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The Failure of Teachers Week in Higher Education

The Failure of Teachers Week in Higher Education

Your weekly report on campus news.

When students aren’t learning basic skills like reading and math, something is fundamentally wrong.

Meanwhile, students are bombarded with left-wing propaganda and talking points.

Opposing views are targeted for cancellation.

Education is being replaced with progressive politics.

The spin here is amazing.

This is simply not true.

So much fail.

Backlash is building.


Of course it is.

This is a priority?



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I’d say it’s mostly “failure of students” or “failure of administration”.

I do not blame the teachers in Baltimore. The average teacher there is probably at least kinda OK. All have to have bachelor’s degrees, right? And yet most students fail most classes. Teaching isn’t rocket science. You don’t need new exotic methodologies, especially in high school. You present the material, answer questions and apply a normal level of people skills, and the students sort themselves into failures and successes.

Most students are sorting themselves into the failure category. This is because they are failing to learn. Unless the school doesn’t control violence, it’s the fault of them or their families.

Faced with this problem of most 9th graders failing their basic subjects, the administration can either promote them all or hold most of them back. Neither choice is good. They chose to promote. I can’t blame them for that decision.

‘This is simply not true. … NYU Prof: “If You’re Black, You’re Not Safe in U.S. Schools” ‘

To some extent it is true in the inner cities where black children are in danger of being harmed … by other black children.

Longplay: The article was about black students being in danger _in college_. They don’t have to worry about street crime on campus any more than any other students. OTOH, they are at high risk of being accused of rape, and no doubt the Biden administration will return to the Obama policy of pressuring colleges to hold kangaroo courts for these cases. It’s not quite as bad as the KKK days – they won’t be lynched, just expelled with a record that ensures few other colleges or employers will look at them.