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Florida Coffee Man Has a Sense of Humor

Florida Coffee Man Has a Sense of Humor

I was wondering what happened to Florida reader and coffee roaster David after Hurricane Ian. He found his own way of letting me know he’s okay, shipping me unannounced his Hurricane Category 5 blend. Oh, Florida Man.

You may recall Legal Insurrection reader David, the Florida Coffee Man who runs King Harv’s Imperial Coffees, a family business in Florida. King Harv’s specializes in exotic and rare coffees.

In June 2018, I wrote about him, All Hail the King Harv’s Imperial Coffees:

I have been known to be drink $4 Ithaca lattes, if visiting Legal Insurrection readers pay.

So when reader David threw a pity party for me after Amazon dumped us, and offered to send me some coffee from his family business, I was like: If you insist.

Wow, he didn’t just send me coffee, he sent me the mother lode….

The Ethiopian Limu coffee was fantastic.

I generally prefer lighter roasts, since most dark roasts are bitter and harsh. The Ethiopian Limu, however, was a dark roast that was not the least bit bitter.

[David’s father Harvey, after whom the company is named]

It was so good, my kids decided to do something nice for me, and took out a year-long monthly subscription, King Harv’s Imperial Coffees does it again.

I was wondering what happened to David after Hurricane Ian. He found his own way of letting me know he’s okay, shipping me unannounced his Hurricane Category 5 blend.


Oh, Florida Man has a sense of humor. “Hurricane Category 5” blend, get it?

His website has this announcement:


WE ARE OPEN! Our Apopka FL coffee roasting facility has power, propane, and a huge staff (Zach) ready to roast and ship your order!

How was the coffee? I’ll let you know when the house stops shaking. (Akchually, like all his dark roasts, it was excellent, not the least bit harsh or bitter.)

Florida Man does it again.


In case you didn’t know, “Florida Man” is an internet meme based on Florida Men doing weird stuff. Here’s what Google shows as the top stories today for the search term “Florida Man”:

It’s hard to find a single best Florida Man story, but this one is near the top for sure:

Florida man demands prompt and courteous service, and can get very upset if you are rude to him.

When caught, Florida Man has a story, and he’s sticking to it.

Florida Coffee Man has his work cut out for him if he is going to make internet fame.


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Florida man, it is classic.

I definitely am going to try the Kings coffee!

Florida Man headlines are so amusing, you don’t even need to read the story.

During my time in Florida, I had a friend who was carjacked by a meme-worthy “Florida man” at gunpoint.

The guy robbed a gas station in my friend’s car (which was bright yellow BTW). Then, he went on a high speed chase and got the road spikes crashing the car. He ran off into the woods, hid in trees, got chased by dogs, and doubled back several times before he was caught by K9s hiding in another tree.

Colonel Travis | October 9, 2022 at 9:24 pm

I wished I liked coffee, I’d order the heck out of this.
Bravo, David.

Another Voice | October 9, 2022 at 10:40 pm

Prof. J. has the makings of being a “Pundit Writer” on Staff at Babylon Bee😉

I am told that the reason “Florida Man” has such an infamous reputation is that Florida has the most open records law of any state regarding daily arrests and charges.

My favorite Florida Man is the genius who thought jumping over a bridge railing into a pond filled with alligators to escape police was a good idea.

Suburban Farm Guy | October 10, 2022 at 7:59 am

When life gives you hurricanes, make more coffee…

Retired now, many times the people I arrested told me the pants they were wearing weren’t theirs. Thanks for the funny memory.

I have become addicted to dash-cam/body-cam youtube vids, and Florida Man is a recurrent character. He is one of Donut Operator’s favorites. Donut is the LI of this genre.