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The Collapse of Hunter’s Sweetheart Deal Week at Legal Insurrection

The Collapse of Hunter’s Sweetheart Deal Week at Legal Insurrection

All the news you may have missed.

Hunter Biden’s absurdly lenient plea deal fell apart this week. This looks so bad for Joe.

They really thought this was going to fly?

More is coming out.

Do it!

Our media is so awful.

You know who never gets sweetheart deals?

Interesting interview.

Another win for DeSantis.

Check it out!

This was a Friday evening news dump.

World news.

Illegal immigration is still completely out of control.

More green insanity.


These two really need to retire.

Of course they did.

Will they keep voting for Democrats?


Another hoax.

Shouldn’t this be bigger news?


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If this actually went to trial, the prosecutors will just lose on purpose.

Why is everyone out to get poor Hunter? He’s only guilty of a few foibles.

Everyone is down on the Bidens these days. Poor Bidens. My heart is heavy. I have gone through 19 boxes of tissues already.

I am thinking this deal isn’t busted yet

not_a_lawyer | July 30, 2023 at 9:03 pm

I pegged the probability of the judge ‘rubber-stamping’ the Hunter deal to be at around 95%.

I was wrong.

I hope I am wrong when I say that the DOJ will come back with another deal, not quite so atrocious, but ugly nonetheless, and the judge will sign off on it.

I hope I am wrong again.