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Oberlin Conservatory of Music Apologizes for Black History Month Flier Featuring Five White People

Oberlin Conservatory of Music Apologizes for Black History Month Flier Featuring Five White People

“We acknowledge wholeheartedly that this was problematic”

This is hilarious. Tone deaf liberals at Oberlin promoted a music program for Black History Month and the flier displayed nothing but white people. Now they have apologized.

News 5 in Cleveland reports:

Oberlin Conservatory of Music issues apology following backlash over Black History Month flier

The Oberlin Conservatory of Music is responding to backlash after promoting a Black History Month program with a flier that featured only photos of five white performers.

The flier was posted Sunday on social media to promote the last event of its month-long Black History Month Celebration.

The now-deleted posted received more than 2,000 comments and 2,000 shares, with one social media user saying “This is stupid. You should be ashamed of yourselves.”

In a statement, the Oberlin Conservatory of Music acknowledged the post was “problematic.”

“While the program showcased Black composers, the flier featured only photos of the five white performers. We acknowledge wholeheartedly that this was problematic, and we accept and agree with the many critiques we have received in response,” the school wrote in response on Facebook.

The school acknowledged the mistake, saying “we are deeply sorry.”

Here’s the flier:


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The best Oberlin (parody) production ever:

According to leftist rules, this college should be cancelled, right?

JusticeDelivered | March 4, 2021 at 10:55 pm

Along with everything Affirmative, we need to relegate black history month to the historical dust bin.

henrybowman | March 5, 2021 at 1:23 am

I find it useful for forcing streaming services to identify up front which of their offerings will bore the pants off me.

Black history month offerings never seem to feature the entertaining black actors, like Eddie Murphy.

It’s the whites who have to genuflect, so obviously the pictures should be of them.

Even I find that stupid.

Although African-Americans overall have an outsized representation in American music (past and present nonetheless classical music (repertoire, musicians, performers, audiences) remains pretty much as white as ever.

It’s not that those who manage classical-music institutions wouldn’t like to see more black faces both on-stage and in the audience, but that few African-Americans have ever expressed much interest. With a few notable exceptions, of course (yet these are notable in part just because they are exceptions).

Which surely makes the classical music world ripe for total cancellation/annihilation. The only reason this hasn’t happened yet may be because classical music has such a low profile that few who lack interest in it are much aware that it even still exists.

Yet somehow I wouldn’t be surprised if a day comes when Bach, Beethoven and Brahms are disappeared from Amazon just as surely as the book “When Harry Became Sally” has been, and when public performances of this music are routinely disrupted by those who are convinced that, really, this tradition is so disgraceful that it must be totally de-platformed.

It’s not as if classical music is piped into supermarkets and shopping malls (and thus one cannot avoid hearing it), but that to our New Political Puritans just knowing that someone, somewhere is doing something they disapprove of is cause for limitless outrage. And, therefore, the perpetrators of whatever prompted this outrage must be shamed and de-platformed, BAMN.