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At Kibbutz Be’eri, Hamas Slaughtered Over 100, Kidnapped Dozens, and Executed At Least Four Captives

At Kibbutz Be’eri, Hamas Slaughtered Over 100, Kidnapped Dozens, and Executed At Least Four Captives

I visited the Kibbutz in 2015. The Washington Post has verified that at least four of the people taken captive were killed by Hamas, but far more including a large number of children, are now captive in Gaza.

There are so many atrocities committed by Hamas and Islamic Jihad, it’s hard to document them all. We’ve touched on some of them in our daily updates, and also these posts:

Here’s another atrocity we haven’t posted before:

Hamas regularly went far beyond killing people, and deliberately tried to humiliate and torture people with rape, execution of loved ones, killing and kidnapping children and the elderly, and parading victims through the streets of Gaza through depraved crowds who beat and defiled the bodies.

Hamas gave Gaza what Gazans wanted and enjoyed. They are not enjoying it now that Israel is retaliating. To use a popular phrase, Gaza f-d around, and is finding out.

All of these crimes strike at the heart, but some bring back memories of places I visited. In 2015 my wife and I traveled to Israel, focusing on the borders and security issues, which I documented at Legal Insurrection.

We made a trip to the north, to Moshav Avivim. That Moshav was hit by Hezbollah rockets today in a relatively-minor flare up at the Lebanese border. We’ll see if the north turns into a major second front.

We also visited the Gaza border towns, including Sderot. We visited the town security center, and were given a tour by the security chief.

Sderot was captured for a time by Hamas, the police force wiped out, and the security building taken over. In order to flush out the terrorists, Israel had to destroy the building.

We also visited Kibbutz Be’eri, 4 kilometers (less than 3 miles) from the border. The Israeli government made a major effort to reinforce buildings and build “safe rooms” in each house. In this photo, you can see how a children’s classroom has had a superstructure built over it; it is less obvious, but the walls also are reinforced and the windows changed.

It seemed that in Sderot and Kibbutz Be’eri, the main perceived threat was rockets. But it wasn’t just rockets that came on October 7, 2023.

Kibbutz Be’eri was the scene of one of the worst massacres by Hamas. Over 100 bodies have been recovered, and an unknown but substantial number of children and parents were kidnapped and taken to Gaza. The attack is documented in security camera and body camera footage that has been recovered.

Here is when the terrorists entered the Kibbutz:

Here they are going door to door in Nazi-like fashion hunting for Jews:

They even looted the dead bodies:

This appears to be someone affiliated with the terrorists sent to report “live” from the scene. Hamas is very media savvy, and took extensive footage of their atrocities to please their supporters and taunt Israel:

Here are more scenes of the carnage and aftermath:

And the heartbreaking stories of kidnappings and killings:

They even killed a dog for the fun of it. (Note: I’ve seen various accounts of whether this was at Kibbutz Be’eri or another Kibbutz.)

Hamas killed at least four of the hostages, The Washington Post is reporting:

At least four Israelis taken hostage by Hamas during their unprecedented incursion into Israel on Saturday were killed soon after being taken captive, according to videos reviewed by The Washington Post. Graphic video shared on Telegram on Oct. 8, and verified by The Post, shows multiple bodies in the street in Be’eri, a kibbutz in southern Israel, just yards from where Hamas militants were filmed walking with several civilians who appear to be those same hostages.

Initial video of the hostages, which was filmed roughly an hour and a half after the attack began, was among the first pieces of visual evidence showing Hamas militants taking Israeli civilians captive.

In the video, the civilians appear to have their hands tied behind their backs and are being led by men in military clothing carrying AR-style weapons down a residential street. Some walk barefoot. Black smoke billows in the distance. The person filming shouts toward the group as they approach an intersection that is guarded by a gate, leading out of Be’eri toward Gaza.

At least four bodies are visible near that gate, in a second graphic video shared on Telegram on Oct. 8, which was independently verified by The Post and first geolocated by Rollo Collins and Benjamin den Braber of the Center for Information Resilience. The Post was not able to immediately verify exactly when this video was filmed, though burned cars and smoke are visible in both videos.

The videos are extremely disturbing, and contain graphic material showing corpses.

Israel is now bombing Gaza in retaliation, and it looks like there will be a ground invasion. The goal is to destroy the terrorist groups in a way, as the Israeli Defense Minister said, that will be remembered for 50 years.

My thoughts are only with the hostages kidnapped and the Israeli families suffering.


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Were none of the residents of the kibbutz armed?

    Mauiobserver in reply to LukeHandCool. | October 9, 2023 at 11:08 pm

    Probably not very few Israeli citizens have permits for guns and those are only for handguns. Rifles are not permitted for civilians.

      LukeHandCool in reply to Mauiobserver. | October 9, 2023 at 11:33 pm

      For some reason I thought Israelis carried guns like Texans, especially given their close proximity to the United Nations’ and world community’s favorite child.

      I guess I thought that given that most Israelis serve a stint in the military. I wonder if their gun laws will be changed after this. A well-armed kibbutz would have been a different story, perhaps.

        If they carried guns like Texans, the reported six (six!) evil men could not have taken one block let alone a whole town. Of course, if they were attacking a Texan town, they’d know everyone (well, enough) would be armed, so they may not spread out as they appear to in this video and assail homes alone or in pairs.

        Milhouse in reply to LukeHandCool. | October 10, 2023 at 3:37 am

        Nope. Only active-duty soldiers and licensed security guards on duty are generally allowed to carry. Residents of specified settlements, of which this kibbutz might be one (I don’t know) can get handgun permits, at the police’s discretion. (In the Territories it’s at the Defense Department’s discretion; they sometimes deliberately deny permits to right-wingers in order to make them vulnerable, or to force them to move somewhere safer.)

        And those who are allowed guns are usually only allowed to buy up to 50 rounds a year — that has just been raised to 100!

        See my translation of a press release by the police minister announcing a relaxation of the gun regulations; but even the new “relaxed” regs are of the sort that Michael Bloomberg can only dream of.

          Rupert Smedley Hepplewhite in reply to Milhouse. | October 10, 2023 at 5:22 am

          You would think of all places in the world, Israel would have open carry. I was shocked to read the restrictions imposed on Israeli citizens.

          Paula in reply to Milhouse. | October 10, 2023 at 12:40 pm


          henrybowman in reply to Milhouse. | October 10, 2023 at 2:32 pm

          “And those who are allowed guns are usually only allowed to buy up to 50 rounds a year — that has just been raised to 100!”

          So then, not particularly important to practice hitting what you aim at.

        The folks who moved into the different kibbutz knew they are the front line in the event of an attack/invasion. Why weren’t they required to be armed (properly) ? Why didn’t the folks demand the right to self protect? Heard that obideNs Afgan Munitions Giveaway prizes are being found in Gaza.

        LukeHandCool in reply to LukeHandCool. | October 10, 2023 at 12:48 pm

        Just saw this: “Israel Loosens Strict Gun Control Laws To Arm ‘As Many Citizens As Possible’”

        henrybowman in reply to LukeHandCool. | October 10, 2023 at 2:21 pm

        When Israel was having repeated problems with terrorists shooting school groups, adult chaperones were more than encouraged to be armed, on school buses, field trips, and so on. When that fad ceased, they tightened up the gun rules again. Much as Zelensky handed out military guns to the general population in the early days of the war, then demanded they be given back once he “had things in hand.”

        In general, governments tend to believe that people should own guns only during periods when it serves the purposes of the government. Ours would do precisely the same thing if we didn’t have a basic law on paper about it since day one.

      The Gentle Grizzly in reply to Mauiobserver. | October 10, 2023 at 7:23 am

      What happened to what was effectively going to your job and parking your Uzi next to your desk?

        What happened to what was effectively going to your job and parking your Uzi next to your desk?

        That never happened. The young people you see walking around in Israel with Uzis are soldiers. Once their service is over they have to hand the weapons in, and may not even be eligible for a handgun permit.

“My thoughts are only with the hostages kidnapped and the Israeli families suffering.”

This is the most awful thing I have seen in my life, These people are more depraved than anything I imagined. There is no cure for what afflicts them other than death.

    The production of the immolulation of the Jordanian pilot showed the world how evil can grow and spread in fertile fields of tortured minds.

    Gosport in reply to JohnSmith100. | October 10, 2023 at 3:33 pm

    CDR Salamander said it well:

    “One of the most advanced and modern nations on our planet, little Israel, was subjected to a brutality of the type that is the most base condition of our species – one that is, literally, in our DNA and back to the dawn of the written word.

    Young men venture forth to settled people, surprise them, kill the men, and take the women and small children. You cannot get more brain-stem homo sapiens than that.”
    “The attack on Israel from Gaza this weekend, if scaled up by population, would be the same as if the USA had 24,669 people killed not by aircraft turned in to flying napalm, but by roving terrorist death squads, with an untold number of women and small children kidnapped and taken back across the border. 24,669.”

      KEYoder in reply to Gosport. | October 10, 2023 at 6:24 pm

      Can I just say that one of things that has been the most irritating to me the past few days is that not a single one of the mainstream media reports on Israel/Gaza that I have heard uses the word “terrorist.” They always use the weasel word “militants.” I can only suppose they are trying to be “fair and balanced, not take sides,” and not scare away their subscribers who support the Palestinians, but if you cannot objectively report that the perpetrators of mass civilian murder, rape, and kidnapping (and broadcast themselves doing it and celebrating it) are terrorists and criminals of the worst sort, you effectively have made yourself a propaganda mouthpiece giving aid and support to them.

      I know that this behavior from the MSM is not a new thing, but sometimes something happens that rubs your face in their sickening contemptibility again and the horror strikes you afresh.

No different than 9-11 in terms of the depravity. Imagine the culture that produces this bloodlust. Some call them peace partners.

Make Tlaib go and bury the bodies. Then throw her ass out of Congress!

Is it alright to spike the celebration candies given out in Gaza and the West Bank? Asking for a friend and wondering if this would be lauded as a good step toward population control according to the WEF? Have to do something to permanently wipe the grin off of those disgusting faces. “Vengeance is mine” says of the Lord of Hosts. How about a little retribution then?

“For some reason I thought Israelis carried guns like Texans,”
Recently read that civilian gun permits are quite restricted and only about 140k for the entire country. Pistols only and 50 rounds of ammunition. Administrative rules are being relaxed, ie. phone interview rather than in person interview but strict laws have yet to be changed.

NBC News:

“In New York City, Chicago and Los Angeles, small but passionate groups of pro-Palestinian demonstrators gathered Sunday, and demanded that Israel end its decades long blockade of the Gaza Strip.”

I’ll bet you surviving WWII vets will read this as something like:

“In New York City, Chicago and Los Angeles, small but passionate groups of pro-Axis forces demonstrators gathered Sunday, and demanded that America end its months long mining of Japan’s shipping lanes.”

    The enemy is within. With our borders open, how long before a terror cell here is activated or individual terrorists are emboldened?

      DSHornet in reply to lc. | October 10, 2023 at 9:43 am

      There are places, and we all know where, that a terror cell would act with impunity until, an hour later, armed people would finally bring them down. There are other places, however, where they might start something until the bystander beside them would bring their savagery to a halt in short order. New York is a target rich environment for these animals. In Birmingham, the targets will fight back and it’s likely that Bubba and Earl regularly go out in the woods for target practice.

        G Man in reply to DSHornet. | October 10, 2023 at 10:17 am

        I like to target pratice too but that president that was born in Africa passed rules that caused an ammunition/lead shortage spiking the cost. I use a simulator now.Save your amo for when needed….

      G Man in reply to lc. | October 10, 2023 at 10:50 am

      None Dare Call it Conspiracy meets 1984.

      AF_Chief_Master_Sgt in reply to lc. | October 10, 2023 at 10:56 am

      “Terror CELLS”


Gaza is populated by 2 million filthy savages like this and none should be shown mercy. Bomb them all.

If the USA could firebomb Nazi civilians and kill 75,000 in Dresden and Hamburg, then Israel has a right to do it, too.

    Netanyahu did tell them to leave.

    AF_Chief_Master_Sgt in reply to Eric R.. | October 10, 2023 at 10:59 am

    As long as that deportation requires them to walk to Syria, Jordan, and other Arab countries.

    Let them see and feel the carnage that they supported by their silence.

    We can call it “The Walk of Shame.”

I suspect the Israeli response is going to be far more comprehensive in destroying Hamas than many realize. The whining about proportional responses and retaliation from the usual suspects is being ignored. The fact that so many in positions of influence or power within the US have made such statements despite the scale of this terrorist attack upon Israel is bizarre. It’s as if these idiots believe their own BS or think that the majority supports their weirdo views. IMO, it’s probably the result of the echo chamber the lefties inhabit in their interactions which is magnified by their social media bubble in which they want any dissenting views purged.

I agree with what other writers and commentators have stated — the proper analogy for these barbaric and sadistic attacks and atrocities isn’t Pearl Harbor, or, 9/11 — it’s the Holocaust. Because, these Muslim terrorist thugs are committing a genocide against Israeli Jews and aspire to commit genocide against all Jews, worldwide. The actual casualty numbers don’t come into this; it’s the intent and the goal that matters.

We shouldn’t mince words about what this evil represents.

    beautifulruralPA in reply to guyjones. | October 10, 2023 at 12:20 pm

    Gee, shouldn’t people have believed them when they kept saying they wanted to wipe the Jews out of their country!

      Exactly. Leftist dhimmis and Dhimmi-crats repeatedly refuse to take terrorists’ own unabashed words at face value. Their indefensible coddling and funding of the Iranian regime and its proxies, who still chant “Death to America” and “Death to Israel,” demonstrate this.

By the way, here are two execrable news headlines that perfectly encapsulate western media’s moral bankruptcy and dhimmitude — The Intercept (“Israel Responds to Hamas Crimes by Ordering Mass War Crimes in Gaza”) and, Foreign Policy (“Israel’s Invasion of Gaza Could Yield Mass Atrocities, Genocide Against Palestinians”).

Ignoring and downplaying the murders and atrocities committed against Jews, while playing up — true to historical form — the fallacious and contrived propaganda mythology of Arab Muslim “Palestinian” victimhood and grievance.

One of the embarrasses from the left was attempting to justify this yesterday by saying ” What do you think the Israelis are doing? I rip him to the bone. These savages have been trained for this since WWII. He couldn’t explain why killing unarmed people was OK either. I told him to give up the Kool-Aid.

Daniel Greenfield penned a must-read essay at FrontPageMag, entitled “Savages.” I heartily recommend it.

    Thanks for the link; he’s always fantastic.

      You’re welcome. Greenfield and Robert Spencer have fairly made similar points that are being obscured and ignored by the mainstream media. These attacks aren’t about Israel, or, its innumerable alleged (and, contrived) “transgressions” against the Arab Muslim “Palestinians.”

      When you get down to brass tacks, this is about the intrinsic and immutable pathologies of the ideology of “Submission,” as practiced by certain contemporary fanatics, drawing upon 1,400 years of belligerence directed at Jews, Christians and other non-Muslims. Those pathologies are supremacism, totalitarianism and an allegedly Divine imperative to wage war against “infidel” Jews, Christians, Hindus and others.

      Even after the west has dealt with ceaseless incidents of Islamic terrorism since the 1970’s, too many people still can’t acknowledge that reality, and, pretend that Islamic terrorism is caused by alleged western slights, wrongs, etc., that have been committed against Muslims.

I think the Federalist had an essay rightly pointing out that the Dhimmi-crats are contemptibly pressuring Israel to adhere to a “cease-fire,” when no such constraints have been placed upon Ukraine.

The hypocrisy and moral bankruptcy on display from the vile Dhimmi-crats is contemptible and unreal. Ukraine can use cluster bombs and no-holds-barred tactics to defend against a Russian invasion, but, Israel must be constrained and undermined, in using whatever tactics are necessary, to defeat an invading enemy of Muslim terrorist-thugs hell-bent on committing genocide and other atrocities.

Just a couple months ago during the marches in Israel where the left threw tantrums against the Netanyahu government, we heard chants of ‘hell no we won’t go’ by young people including IDF reservists. We won’t hear that now. I bet now it’s a hell yes we have already gone. It takes a good bitch slapping by reality to bring a leftist back to their senses..

    Milhouse in reply to Whitewall. | October 10, 2023 at 9:35 pm

    I hope you’re right, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the Kaplan protests go on as usual, and the “refusers” keep on refusing.

Maybe this is a naive question, but, how is it that these Muslim terrorist thugs are allowed to have any social media presence on Facebook, X/Twitter, etc., where they can post their snuff videos of genocidal murders and other atrocities? Why are they not completely deemed persona non grata and banned from having any social media presence, on western-created media platforms?

AF_Chief_Master_Sgt | October 10, 2023 at 11:08 am

“how is it that these Muslim terrorist thugs are allowed to have any social media presence on Facebook, X/Twitter, etc.”

The question provides the answer.

Only conservatives are shadow banned and censored.

It appears, ‘Never again,” needs to to be expanded to include actually remembering not just the events themselves, but the lessons they teach.

This is the danger of focusing too much on the Nazi’s. It causes the false belief that eliminating Nazis eliminates the danger.

IMHO, the greatest danger comes from a government that is too powerful and a helpless, disarmed population.

Of all people, those in Israel should have taken these lessons to heart. ‘Never again’ needs to include never again being helpless.

Maybe this time they’ll learn that important lesson. If they don’t, they’re are, like all those who fail to learn from history, doomed to repeat it.

    henrybowman in reply to PaulM. | October 10, 2023 at 2:38 pm

    Let us contemplate the cognitive dissonance between “never again” and civilian disarmament. That’s on Israel.

      Yeah, this is really nagging at me, as well. It took only six (SIX!) Palestinian terrorists to slaughter over a hundred people. They didn’t even go in a single group, they just wandered around the one kibbutz solo or in pairs (from what I can tell from the videos and reports) and had total control. No one was armed or fought back, though the security guards in at least one attempted to fight back (I’m hoping they were armed, but they may have had only hand guns from what I could tell?). Anyway, shocking that these people didn’t have any way at all to defend themselves and their families. And so heart-breaking.

      guyjones in reply to henrybowman. | October 10, 2023 at 3:52 pm

      I agree that it’s insane that more civilians aren’t allowed to own firearms, given historical and regional realities, and, Israel’s compulsory military service (although, Netanyahu did take some steps to expand civilian firearm ownership). This policy is stupid and indefensible, and, fairly should be part of the post-mortem examination about the internal security failures that occurred.

      That said, I’ll paraphrase what (I think) Norman Podhoretz stated over at “Commentary,” in so many words — if the lock on your house is broken, it’s not fair to blame the homeowners for a burglar coming inside.

      Let’s not lose sight of who’s ultimately responsible for what happened, here.

    guyjones in reply to PaulM. | October 10, 2023 at 3:48 pm

    To be fair, it’s the entire west — not just some people in Israel (and, most Israelis understand these lessons, better than most) that’s failed to fully learn the lessons of 1,400 years of ceaseless conquests, genocides, barbarism, and, contemporary terrorism carried out by Muslim supremacists and terrorists since the 1970’s.

    Milhouse in reply to PaulM. | October 10, 2023 at 9:41 pm

    Oh, but don’t you know, it’s illegitimate to compare anything to the Holocaust, because that is somehow “minimizing” the Holocaust. So groups like the ADL keep telling us. Even when the thing you’re comparing is not only exactly the same, but is being done by the successors of exactly the same people, who never gave up on their agenda.