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Media Revives ‘DeSantis is Worse Than Trump’ Narrative After Martha’s Vineyard Hysteria

Media Revives ‘DeSantis is Worse Than Trump’ Narrative After Martha’s Vineyard Hysteria

Gov. DeSantis “may be a more competent Trump in terms of his ability to use the levers of state to amass power, but he’s also meaner and more rigid, without the soft edges and eccentricity of the actual Donald Trump,” wrote New York Times columnist Jamelle Bouie.

Over the weekend, the recharged Democrat outrage machine remained in high gear in the aftermath of the supposed “controversy” surrounding Texas Gov. Greg Abbott busing a group of illegal immigrants to Vice President Kamala Harris’ home (twice) and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis flying two planeloads to Martha’s Vineyard, a so-called “sanctuary” community filled with affluent white liberals who promptly turned around and put the migrants on a bus to a Massachusetts military base within 24-48 hours or so of arrival.

Though The Usual Suspects are angry at both DeSantis and Abbott – with wild (and debunked) “kidnapping” and “human trafficking” allegations being thrown at them, DeSantis is bearing the brunt of their ire because he a) does his job well, b) does not give a rat’s patootie what his Democrat/media critics think of him, and most importantly c) because he’s a potential 2024 challenger to President Biden (or whoever the Democrat nominee will be).

So it shouldn’t surprise too many conservatives to find out that the “DeSantis is worse than Donald Trump” narrative that we first wrote about in April and then in July has been revived, showing up on the opinion pages of the New York Times on Saturday complete with a deliberately blurred, ominous-looking photo of DeSantis for good measure:

Times columnist Jamelle Bouie wrote (emphasis added by him):

But to a typical person — someone who may have heard about these stunts but doesn’t know much about DeSantis otherwise — he looks a lot like a bully, someone willing to play high-stakes games with people’s lives for the sake of his own ego and advancement.

Well, you might say, Donald Trump is a bully, too. Yes, he is. But Donald Trump is also a lifelong celebrity with a public persona that is as much about “The Apprentice” and even “Home Alone 2” as it is about his political career. What’s more, Trump has the skills of a celebrity. He’s funny, he has stage presence, and he has a kind of natural charisma. He can be a bully in part because he can temper his cruelty and egoism with the performance of a clown or a showman. He can persuade an audience that he’s just kidding — that he doesn’t actually mean it.

Ron DeSantis cannot. He may be a more competent Trump in terms of his ability to use the levers of state to amass power, but he’s also meaner and more rigid, without the soft edges and eccentricity of the actual Donald Trump.

I mean, considering how they treated him for four years (and still treat him), who knew some leftists believed Trump had “soft edges”?

There was also the predictability of it all:

And the Times opinion pages were not the only places you saw the “DeSantis is worse than Trump” narrative being parrotted over the last few days:

To reiterate a point I made earlier, this is less about any concern that DeSantis will be – in the left’s view – more “evil” than Trump. The genuine concern for them is that he’ll clean Joe Biden’s clock in the debates and then in the 2024 election.

Assuming, for purposes of discussion, that he does, the more immense fear for the left from that point will be that DeSantis will go even further than Trump in undoing all the progress they made on the “woke” front over the years, something the popular Florida governor has proven to be very effective at doing in his state, much to the dismay of his Very Online critics.

So with that in mind, obviously the point behind their “DeSantis is worse than Trump” narrative is to try and blunt any momentum DeSantis has now rather than allow it to continue to grow.

Then again, this all seems very familiar, doesn’t it? In July, Twitter user Amish Dude provided a handy template going forward for people to keep in mind for when the next round of similarly desperate attacks against prominent and outspoken Republicans start. Seems like a good time to re-up that tweet here:

Sounds about right. Wash, rinse, repeat.

— Stacey Matthews has also written under the pseudonym “Sister Toldjah” and can be reached via Twitter. —


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If the measuring stick is relocating illegals wouldn’t that make Biden Satan?

You catch the most flak when you’re above the target. I think it’s high time we went into overdrive relocating the criminal border-hoppers to those declared “sanctuaries”. To paraphrase Hayek, assume they know what they want and give it to them, good and hard.

    Suburban Farm Guy in reply to Ironclaw. | September 19, 2022 at 4:28 pm

    I’ve said for a long time that no illegal should be allowed ever to set foot in Texas. Instead, they should be immediately seated on mass transit to Sanctuary Cities, every last one. Not a scrap should remain of their presence.

    They voted for Biden, and cheated him in, so as you say, they should get it…

    CommoChief in reply to Ironclaw. | September 19, 2022 at 5:19 pm

    Mencken for the good and hard quote paraphrase.

Trump sent them to Mexico.

    diver64 in reply to rhhardin. | September 19, 2022 at 5:50 pm

    Trump made them stay in Mexico. Mexico let them walk through a thousand miles of their country so must be they are ok with them.
    Why are we flying them anywhere but back to the country they came from and charging their governments for it?

    Ironclaw in reply to rhhardin. | September 19, 2022 at 7:35 pm

    That was the smart move.

Hopefully Trump is taking notes. The first time around his bark was far, far worse than his bite.

DeSantis’ bite is at least as bad as his bark. Which is the only thing radical leftwing extremists, AKA the Democrat Party, understand. And fear. Because it’s effective.

Biden let them in. Send every illegal to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

DeSantis is worse than Trump? Good. Because people who look at DeSantis figure out pretty quickly that he’s not scary at all. So if he’s worse than Trump then Trump must not be that bad after all…

    Wow. That’s… That’s a real comment. Which is not directed at another commenter. Telling them they’re wrong.
    Okay, who are you and what have you done with Milhouse?
    Whatever it is, I like it.
    (Though to be honest, I appreciate the counterpoints you inject. Still, it’s nice to just hear your opinion without it being directed at another person’s comment.)

It took 8-10 years for GWB to lose the Hitler mantle. 4-5 for Romney to stop being a murderer and now Trump has “soft edges.” The absurdity knows no bounds.

For clarity…, DeSantis flew about 50 people from FL to MV a place where the median home selling price last month was $1.4M and has oscillated between $1M and $2M every month for the last few years. Where the median home price per square foot was $850 so far this year. Where crime is practically non-existent. Yet these people act as if they were sent to Baltimore or Detroit or St Louis.

The good people of MV gave them some water and a few sandwiches then shipped them off to a military base on Cape Cod within 2 days but felt like heroes for doing so.

And Max Boot… my God, how can anyone take anything that war monger has to say seriously.

Suburban Farm Guy | September 19, 2022 at 4:29 pm

Trump was Hitler, for sure, man! But DeSatan, wow, he’s double-secret Triple-Hitler!!!!

    “A reminder that Trump wanted to try what DeSantis and Abbott are now doing with migrants but the ICE legal department said no.”
    That’s because Trump had nothing but a swamp working under him, and DeSantis doesn’t.
    Which is highly ironic, if you know anything about geography.
    But seriously, there are many things governors can do that presidents can’t — under the law.

Suburban Farm Guy | September 19, 2022 at 4:32 pm

All Republicans Are Hitler, But Some Republicans Are More Hitler Than Others

One other observation… from the NYT column “…someone willing to play high-stakes games with people’s lives for the sake of his own ego and advancement.”

Perhaps the author missed the 50+ “migrants” who died in the back of the truck a few months back because they believe that if they can only get to America everything will be great for them because Biden will not enforce the law. Perhaps he is unaware of the 10s of thousands of women and girls sexually assaulted because they also believe Biden’s lies.

Biden’s handlers have left the border wide open and encouraged people to illegally enter the US and flood red states like TX and FL in the hope of turning them blue within 10 years.

Every one of these critics knows they are full of shit. They have either deceived themselves that it doesn’t matter or they think they can fool enough stupid people to make a difference. All that matters is The Cause. Logic and truth do not participate.

The propaganda in the media has never been this bad. I used to work in the media, I can say this with confidence.

It makes me smile when I read stories about how upset the liberals get when life hits them hard.

Why, they barely let the dust settle on that tired meme.

Touch it up with a Swiffer, and it is ready to go for another Republican!!

    henrybowman in reply to Dimsdale. | September 19, 2022 at 10:47 pm

    Remember how great John McCain was? Why he was a goddamn prince compared to… well, any Republican alive now. As long as he wasn’t running for president, then he was Satan-flavored fentanyl.

How much trouble all the Dems including Desperately Seeking Breck Boi in Cali according to internal polling is exhibited in this story. How soon untill a breathless Schiff shows up on the usual shows declaring he has top secret super double probation secret STUFF on DeSantis he will release in due time?

The lelt-wing radical Democrats are much more afraid of DeSantis than they ever were of Trump.

I’m old enough to remember when 50 illegals died in a semi-trailer less than 3 months ago. That story was buried faster than a dead cat..

Now the media is pumping up the story of 50 very much alive illegals sent by DeSantis to the Liberal enclave on Martha’s Vinyard. They are horrified by the “exploitation”.

They seem utterly oblivious to the irony and the larger portrait of the cruelty and hypocrisy of the open borders policy supported by Democrat virtue-signalers and they, themselves, the Democrats’ media minions.

Normal people are not oblivious to their soulless, evil hypocrisy.

Someone ought to tell Norm Eisen that DeSantis won in court today. Keeping the DA he suspended out of his job till the trial is held.

I guess it would be too transparent for Biden to have the FBI raid BOTH Trump and Desantis.

Then again, Biden.

The mainstream media, Dumb-o-crat prostitute-shills’ vilification of DeSantis as allegedly “worse than Trump” reflects political machinations as tiresomely predictable as a rooster crowing at sunrise.