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Columbia U. Gets $5 Million to Create ‘Racial Justice and Abolition Democracy’ Curriculum

Columbia U. Gets $5 Million to Create ‘Racial Justice and Abolition Democracy’ Curriculum

“to address racism and inequity in the justice system”

This is progressive propaganda and DNC talking points repackaged as higher education.

The College Fix reports:

Columbia University receives $5 million to develop ‘Racial Justice and Abolition Democracy’ curriculum

Columbia University recently announced that it will be developing a curriculum on “Racial Justice and Abolition Democracy” after receiving a $5 million grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

The curriculum “will be available for use in universities and colleges, prisons, and community settings,” according to a university news release.

University officials said “the courses will have a practical or clinical component to combine theory and practice.”

“[T]he leadership and expertise of people and communities most impacted by racial injustice and the justice system will be centered to address racism and inequity in the justice system,” officials said in the statement.

Their experiences will also inform reform in “academic and research settings” as well as “society broadly.” The program will “create a climate of vibrancy and urgency in the university community on such issues.”

“The country’s police, courts, and prisons have too often caused real harm in communities of color,” Bruce Western, the leader of the Ivy League university’s Justice Lab and one of the co-leaders on this project, said in the news release.

Western did not respond to two emailed requests for comment from The College Fix in the past week asking for more details on the project. The Fix also asked if the curriculum would advocate for prison and/or police abolition.

Project co-leader Professor Bernard Harcourt, who teaches law and political science at Columbia, did not respond to the same questions from The Fix.


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95% of the harm caused in black communities comes from within the black community itself. And the 5% of the harm from outside is from white liberals with “good intentions.”