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LI Authors’ Predictions for 2022

LI Authors’ Predictions for 2022

Will Biden last the year? Will the GOP take back the House and/or Senate? We don’t know, but it’s fun to guess!

As we gratefully leave 2021—and its long list of Biden administration fumbles and failures—behind, we look forward to a new year.

As has become a tradition here at LI, authors share their predictions for the coming year.

You can click the links for our previous predictions and see how we did for 2021, 2020, 2019, and 2018.

Following are LI author predictions for 2022.

William Jacobson

1. Hello President Harris, and Vice President Julian Castro.
2. Racist policies and practices aimed at achieving “equity” will intensify, as will the building backlash.
3. Related to #2: The parents movement to halt the racialization and sexualization of K-12 will reheat, as will teachers union and local educrat attacks on parents. Homeschooling, school choice, and follow-the-student funding will become the civil rights issues of our time and a rallying cry for 2022 elections.
4. The current cold civil war will grow with “Free” and growing red states versus “Woke” and declining blue states, but the divide will not be just geographic, it will increasingly play out in personal interactions within communities (as it already is).
5. I will be glad to have started prepping, and will regret not doing even more if we get the Zombie Apocalypse (which I’m not ruling out, but not predicting).
6. I am not predicting, as I have most years in the past, a major war in the Middle East, which means it probably will happen because I am a counter-indicator.

Mary Chastain

2022 will be a lot better than 2021 because I have these two beautiful girls. Everyone, meet Artemis and Jett! I adopted them a month after Alf passed away. I was not ready but something (I think you are right, Fuzzy. I think Alf brought them to me!) told me to adopt these two beautiful girls. I owe a lot to Fuzzy. As a fellow cat lover, she helped me out a lot with Alf and Bingo.

On the political side, I predict a lot of the same. The elites will ignore us plebes, attempt to divert anything negative away from Biden and Harris, and continue to try to persuade us that they truly do know what is best for you and me. I doubt this “pandemic” will end because they love the control so many sheep handed to them. Thank goodness I live in Oklahoma.

There might be hope, though. Look what happened in Naples at midnight on New Year’s Day.

I see 2021 politics repeating in 2022. Don’t be surprised if the Republicans do not take back the House. We all know the left will do anything to stay in power.

However, it will be hard for me to think of politics this year. Please keep my family, especially my dad, in your thoughts and prayers. I hope he continues to improve every day and has a glorious 2022. No one deserves it more than him. My mom, too!

Fuzzy Slippers

We’re in for a bumpy ride in 2022, but as things stand now, it looks like the GOP will retake at least the House and possibly the Senate in November.

Until then, there is likely to be a lot of out of touch “outreach” by Democrats to Hispanics and Latinos. They are desperate to stem the tide of Latinos and Hispanics fleeing the Democrats for the Republicans, but not desperate enough to come to terms with why its happening and what really needs to happen to win them back. They’ll keep shrieking “Latinx” and America is racist and “white supremacist,” touting open borders, and promising “free” stuff via commie policies like the Green New Deal. In other words, they won’t change a thing, and it will show at the polls in November.

The Biden administration will continue to weaponize the FBI, the entire Justice Department, the IRS, and whatever other alphabet agencies they can strong-arm into forwarding the Democrat’s America Last agenda. This will include increased efforts to silence parents who will continue to defend their children’s education. This will just create more anger and resentment, and it will show at the polls in November.

Blue staters fed up with their state and local government will continue moving to Free red states; hopefully, leaving their poor choices behind and embracing their chosen Free state. I’m not counting on that one, though. If we’ve learned one from thing from the supposed “fall of communism,” we know that most of them never learn and just move on to wreak their destruction and hopelessness elsewhere.

Something has to give with right social media, everyone needs one place to gather ala Twitter. Only not Twitter. Obviously. President Trump’s new media company is set to launch something this spring, so hopefully, it will be the place we can all gather and share our thoughts, links, snark, love for America, and our great sense of humor.

A.F. Branco

I predict that Biden and the Democrats will work harder than ever this year to destroy the greatness of America and unless we take back control of Congress in this next election it will be irreversible.

Bearing in mind that the left will never stop trying, what will Republicans do to slow them down into the future if we do win?

Leslie Eastman

1) Politicians and “experts” will continue to backpedal on all COVID policies, as the virus continues its evolution to become a member of the common cold family of respiratory viruses.
2) Despite election antics, the Republicans will crush the Democrats in Nov. 2022.  Not because the GOP is awesome, but because the Democratic Party policies have resulted in disaster.
3) Legal Insurrection will have continued success in its efforts against Critical Race Theory.

Vijeta Uniyal

Given the increasingly volatile world in which we live, I will not make any sweeping or bold predictions for the coming year, but I clearly see a few threats looming on the horizon.

China will remain the biggest challenge for the U.S. foreign policymakers and military planners. The Biden administration’s policy of ‘diplomatic engagement’ has only emboldened the Communist regime that increasingly threatens to invade its Asian neighbors and dreams of global dominance.

In the Middle East, the Iranian regime is racing towards a nuclear bomb. The EU-sponsored Vienna talks to restore the flawed Obama-era nuclear deal is failing even by the admissions of the negotiators dispatched by the Biden White House. Boasting of its potential nuclear status, Tehran is renewing its threats to ‘annihilate’ Israel and arming its terror militias from Lebanon to Yemen.

Russia, backed by China, is going ahead with the military buildup on its western borders as it demands the rollback of NATO from eastern Europe and asserts in hegemony over former Soviet republics and eastern bloc countries.

At a time when the world needs the U.S. leadership the most since the end of the Cold War, the Biden White House appears to be unwilling and unprepared to face the emerging global threats and challenges.

Ameer Benno

1. SCOTUS: The Supreme Court will issue blockbuster rulings on vaccine mandates, abortion, the Second Amendment, and race-based preferences in college admissions. The high court will declare that Biden’s vaccine mandates are unconstitutional. On abortion, the court will continue to recognize the right nominally, but will eliminate the viability demarcation. On the Second Amendment, the court will find that the right to self-defense exists outside the home, and will strike down restrictive “proper cause” laws.  On affirmative action, the court will take up the Harvard admissions case and will rule that race can no longer be a factor in admissions decisions.

2. MIDTERMS: Republicans will sweep the midterms. They will flip more than 35 House seats and a couple Senate seats, winning back the majorities in both chambers. Anger and frustration from suburban parents who are fed up with leftwing policies in schools, heavy-handed Covid-related mandates, crime in their communities, and skyrocketing inflation will play a big part in this, as well as in the general realignment of party constituencies.  A record number of Republican seats will be held by women and minorities.

3. CRIME: Crime will continue to surge across the U.S., and there will be a push to vote leftwing prosecutors out of office.  On that, at least one of the efforts to recall the District Attorneys in Los Angeles and San Francisco will be successful.

4.  COVID: Emphasis will finally be put on development and manufacturing of therapies for COVID.  Those will roll out and be available for the general public, and we will all finally learn to live with the virus.

5. CULTURE: In Alyssa Milano’s living room, Chairman Mao’s portrait falls off the wall and strikes Milano in the head. She suffers no injury (thanks in no small part to the protection provided by her pussy hat), but the blow causes her to experience a life-altering epiphany and re-register as a conservative Republican.

Katya Sedgwick

Despite sporadic local efforts at restoring law and order, homelessness and drug addiction will continue to grow in California’s flagship cities. The exodus to both red towns and states will continue.

Republicans will ride a tsunami, particularly in states that require ID to vote, but it will feel underwhelming because expectations are high.

Tens of millions of people will find it very difficult to give up the masks.

Happy New Year!

David Gerstman

Looking at my 2020 predictions, I can conclude that I’m really bad at this.

Trump did not win reelection and the Republican did not retake the House. And it took another whole year before Israel had a decisive election.

I wonder if Glenn Youngkin’s victory in Virginia means that the craziness of the Democratic party is starting to frighten non-activist voters. What that will translate to in elections this year, I have no idea. I don’t expect that a Republican will succeed Larry Hogan in Maryland.

But a specific prediction?

I suspect that the Biden administration will at some point in the middle of the year will announce that it had successfully negotiated a follow-on deal to the JCPOA with Iran. Of course, it will be something that, like the original, ensures that Iran can continue its pursuit of nuclear weapons with relatively little international interference. It might even be followed up with a diplomatic initiative aimed at bringing peace between Israel and the Palestinians, with the Biden administration citing the new nuclear accord as reason that Israel is strong enough to make an enduring deal with the Palestinians.

Johanna Markind

Israel will face ongoing tension between the ultra-Orthodox and everyone else.

Biden will continue to promote negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority. The PA will not offer a peace proposal of its own or endorse any proposal from Washington.

There will be growing disorder in the West Bank.

The PA and Hamas will continue to move toward war with each other. Hamas’ popularity will continue to rise in the West Bank and fall in the Gaza Strip. If and when Abbas dies, Hamas will try to seize control of the West Bank.

Roe v. Wade/Casey v. Planned Parenthood will be sharply limited if not overruled. Democrats will use the issue to rally support in the mid-terms.

China will make a play for Taiwan – possibly by cowing Taiwan into “agreeing” to an anschluss, otherwise by invasion. If the latter, it will start sometime between the end of the Olympics and the beginning of the Chinese Communist Party Congress in October, and probably on a Saturday morning local time. China will of course have insiders operating in Taiwan, some out of belief, some paid operatives, and many helping China out of fear of what China will do to them when it takes over Taiwan and fear of what will happen to their families in Taiwan and in China itself.

China’s goal will be to have its seizure a fait accompli before the US reacts – preferably by Monday morning but at least by the end of the week. China reads Biden as indecisive and weak, and it also has blackmail dirt on him because it knows exactly where the money it paid him via Hunter Biden (and other family members and businesses) went. If it can finish its takeover before the political pressure on Biden to respond becomes intolerable, the US will stand by and do nothing at all.

The Baltic states will conclude they can’t rely solely on the US and NATO for defense and will move toward creating a separate alliance with Poland and each other.

Iran will have two explosions:
i. The Iranian public will explode again against the regime’s oppression and mismanagement of the economy, Covid, and ongoing drought.
ii. Iran will successfully detonate a nuclear bomb.

Mike LaChance

Since Democrats have nothing to run on and Biden’s presidency has already failed, I predict Democrats and the media will spend every waking moment from now until November talking about January 6th.

Republicans will retake the House and possibly the Senate, at which point many of the Democrats who have spent months calling Republicans ‘election deniers’ will start coming up with conspiracy theories about how Republicans cheated to win and people in media will agree with them.

New Neo

(1) I think that many people will say that Joe Biden will no longer be president by the end of 2022, because he will be removed for health reasons. And yet I’m going to go out on a limb and predict that he’ll still be hanging in there, despite his low approval ratings. The Democrats simply don’t have any viable alternatives at the moment. He’s serving a function, and he’ll remain.

(2) There will be an election in November. Oh, I have to say more than that about it? Well, I think it’s pretty clear that the Democrats will continue to try to make universal rules for voting that do away with protections against fraud and override state attempts to do otherwise. Because that doesn’t seem possible to accomplish right now through legislation such as HR1, the attempt will be through executive orders of some kind, and they will be challenged in court by the right. The Democrats will also mount court challenges against every state attempt to tighten the voting rules. The outcome of the election will depend on which side wins this battle over fraud opportunities.

(3) COVID will fade, very slowly, into the sunset. But another crisis will take its place that will “require” a federal government solution.

(4) Malls will continue to close, and Amazon and other mail order sellers will continue to dominate.

(5) Inflation will worsen.

(6) More people will realize how destructive the left is, and there will be increased grassroots opposition.

And a wonderful 2022 to all!


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Subotai Bahadur | January 2, 2022 at 8:33 pm

Elections in 2022 actually happening and the results reflecting what people really want seems to be a theme for most. The same tactics used by the Leftists to steal 2020 have not been punished, barred, or restricted in any real way and will be used again, along with others. It is critical, and not mentioned, that the modern Whigs [the GOPe] have not complained about or opposed the theft in the slightest. If they have not done so by now, they will not oppose them come November. I find it telling that in the masses of campaign messages I get from the Republican Party and its candidates/officials I get absolutely nothing specific about what they want to do, or oppose; but a lot of begging to just send money for them to use.

This means that a lot of election fraud will probably take place, successfully, and the Leftists may well take total power over all 3 branches [keep in mind that the Supreme Court follows the election returns and that even purported conservative Justices are subject to pressure]. At that point it will be impossible to deny [except by GOPe types and Leftists] that the Constitution and the Rule of Law are not in force, the rule of those in power is illegitimate, and that the Social Contract is gone.

The process of establishing a new Contract will be messy, dangerous, and may not have the results desired. Since events move faster than they did in the past, the process may both start this year, and be influenced by foreign fiascos.

Subotai Bahadur

    There was no theft. The election was unfair because of big tech but there wasn’t enough voter fraud to flip a single state all that has come out since the election has been lies and horribly flawed hack “research” that was easily debunked in minutes.

    There is no Kraken, Dominion is an honest producer of voting machines, and there wasn’t any fraud to flip states Trump won, he lost because he ran a horrible campaign and refused to make any concessions in how he behaved to win re-election.

Three predictions of my own: 1.. The GOP will win both houses in November all but halting the Biden agenda in its tracks. The results will be akin to the 2019 UK elections in which Labour was nearly annihilated. The Blue Northeast will see some major GOP upsets, shocking the. Dems. 2. China will think twice about invading Taiwan upon realizing it will bring multiple Asian and Pacific nations as well as the U.S. (Biden and Kerry be damned!) into the conflict. 3. The Israelis will launch a preemptive strike against Iran severely crippling–even wiping out–the mullahs’ nuke program well before the end of the year. Stay tuned!

    jb4 in reply to MarkJ. | January 2, 2022 at 11:40 pm

    If Roe v Wade is limited, as expected, I agree with Johanna that it will be used to rally Dems in order to reduce losses – anything to divert attention from Biden’s horrible policies, As to Israel bombing Iran’s nuclear facilities, I consider that country to be the master of proportional response. It will happen only if they have no alternative.

From Ameer Benno‘s keyboard to God’s ears.


A Kamala Harris sex tape will emerge (because you can be sure they’re out there).

Nancy Pelosi will drop dead while ranting during an press conference, after which fireworks will break out in every city in the world.

Alexandra Cortez will re-attend her high school prom, and later claim everyone there wanted to have sex with her, including the homosexuals in attendance.

Bill Clinton will gain a conservatorship over Hillary Clinton and have her institutionalized so he can live his last days in peace,

Michelle Obama and Stacey Abrams will campaign together across America for the democrats, but their plane will crash from the weight.

Jerry Nadler will be indicted for having an extensive child pornography collection in his waist of pants.

The rest of Jill Biden’s thesis will emerge, and it will read as pathetically as Michelle Obama’s.

Elizabeth Warren will be indicted for tax fraud.

The North Koreans will detonate up a suitcase nuke in D.C., after which Kim Jung il will receive the keys to several American towns in appreciation.

It will be discovered that Anthony Fauci only has the same doctorate as Jill Biden.

Obama will write another book about himself, which will ‘sell’ millions, though no one in America can be found that has read it.

Joe Biden’s last day as US president will be marked by an episode of explosive diarrhea and projectile vomiting while trying to speak to the press.

Jen Psaki will identify as a man, demanding everyone call her Ben Psaki.

Pete Butthead will adopt another child and take parental leave for the remainder of the Biden administration.

Merrick Garland will have a stroke, and afterwards only be able to speak while imitating Dr. Strangelove.

Anthony Blinkin will get at least one clue about something.

Jennifer Granholm will find at least one horrible thing happening to America that she does not laugh about.

Alejandro Mayorkas will be tied to the bumper of a Border Patrol vehicle used to corral illegal aliens trying to crash the border.

Joe Biden, on his last day in office, will have Ron Klain shot.

In a last ditch effort to gain respect, Jill Biden will demand everyone call her “Grand Admiral”.

Kamala Harris’ dormant venereal disease will be mutated by a covid infection into Super VD, after which half the corrupt rich old men in California will run in panic to their doctors.

    A few more for you:

    Eric Garcetti, after becoming ambassador to India, fall so in inspired with the street horrors of Bombay, that he will return to Los Angeles to run for mayor again.

    Bill Di Blasio will announce his candidacy for King of the World.

    The Jeffery Epstein tapes will finally emerge: Bill Gates and John Roberts will be horrified how bad they look without clothes on.

    Jeff Bezos’ girlfriend (a four-time divorced homewrecker) will leave him for young heroin dealer.

    Elon Musk will return from Mars, telling humanity the Martians requested that we don’t return.

    Illian Omar will marry her father.

    Rashida Tlaib will yell so loud that her jaw will get stuck in the open position for the rest of her life.

    Harry Reid will still be seriously dead.

    Mitt Romney will fall hopelessly in love with Krysten Sinema, who will reject his advances, after which Romney become an obsessed stalker, falling into drug addiction and alcoholism before being jailed.

    Mitch McConnell will cash in his Communist Chinese bonds, becoming one of the richest men in the world.

    Donald Trump will govern from the White House, which he has added five extra floors to.

    Melania Trump will become so rich from selling digital images of herself that she will buy Vogue Magazine and force the editors to feature her on the cover every month.

    Chelsea Clinton will release a dumb statement about something, then disappear until 2023.

    Ron DiSantis will have worked out a deal with God in which Florida will always have sunshine.

    Gavin Newsom will be consumed in a fire started by an earthquake. All that will be left is a smoking pool of gel from his hair.

    Rochelle Wallensky will admit her visual presence on television is as annoying as the stories she makes up.

    A gang of BLM thugs will smash and grab Fauci’s office, stealing all his elevator shoes.

    William Jacobson will be chosen as Trump’s pick for attorney general in Trump’s 2025 administration.

    Very funny

I see 2021 politics repeating in 2022. Don’t be surprised if the Republicans do not take back the House. We all know the left will do anything to stay in power.

I agree with Mary, although I would add that the GOP leadership has done everything in its power to alienate its own voters. In an alleged 50-50 Senate, where every vote should be a potential cliffhanger, the Biden* nominees and policies have mostly been sailing through, often with significant Republican support. Then there was Republican support for Impeachment I and Impeachment II and the wacky obsession with calling the J6 protests an “insurrection”. When will the so-called “Party of No” (as Communists once dubbed the GOP) actually get around to saying “No”?

To me, this election is starting to feel like 2012. Back then Republican leaders, looking at favorable polls, were so cocky and confident that Mitt Romneycare would pull out a victory over Obama that they had their Establishment-approved candidate start pivoting to the left BEFORE Election Day (and not after, as they usually do). Romneycare was not the worst candidate the Republican Part ever nominated – John McCain has that honor locked down likely forever – but no one did less with more than he did. We still have many party primaries coming up, but if the Franz von Papen Republicans succeed in getting a lot of their Romney-esque candidates nominated than history could repeat itself.

Mary, we will pray for your family.

    Joe Biden Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer thank you for continuing to tell Republicans not to vote in 2022 and hope they listen to you instead of listening to people like Glenn Youngkin.

    Here’s the latest fly in the ointment.

    Is BBB dead or not? And is McConnell behind this like when he was when he resurrected round 1 by handing the Dems more time which led to their victory?

    Most Republican senators want a BBB deal, not just the McConnell Gang of 19. That is just the way it is. If a GOP takeover of the Senate is to have any meaning in November, this must change. Defeating the Marxist Democrats will not accomplish anything if we don’t first defeat and destroy the Marxist Republicans. And with Manchin flipping (which I don’t expect he will), things would look grim for us in the Senate. It would change everything if we don’t have the threat of impeachment to stop what is heading our way. THAT is what McConnell and his gangs are aiming for.

“In a last ditch effort to gain respect, Jill Biden will demand everyone call her “Grand Admiral”.

After which a video of her in a catfight with Rachel Levine will go viral… but only on BitChute.

Really, FR, a fine list!

Mary, I’ll give you the Italian fireworks and raise you beating up the mayor in Brazil. A very beautiful sight to behold.

Katya, nothing will change in California, it’s past redemption.

California Dems Sip Champagne, Violate State Mask Mandate While Celebrating Successful Gerrymander

If you want an idea what the elites have planned for us, just watch the poorly veiled propaganda piece called “Don’t Look Up” on netflix or the any of their by to 2021 specials. You’d think Trump was still POTUS as they are in complete denial that all of this years eff ups are on their own clown car.

For 2022.
I pray LI Mandy will have a break through in her recovery.
I pray for happiness, health and prosperity in my four walls.

I pray all those running full speed towards hell get there quickly.

To the rest of you, I wish you a happy new year.

Yes, for Mandy

Jacobson- re prepping. Here’s something that will bring you some joy. When you do a garden (and you should start if you don’t, it will bring much peace), take the step of storing your root vegetables in a root cellar type of environment.

We used the market garden method and had a bumper crop… we stored our carrots and potatoes this year for the first time simply using some 5 gallon buckets in the garage. I left the potatoes bare but packed the carrots in sawdust. We’ll eat the last of the carrots in January. Though the carrots are getting dry now, they are fresh and crisp as ever being soaked in water for 10-20 minutes. I’ve never gotten so much happiness from 20 bucks in vegetables.

My prediction

The culture war will intensify and the Republicans will have to make a decision are they the party of Laissez Faire and unlimited militarism or do they want to influence the culture and that decision will impact everything else but we will know if we are going the way of Britain’s Tory Party or in a culturally conservative direction by the end of the year.

Prof,, your predictions alarm me. Julian Castro?! Please no! But, it is better to prepare for the worst while we hope (and pray) for the best. Being self-sufficient is always a good thing, and we all should be aiming more for that.
I am liking Ameer’s optimism and hope we’ll be toasting him next year on correct predictions.
We all need to do our part in restoring our Republic. Stand up. Speak up.
May God help us and bless each of you this new year.

    More likely Pete Butt Edge Edge. Both are from Texas and LatinX. Dems are so tone deaf that neither would shock. me. I’ll bet they would actually boast about nominating a Marxist “LatinX” which would trigger their former Latin base. I really believe Dems are that out of touch with them as to not understand how anti-illegal immigration, pro-family and anti-communist most of them are. The problem is that, other than Trump, the Stupid Party is just as out of touch.

      Sorry, Mayor Pete is not Hispanic nor a Texan. Doesn’t matter. He is being floated out there in a trial balloon lately and he sounds just like the Fauch. Talks out of both sides of his mouth, all explanations to every question lead to the same thing, and his sentences don’t parse. Perfect VP for Harris.

      henrybowman in reply to Pasadena Phil. | January 3, 2022 at 11:09 pm

      I think you’re confusing Pete with Beto?

freespeechfanatic | January 3, 2022 at 9:26 am

Nothing fundamentally will change and everything will get worse. Biden staying or going is interesting discussion but meaningless distraction. The trends are now locked in.

The people are largely cowed, We have no leaders (not in the mold required, i.e., of a Lech Walesa, someone who can coalesce a resistance.

But “Black Swan” events are what no one can predict, and which we can always hope for.

smalltownoklahoman | January 3, 2022 at 10:50 am

Tough to say whether Biden will make it through 2022 though I think Neo is right: the dems won’t willingly remove him unless 1 of 2 things happen.

1. His mental decline becomes so bad that Congress will be forced to act and remove him.
2. Joe passes away peacefully in his sleep. Possibly the better option because it’s far less drama. Well…. less drama about getting Joe out of the White House, possibly more drama because then we get President Kamala for a couple of years!

China & Russia leaving us in the dust on hypersonic missile tech is worrying, especially for the next few years with such a weak president in office. We’ll continue to see them becoming more aggressive and push for increasing dominance in their spheres of influence while we struggle to preserve our reputation and assure our allies we can handle things.

It’s almost a certainty that the Dems are going to get shellacked in the midterms, even those who only pay a minimum of attention to politics can tell how bad things are getting and figure out who to blame. So yes I expect they will try to win by fraud if they can get away with it. We really need to work hard on protecting the vote as much as possible: going back to in person voting and not only limiting vote by mail but also improving requirements for the collection of and verification of any such ballots. Would also support live streaming of the precincts as the votes are being counted or failing that video recording that can’t be shut off at the site and which backs up the video to a secure server. Another requirement I would like to see passed: any ballots showing up after the polls close on election night must be taken to a secure site and authenticated first before being added to the total. This must be done via live feed, no exceptions! Sorry if I got off on a little tangent there but the 2020 election still rankles and likely will for some time. We really need to do everything we can to prevent a repeat of that.

One for my state of Oklahoma: The Feds are going to continue to expand on the McGirt ruling, forcing the state out of jurisdiction which they once had or worked together on with the tribes. For those not aware it’s not just crime involving tribal members on reservations anymore, they are expanding to surface mining, which Oklahoma recently lost a court decision on for an injunction, and I doubt the Feds will stop there.

    henrybowman in reply to smalltownoklahoman. | January 3, 2022 at 11:11 pm

    “2. Joe passes away peacefully in his sleep. Possibly the better option because it’s far less drama.”
    Joe didn’t kill himself of natural causes.

      smalltownoklahoman in reply to henrybowman. | January 4, 2022 at 8:38 am

      Good one! But yeah he is at an age and his overall health is such that I think it could happen anytime. I certainly won’t be surprised if it does before his term is up.

National gas price will be closer to six than it is to five. California will set record by breaking $8.

Democrats will declare 2023 then”racist year” brace 23rd letter in alphabet is W.