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The Bill is Coming Due Week in Education

The Bill is Coming Due Week in Education

Your weekly report on education news.

The extension on the repayment of student loans is ending. Some people thought it was going to be permanent.

Why should higher education be free? It discriminates against half of the country.

Practical solutions.

COVID is still affecting campus life.

How many more letters can they add?

Not operating in reality.

Yes, we have.

Just ridiculous.


That’s pretty much what we thought.


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to the full extent allowed by law.


Their motto is “Spend, spend, spend like there is no tomorrow.” When tomorrow gets here it’s, “Tax, tax, tax like there is no end to other people’s money.”

Then rinse and repeat.

A student loan forgiveness measure that benefits 41 million borrowers is much less than half the Nation. Most college graduates either pay off their debt or by attending lower cost schools, employment and family assistance don’t accumulate massive debt.

Many companies have tuition payment plans for their employees. The military has a tuition assistance program while in service and the GI bill post service not to mention the option of an enlistment under a student loan forgiveness plan; I believe the cap was $72k, 6 years at $12k each. The public health service offers similar student loan forgiveness plans for medical professionals.

Choosing to attend the ‘best’ school with a higher cost than lesser schools but being unable to pay results in student loan debt. Others, myself included, made a decision to attend a lower cost option even though the option of a diploma from a more prestigious was available. We don’t benefit from the CV impact of an Ivy so why should we subsidize someone else’s vanity? For that matter why should taxpayers foot the bill for anyone outside of STEM, healthcare and other in demand fields?