 9:01 am

      I am asking you to clarify your point….the Israelites in the wilderness are the ones who served the golden calf — so are you referring to the Jews here as “those that refuse love for anything but self”, or just mixing your metaphors?

      A quote I appreciate from some Israeli leader, perhaps Golda,: “we will have peace when the Arabs love their children more than they hate ours.”

        The golden calf of the early Hebrews was borrowed from neighboring people and was unequivocally condemned by Moses when he returned from Mt. SInai. The poster was completely clear to me, an unchurched Christian.

        African-American community…God set them free like the Israelites, according to their civil rights story.
        In a mere 60 years the fed gov has them worshipping the dollar bill….enslaved.

      Better to refer to Molech as the one served. It clearly points to the Philistines (and others) of the time.

    I cannot see any solution to this problem that has mercy.

    Love that you diagnosed the problem but they are the result of the right abandoning the public school system, universities to the left, and endorsing a corporatist attitude that also abandoned the public square to becoming a leftwing place.

    True false when school didn’t teach anti-Semitic ideologies anti-Semitism was lower?

    True false when universities did not teach it it was lower?

    True false when regulations would have prevented pro-Jewish voices from being throttled in the public square pro-Jewish voices would proliferate a lot more?

    Put yourself in the mind of someone growing up who has only learned to be an anti-Semite, zionist=nazi etc.

    Media repeats every Israel hating point, their teachers encourage it, universities and their associated institutions back it………

    I am unaware of any attempt by the right to fix the public schools of their states prior to the election of Ron DeSantis as governor of Florida.

    In other words we really haven’t started fighting back yet very much.

Inglourious Basterds comes to mind as how Israel should respond.

Conservative Beaner | November 13, 2023 at 10:50 pm

From Lawerance of Arabia

But they were “mostly peaceful” murders and rapes. For centuries the Muslims have shouted “Khaybar!” Time to shout back a righteous “Gaza!” For those that say violence only begets violence…. violence is needed in this case to end the violence.

Watching the news today you wouldn’t even know what happened on October 7 to kick this all off.

The media is complicit in the never ending violence towards Israel.

This is the face of evil

As the vile and evil European dhimmis and American Dhimmi-crats perennially remind us, Muslim supremacists, terrorists and Islamofascists aren’t responsible for their actions, their choices and their ideological predilections — ” ‘resistance’ isn’t terrorism,” and, all of that nonsense.

We are told by these wretched enablers, appeasers and collaborators that all terrorism, genocidal murders and assorted atrocities committed against Jews and other non-Muslims are allegedly the products of legitimate Muslim grievance and victimhood.

caseoftheblues | November 14, 2023 at 7:21 am

The wholesale degradation and regression of western culture and society is being revealed. Every western country has mass imported this barbarian ideology that exists only to destroy and hate and kill. When they have access to others they kill them… when they don’t they kill each other. It is what the ideology is about.., what it exists to do. They do NOT want what we want. Our noodle spine leaders will allow them to destroy us, turn a blind eye to and actually justify putting infants in ovens, raping and torturing children in order to not be called a name, not be called racist or xenophobic. How they feel about Jews is exactly how they feel about us… and what they have done in Israel they want and will do in every single western country stupid enough to let them in.

I can’t watch any more of this and I can’t not watch either

This is what happens when you mix the ideologies of the Muslim Brotherhood with Nazism

    Lucifer Morningstar in reply to Steven Brizel. | November 14, 2023 at 9:10 am

    No, this is islam. Pure and unvarnished islam for all to see. You either submit to islam or you will be slaughtered in the most horrific manner possible.

      caseoftheblues in reply to Lucifer Morningstar. | November 14, 2023 at 6:44 pm

      The slaughtering never stops in Islam even if you do submit….Muslims have been killed for playing soccer, not wearing a headscarf correctly, dancing, talking to a man, dropping a koran… etc etc etc..,, killing is what they do… they will always find a reason.

    I don’t think Hamas is an intellectual study group.

Let us all recognize that these pro_HAMAS demonstrations have made it abundantly clear that we cannot live side-by-side with any and all Muslims who in any manner support the barbarism displayed in these attacks. No response can be disproportionate. War has been declared by the Muslims against not just Israel but against Western Civilization. We, the West, must do whatever is required to wipe out this barbarism. Can we do less than what was necessary to destroy Nazism. I say NO! I’m afraid the refrain of “KIll them all and let God sort it out” is fully applicable to the future relationship between Christians and Jews and the Muslims who have invaded us and brought their ghastly cult religion with them. This cancer must be cut out and destroyed NOW, not later.

    scooterjay in reply to Peter Floyd. | November 14, 2023 at 9:31 am

    The snake strikes as his head is crushed.
    At best, the strike results in a bruised heel, but there is potential for a fatal blow that ensures the death of both.

    There is no peace with Islam. Too bad they will poison the Earth upon their eradication, a spiteful act towards humanity.

Naama was raised on values of tolerance
And there’s part of the problem, right there. “Tolerance” leads to failure to eradicate or punish evil. Which leads to more evil – like October 7.

Thanks to a large degree to this web site, I was aware of the anti-semiticsm on our college campuses. But I was not prepared for the enthusiastic support for Hamas and their perversions. Nothing Hamas did on October 7th is defensible. Yet college students across America support them. The only conclusion is that the majority of those kids believe there are situations where putting a live baby in an oven to roast, or beheading toddlers, is a perfectly acceptable reaction. Not to mention the sexual perversions inflicted on both men and women. Oversexed savages aroused by violence. And our college students support them. What kind of future can we expect from them?

Ah – they confessed to playing with murdered Israelis’ heads – how very Azteckian. No need for death cults these days.

The woke/leftists ain’t interested in any information that is contrary to their oppressor v oppressed worldview. These folks are stuck in their emotional/psychological development. They don’t want to advance beyond overly simplistic relativism where no judgement much less consequences are are attached to any actions.

There are some folks who are capable of being reached. There are multiple ‘man on the street’ style videos up that show folks being told exactly how/what Hamas stands for and they recoil from it. The depth and breadth of the indoctrination these folks must overcome is considerable but some can be persuaded. The true believing kool aid drinkers and/or those whose grifter livelihood depends on pretending to be ignorant…. not so much.

In WWII, one of the definitive priorities of the Bielskty Otriad (you know the movie version… Defiance with Daniel Craig) was as follows. We value fighters not by how many Germans you have killed but by how many Jews you have saved.

I appreciate the complexity of not getting too emotionally invested in the putting down of rabid dogs.

What is staggering to me is that the leader of Hamas said they will do October 7 over and over again. They do not want a peace plan and they will kill Jews until one or the other group is gone. That should be the marching orders for Israel and that means total annihilation of anyone even remotely connected with Hamas. Just like Germany and Japan, after we bombed them we didn’t have a pause or send in aid. Israel is at war with these monsters and citizens must fend for themselves.

    Like hunting down the Munich killers, this will be fraught with peril and error and bet your butt they have booby trapped this so the “hunted” will have double IDs and goose chases that will lead to innocents getting whacked – with the specific intent of casting Israel as the villain.

    One could run around trying kill every rabid dog, or you could carry a gun and/or pepper spray so that when one comes at you, it ends well for you and not it.

    Ounce of prevention and all that. Hard targets make for dead attackers.

No quarter–they have said they will continue to do this–every single one of them should be hunted down and destroyed and that goes for anyone in the population who gives aid and comfort to these war criminals

It is criminal that it has taken this atrocity for even some people to start to realize that the war on Israel gas nothing to do with land, Arab civilians, “dignity & self-determination” or any other crap they keep spewing.

But what also needs to be established once and for all is that Arabs are not and cannot be “Palestinians” and that there is no justification for a “Palestinian state.” No more 2 state solution, no more pretending that although we side with Israel, they really need to give land “back” to anyone. It was always bullshit and the time is long past when it should be the official stated position of Israel and any allies that are not full of shit.