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NYU Prof: “If You’re Black, You’re Not Safe in U.S. Schools”

NYU Prof: “If You’re Black, You’re Not Safe in U.S. Schools”

“did not respond to requests for comment”

Do you get the sense that some people on the left just spend their days trying to throw gas on the fire?

RedState reports:

Professor at NYU: ‘If You’re Black, You’re Not Safe in U.S. Schools’

Over the last few years, there’s been abundant discussion about safety.

Are schools safe?

According to a college professor, not if you’re black.

On Tuesday, New York University Professor David Kirkland tweeted about getting back to the daily grind — and discovering the same ol’ same ol’…

As noted by The Daily Wire, “When asked to clarify what made American schools unsafe for black children, Kirkland did not respond to requests for comment.”


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That sounds a lot like a truckload of bullshit.

Antifundamentalist | March 5, 2021 at 10:24 am

I taught in a school where white students were daily victims of harassment and frequent victims of violence. It wasn’t limited to just the white students – no student was really safe there. Regardless, no one much batted an eye. We had wanna be gang members lifting cars on the weekends, we had students rescued when the police raided a child pornography ring operating in a nearby hotel (one from my class shrugged and said her grandma beat her @ss when the police let her go home), we had one kid transferred to the one-step-before-expulsion campus, partly for his own safety, because he was basically a chihuahua wanting to prove he was a rottweiler, but doing it so badly that he really was in danger, both on campus and off. The administration was corrupt and hostile to teachers and parents alike. Safety was a joke – after a girl was raped in the bathroom, they actually started patrolling the halls….as long as the cameras were running. Three months after, things were back to what passed for normal, and kids were once again being ambushed in stairwells. There it was the culture that the kids live in – you know, the things that Martin Luther King, Jr. said needed to be addressed way back when, but if you mention today you are a racist.

And the numbers in schools for not-black on black assault, compared to the numbers for black on not-black assault are…?
Oh, that’s right, we pretend those numbers don’t exist and we don’t dare compile them.

So in other words this guy was unable to use this crisis to totally upend public schools. They’ll go back to just about as before.

Good. Not perfect, but better than the alternative.

Democrat run schools are dangerous. Especially those with lots of democrat kids in them.