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Boise State Prof Faces Calls for His Firing Over Speech About Traditional Gender Roles

Boise State Prof Faces Calls for His Firing Over Speech About Traditional Gender Roles

“He said that the modern feminist ethos of “careerism” without connection to family and religion leaves them finding meaning in politics”

Professor Scott Yenor is a conservative who teaches political science at Boise State University in Idaho. In October, he gave a speech at a conservative conference which included criticism of feminism (gasp) and embraced traditional gender roles.

He was very frank and people on campus and beyond are losing their minds over his words.

Jarrett Stepman writes at the Daily Signal:

Woke Mob Comes for Professor Who Opposes Left-Wing Social Values

If you don’t agree with the politically correct narrative, you must be destroyed.

That’s the attitude elite Western institutions increasingly take with anyone who disagrees with the ever-moving and increasingly radical cultural left. If you have the gall to still be operating within those institutions, you are treated with an even higher level of hate.

Boise State University professor Scott Yenor is witnessing this firsthand.

Yenor, a tenured professor of political science, stirred up an angry hive of discontent for a speech he made at a National Conservatism conference in late October.

In the speech, he denounced the feminist ideology that treats boys and girls as if they are not only the same, but should want and value the same things as each other. He said that the modern feminist ethos of “careerism” without connection to family and religion leaves them finding meaning in politics and what he called the “global project.”

He also said that our culture now devalues and expects little out of men.

This video report from KTVB News in Idaho includes a clip from Yenor’s speech:

According to the Daily Signal article, this isn’t the first time that Yenor has been under fire from the left. Several years ago, he wrote an article that was critical of transgenderism:

In 2017, Yenor wrote an article for The Daily Signal in which he wrote that transgender activists are undermining parental rights and traditional family values.

Yenor wrote at the time:

Transgender rights activists are seeking to abridge parental rights by elevating the independent choices of young children. Respecting the sexual and gender “choices” of ever-younger children erodes parental rights and compromises the integrity of the family as an independent unit.

The reaction to Yenor’s comments then was also extreme, to say the least. Students, staff members, and outside activists sprung into action to get him fired, typically calling his words “hate speech.”

Yenor posted a recording of some of the voicemail messages he has received in recent weeks. Serious adult language warning here:

Professor Yenor has a lot of guts to speak the way he does in today’s campus environment, you’ve got to give him that. Also, kudos the school for not firing him.

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Feminism, and masculinism, too, are gender-chauvinistic ideologies.

Sex and sex-correlated gender (e.g. sexual orientation), and biological and social roles.

Women and men are equal in rights and complementary in Nature/nature. Reconcile.

Liberal Playbook: When liberals lose in the arena of ideas they resort to polemic ad-hominem attack resulting in violence or the threat of.
If you can’t argue your point do you really have one?

I wonder if these aren’t communists (old school) as opposed to feminists; their point is to break down the mores of this country leading to the total destruction of the country.

    This is exactly the goal. Saw a Zoom call yesterday with an “educator” and 3 trans loonies discussing the fact that this is not about achieving trans freedom, but using it as a cudgel to beat people into submission, creating an easier route for Communist ideology to take over. In every Communist “revolution”, the first people liquidated are the weirdos, freaks, and homosexuals. That fact doesn’t seem to have been in the playbook they were issued. Perhaps a study of the actions of Pol Pot would enlighten them to their precarious position.

FYI: I’m an older gent and take a class at Boise State, registered in the History department. I’m only on campus twice a week, a few hours each time, and I haven’t seen much concern or public performance over this. Then again, I’m not there that much so maybe I’ve missed something. This Monday, when returning books to the library, I ran into two women handing out flyers and saying, “This is about the prejudice and misogyny of one of our professors.” Nice heavy stock paper, and bright orange. Guessing that was at a premium price. Alas, I didn’t save it or read it. I’ll give you one guess on what the women looked like, though, at the risk of sounding prejudicial and misogynistic.

I guess each department is releasing its take on what happened and reassuring the students that all is well. Here’s what came out from the chair of the history department. I’ve bolded the section that caught my eye. “We welcome all views, but not the wrong ones,” in other words.

Dear History Community,
Many of you are aware that Boise State has been in the news lately due to sexist comments made by a Boise State professor. The Department of History today adopted a statement reaffirming our commitment to a discrimination-free campus community:

The Department of History at Boise State University condemns discrimination of any kind. We affirm the right of all students to a supportive educational environment and all faculty and staff to a supportive work environment, free from sexism, racism, ageism, ableism, and all other forms of exclusionary language or action. We acknowledge that education is a transformative process that may challenge our assumptions, beliefs, and perspectives; we do not accept that discriminatory assertions or actions must be tolerated as part of that process. We support Boise State University’s mission to provide an innovative, transformative, and equitable educational environment that prepares students for success and advances Idaho and the world. Discrimination, whether articulated or enacted, impedes that mission and must not be tolerated from any member of the University community.
If you have been affected by discrimination or wish to report any related issues, there are resources on campus available to you, including the following website:
[I’ll end there]

    OldProf2 in reply to IDGent. | December 17, 2021 at 10:55 pm

    The chair of the history dept is a whimpering coward. He or she should have said that the dept supports free speech and academic freedom, and told the students that hearing diverse viewpoints is part of growing up. If they disagree with the prof’s statements, they should prepare rebuttal statements rather than resorting to ad hominem attacks, which suggest that you have no effective rebuttal.

Kind of reminds me why I stay off Facebook and other mainstream social media. They are all a volcano of nonsense.

Professor Yenor is a great defender of the institution of marriage and the family and his rights are being endangered by the woke mob