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Report: Delaware Prosecutor Stalled Hunter Biden Investigation to Keep It Out of 2020 Election

Report: Delaware Prosecutor Stalled Hunter Biden Investigation to Keep It Out of 2020 Election

I’m changing my name to Mary Biden. I could have Big Tech, the MSM, and U.S. Attorney’s Offices on my side.

I wish my last name were Biden. I could do anything and get away with it.

Look at Hunter Biden.

We had news about a Biden investigation in October 2020 concerning his foreign interest emails with China and a 2019 FBI money laundering probe. Still, the Big Tech companies did all they could to suppress it.

Hardly anyone talked about it until Hunter Biden announced the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Delaware opened an investigation into his tax affairs.

Biden announced it on December 9, 2020, a month after his daddy won the election.

We had Big Tech suppressing the news before the election, but it looks like the U.S. Attorney’s Office had a hand in it, too.

Politico reported U.S. Attorney David Weiss stalled the Biden investigation to keep it out of the 2020 presidential election:

Last summer, federal officials in Delaware investigating Hunter Biden faced a dilemma. The probe had reached a point where prosecutors could have sought search warrants and issued a flurry of grand jury subpoenas. Some officials involved in the case wanted to do just that. Others urged caution. They advised Delaware’s U.S. Attorney, David Weiss, to avoid taking any actions that could alert the public to the existence of the case in the middle of a presidential election.

“To his credit, he listened,” said a person involved in the discussions, reported here for the first time. Weiss decided to wait, averting the possibility that the investigation would become a months-long campaign issue.

Since taking office, President Joe Biden has left Weiss — a Republican appointed by Donald Trump on the recommendation of Delaware’s two Democratic senators — in place. That puts him in one of the most sensitive positions in the Justice Department, deciding how to proceed with an investigation of the president’s son that has proven politically fraught on several fronts.

The Politico report lavished praise on Weiss. Dan Lyons of the Delaware defense bar found “relief” when he heard Weiss took charge of Biden’s investigation:

“I remember thinking he’s a straight shooter, and he’s the perfect one to have it,” said Lyons, whose history with the U.S. attorney dates back to the 1980s, when he defended one of the first cases Weiss ever prosecuted. “He would just go where the evidence led him.”

More praise:

Early in his career, Weiss served as a special prosecutor during a federal crackdown on bribery and extortion among Delaware politicians of both parties. Later, he helped nab a former Delaware deputy attorney general who murdered his girlfriend. A decade ago, Weiss even investigated Biden’s presidential campaign fundraising, enlisting a beer distributor to wear a wire for the FBI and record conversations with Biden’s associates.

“He’s got an appreciation,” said a former prosecutor who has worked closely with Weiss, “that there are times when the Delaware Way can turn into something more nefarious.”

Despite the supposed tough-guy approach, Weiss chose not to issue subpoenas or search warrants. He did not want to draw attention to Hunter and influence the election.

I agree with Politico: “No matter what he did, the decision was sure to come under scrutiny for signs of politicization.”

An anonymous source said: “It was a close call. That case has way more credibility now.”

Maybe. Maybe the source is correct. Biden won in November. Has Weiss made any moves lately?

I’m changing my name to Mary Biden. I could have Big Tech, the MSM, and U.S. Attorney’s Offices on my side.


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To decide to not take a course of action is a decision on a course of action.
To decide to not allow the politicization of an issue is a decision to politicize that issue.

iconotastic | July 16, 2021 at 7:43 pm

“ Republican appointed by Donald Trump on the recommendation of Delaware’s two Democratic senators”

Any recommendation by a Democrat should always be the kiss of death. Hopefully the next Republican president won’t be so naive and will view Democrats as the existential enemy they have proven themselves to be.

Yet ANOTHER thing that Barr was worse than useless on.

Serious question.

Was there a SINGLE thing that the fat piece of RINO shit did that was actually ‘conservative’? One single thing?

So if this guy has a history of taking down powerful Maryland pols, but has left Biden alone before, then there are only two possibilities:

1. There’s really nothing to the Hunter Biden story. This is ridiculous, which leaves us with,
2. He’s on the Biden payroll.

I don’t suppose there’s any chance he’ll be investigated for the corruption.


Biden has the plenary (absolute) power to pardon his son. He has many reasons to do so and nothing holding him back. All upside – no downside.

Does Joes Biden want to do it? No. But he will.

Why will he do it ?
1. DNC pressure to stop the uncontrollable bleeding. Every week or two some new revelation comes out. It is hurting the DNC and Republican Congressional candidates will surely use it in the midterms to hammer Dem candidates. Not to mention others who would suffer collateral damage – like Hunter’s uncle, Peter. And all the people who aided and abetted Hunter.
2. Hunter wants it. He knows that if Daddy tragically passes in his sleep – he will have no protection and will be at the mercy of federal prosecutors and maybe a new president might try to gain political points by going after Hunter. Plus, if Republicans get control of Congress – Hunter is toast.
3. Family Ties. How does a father tell his child suffer – when he has the power to save him from a disaster ? And Joe likely blames himself, in part, for Hunter’s problems. He was absent during important times in the kids life and he seems to have gone along with Hunters influence peddling scheme.
4. Nothing to lose. Joe Biden will never run for office again. He made it to the top and no matter what happens – history will record him as president of the USA forever. so he has nothing to lose. He doesn’t need a 2nd term. Running for another term has always been a 50=50 proposition – never assured. Actually, the job is too much work – go for the glory and million dollar book deals while he still can.

How will he do it?
He has to be careful about how he does it . It has to be done in a way that the media can make some semblance of a case that it is not what it really is – the most corrupt pardon in the 240+ year history of our Republic. So how can he do that ? Blame Trump – of course. He will say poor little Hunter is a victim of that Meany Trump who was after Hunter just because he wanted to hurt Hunter’s Daddy – Joe Biden. Yeah, Trump was just exploiting poor Hunter’s addiction and other problems for political gain. At least 20% of the population will buy the bullshit. Another 40% will forget it by the next election (they hope)

Every week media speculated about Trump pardons. Remember that? They said Trump will pardon himself. They said he will pardon his friends. They said he will pardon people to keep them quite (Cohen). Every speculation was a hair-on-fire moment and they said if it was done it would mean the end of America. Nazis taking over etc..
>>> Just wondering – have you seen any – even one – story speculating about a pardon of Hunter ? Remarkable silence. Even though there are many more reasons for Biden to pardon his son that Trump ever had for the pardons they speculated about. The extent of control DNC has over media is astounding. The message discipline rivals that of controlled media in Russia,, China. Not quite up to Iran and North Korea levels yet – but if your an editor at CNN or NBC or NY Times — one can still dream.

He Does Not Have To Do It – Say Some – Here’s Why They’re Wrong
>> Some say he will just have DOJ slow walk and bury it and a Dem judge will just dismiss it. But that’s just wrong because it does not account for the potential for Joe Biden to die tomorrow. At his age – nothing is certain. And if he dies – Hunter has no protection.

Some say he will forever tarnish his legacy. No, it will just be a footnote. His legacy is more in trouble if Hunter eventually talks. And Hunter is likely to talk – and name names – if he is left twisting in the wind after his Daddy dies.

They will Epstein Hunter – if they have to. Yeah, but we assume its too much risk to do this – so we discount this as a possibility. Plus, why to that and risk getting caught – when you can just issue the pardon. And there is always the risk that Hunter puts evidence into a sake place – for insurance – in case they are thinking of the Epstein option.

Like this post – if you agree a Pardon is highly likely within 6 months.

    Milwaukee in reply to Ben Kent. | July 17, 2021 at 4:28 am

    Pardon away. As a member of the protected class he will screw up again. The over/under will be betting on how quickly he does.

    Edward in reply to Ben Kent. | July 17, 2021 at 9:16 am

    “Plus, if Republicans get control of Congress – Hunter is toast.”

    Oh, will they have a committee, or sub-committee, investigate Hunter Biden? And then they would issue a “report”, eh? That’ll show him.

    Rabel in reply to Ben Kent. | July 17, 2021 at 1:54 pm

    Good post but the Biden DOJ will most likely never charge Hunter in a federal case. A preemptive pardon is possible but unnecessary at this time. Maybe in January 2025.

      Ben Kent in reply to Rabel. | July 17, 2021 at 5:57 pm

      @Rabel. I agree that a Biden DOJ will not indict Hunter. But Hunter cannot take the chance that his daddy dies before a pardon is issued. If that happened, Hunter is screwed. Kamala Harris has no incentive to pardon Hunter. Kamala is a former federal prosecutor. In fact, Kamala could earn points in her DOJ indicts Hunter. It could give a big boost to her reelection.

      I guaranty Hunter is pushing his daddy everyday for a pardon. You would be pushing too – if you were in big trouble and your daddy could make it all go away with the stoke of a pen.

Anybody here purchase a firearm from a licensed dealer recently? There’s this form one fills out for the Federales. Hunter lied on his, that’s a felony. Then his woman at the time put it in the trash at a store near a school. Wasn’t that a felony?

Speaking of newsworthy events that would crush Democrats being ignored,’

Ed Buck is a wealthy CA Democrat deep pockets donor who is the money behind democrats including the Clintons and, ahem, Adam Schiff. Yes, Adam Schiff.

His sexual perversions and even murders have been known by many including the police for years yet he has been untouchable. The DAs couldn’t touch him. We know why. How about reporting this? At least keep it in reserve for the next time Schiff opens his big corrupt mouth.

Char Char Binks | July 17, 2021 at 10:26 am

Hunter is an artist, and his art is money laundering.

    Ben Kent in reply to Char Char Binks. | July 17, 2021 at 6:35 pm

    You can probably add a few more to the list.

    >> Influence peddling
    >> Tax evasion
    >> Fraud / misrepresentation
    >> Extortion
    >> Solicitation of prostitution
    >> Child exploitation
    >> Theft of government service
    >> Unregistered Agent of a foreign state
    >> False statements on an application for a gun permit

    Plus, he has a law degree.
    So, he knew, or should have known, that his activities were unlawful.

      Ben Kent in reply to Ben Kent. | July 17, 2021 at 6:41 pm

      He is facing possible multiple felony charges. This is as serious as it gets for non-violent felonies. Furthermore, there is a clear pattern of conduct evidencing a disregard for the law – which could justify a higher sentence.

      Any regular person would be looking at a realistic sentence of at least 5 years in federal prison. If he was a Republican he would already be in prison and likely sentenced to over 10 years.

HUNTER: “Daddy, please please pardon me. I am as good as dead if you don’t. I don’t think I can survive prison.”

JOE: “Don’t worry son, my people at DOJ are slow walking this. It will take years before it is resolved and you may never get indicted. Even if you do – it wil be a slap on the wrist – maybe a few year in prison – you can handle it.”

HUNTER: “No I can’t handle prison. And what happens if you get hit by a bus daddy? Then Kamala will roast me. And if she doesn’t the Republicans will. You have the absolute power to pardon – do it.”

JOE: “We’ll son, if I pardon you it will look bad and may hurt my chances for 2024.”

HUNTER: “F*ck 2024. If more info about our deal gets out – you might be impeached – did you think about how bad that might look daddy? And if you had already pardoned me the NY Post and FOX stories would not keep coming out every week – they are putting the pieces of the puzzle together and they might find a smoking gun. I don’t even remember all the shit I put on that laptop. If you wait till worse shit comes out – then a pardon will look like a reaction – rather than an independent move. Our friends in the media will be able to cover if you do it right – but it will be hard to justify if it seems like a reaction.”

JOE: “Come’on many, you just have to have faith”

HUNTER: “Dad, you’re not getting it. Look, I have done some bad shit You benefitted from it and I am not going to prison. Please day, I’m your son. You can get hurt from this as much as I can. Just pardon me and it all goes away. Indirectly – you’ll be protecting yourself and the DNC. Just blame it all on Trump and the Republicans.”

JOE: “Don’t worry son, I told Kamala to take care of you if anything happens to me>”

HUNTER: “Dad, I don’t trust that bitch one bit. She went after you at the debate and she only cares about her own power. If she takes over – I’ll have to cut a deal with the DOJ and tell them everything in return for immunity. Do you want that stain on your legacy? What do you think the DNC will say? I’m not threatening anything but I want you to know – I have options to protect myself.”

JOE: “Okay son, enough. I’ll do it – may be on a slow news day in August. But you owe me. I’m gonna want 20% on everything now”

HUNTER: “Okay big guy. And thanks.”